Dream Theater in Atlanta, GA

Wednesday Night I when to see Dream Theater and with guest band starring Trivium, I have to say there are one of the loudest band I’ve listened to, they have some songs that I like but all and all there OK, but I was there to see Dream Theater.  After Trivium finished a few minutes later Dream Theater started playing one of my favorite songs that I love from them Bridges in the Sky. The most part I love is the intro in the very beginning of the song,  but a cool fact is that this song is played by using samples that was coming from the keyboardist Jordan Rudress.  The song started out with Tibial Monk hymns somehow I’m thinking “What is that sound coming from?” I don’t know if it was coming from the vocals or the keyboards but its coming out from samples that Jordan used for the intro that find different.  But Thur out the show they played most of their new songs in that tour and some of the old song there like Ytse Jam and Forsaken.  What I like is the drum solo from the new drummer Mike Mangini, he was great blown my mind with his playing style with four bass drums and three snares I was like that’s unbelievable. I know there’s no comparison I love both drummers Mike Portney and Mangini but I know the fans just accept the fact that Portney won’t be returning anytime soon, but god Mike mangini is just incredible!!!   I know everyone was there in tabernacle, Jame LaBrie still has an amazing voice and of course can’t forget John Myung and John Petrucci are great and still rocking out today!  If you can make sure to see them some time later through out the year ahead or later tour date and if your Progressive Metal fan this band is for you to have good rocking time.  :))

R.I.P Steve Jobs :((

Just finding out yesterday 6 hours ago, that Steve Jobs just died from pancreatic cancer,  I wasn’t expecting this at all, Just when my Brother was just telling me that Steve Job just died after he found out somewhere on the net that he was reading it online.  I can’t believe this happened, it was very unexpected I know every don’t know this was going to happen at a young age of 56 and shortly live.  I was tragic evening yesterday, I know I’m a little behind I’m going to doing before heading to sleep.  I can’t believe it sense now remembering him,  I feel like going to an Apple Store and buy me new Iphone 4GS or Mac Book Pro till the holiday season since I can’t afford right away.  I’ll do it as a tribute for the man that impacted the computer world.  I know I’m a PC fan, I love the Gates but it’ll be a nice change to go for something new.

 He was my big influences included my top list of tech influences.  The way it felt about his death appeared I felt, He knew that he knew that he wasn’t going to last to long and finding out back in 2005 that he announced that he had cancer he knew that he wasn’t going to live to long.  I;m glad that Apples was best thing that he has done to envision technology with the coolest line up of products.  But I have to say Apple is going to survive without him and I know that his legacy will live on.  I know that his fan will miss him too.  I remember my first mac was Imac when I was a kid in elementary it had a cool looking screen But the mouse had a hockey pock look. 🙂 I felt for the first time it was wired using it (laughting). But I like it because it was interestingly cool,  One day I”m going to be switching to a MAC DESKTOP teach my kids about the tech world telling them The man that created Apple.

For that I’m remembering the one that inspired me

Thank You
Steve Jobs!


Beginning Of A New Month….What’s Next for me?

I have plans to go events this month like going to Tim Burton exhibit in Los Angles.  I don’t know if that’s going to happen I want to make it happen, But I continue ask my mom that I wanted to go, But I always get a NO!, I not mad at all,  it’s going to last only once in a life time.  I hate to miss an event that I like seeing.  I’m going to see how it goes. But at the moment I’m going to be working organizing my blogs and work on my website that I’m currently working with a team of people It’s going to be collaborated with Social Networking and Gaming together…That’s how far I’m going to detail with it I’m going to be that like working on it in the middle of this month.  I do know that the games are going to take us a while to work for us.  We probably see it release the end of this year or 2012 release date around the winter of January/Feb.  But must and foremost I’m working on my GED and I’m going to be finishing it till Nov or Dec so that means I got to get my ass moving and start studying really hard for it.  (I’m going to be Tweeting less through out the month of Oct) But I do got classes durning the evening so as of now I’m going to start sleeping early on the weeks I have school, which starts now.  

But Yea, I’ll have to see about working on the blog and see how it goes for me, while studying three of the subjects I need to finish.     

La-z-boy Furniture Interview

Yesterday was my interview for La-z-boy furnitures, Even dough my mom couldn’t take me to the interview, I had no choice but to ride my bike (with a suit on sweating) over there but I was glad I made it four minutes before eleven o clock, Sad part about the is that I had to reapply the application again since the Store Manager lost the my previous application and I had to do again.  After a few minutes later the store manager approach to see if I was finish and I said yes telling him was reviewing the application and of course.  Had the resume with me since I had with me, Monday when I was calling the Store Manager and he told me to bring a resume and so which I did.

Have to say, I felted that I did good,  But inside I’m not sure if I’m going to get it.  I like the store I feel it has atmosphere and the work place is different from my last job in Pier 1 Imports for there I had to do stock and I didn’t wanted to go through another six months working in another fast environment doing stock all over again being in a by myself…it’s just borning doing a seasonal job that I’m not going to enjoy myself getting paid low minimum wages doing part time.  If I had to work somewhere I would like to work with people at least it’s a good change since Lazboy is a full time job doing commission sales.   That’ll give me time to finish the GED I plan to finish in Nov.  Soon I’m going start studying again since Nov is coming sooner then I think it is.

If the job comes through I’m going to be working my way up to get my Gaming Company up and running again,  I’m going to be putting more effort to the website to the masses.  Put 70% of the time into focus on the company.  But it doesn’t mean I’ll not going to do the blog anymore I’ll still doing to be doing it while working. If it’s not Lazaboy, it can be some other job out there.  This is one rule if your going to working a place like La-Z-boy is to wear a suit and make sure to your well prepare for it,  If your the kind of person that like to wear Jean and a T-Shirt…the think is…it’s not going to cut well for you and it’s going to be a big change tat your not going to get a job. I know it sucks to be wearing suit for some of you out there.  (laughing) I’m going to see how it’ll works out for me and get the call from them and if I do get it…then Good if not then that’s OK.
I know they’re a lot of opportunities out there waitting for me.  I have to do is not give up and have faith doing my Journey ahead of me.  I have remember that don’t let discouragements get the best out of me.