Merry Christmas! My readers!

I hope you had a great Christmas everyone because I know I did!,  It was very mellow and chilled today due to the rain.  After every pasting hour it started to get boring and it was poring everywhere, I know my mom wasn’t going to get me out of the house “I’m like God I need to do something!”  Early in the morning  I was calling my friends to tell them Merry Christmas and all that.  I was talking to a friend of mine in particular that told me that he has gotten a WII switch allot of would each other that system since I know its very popular allot of kids that likes Nintendo, Of course it’s a great system and that’s some thing I wouldn’t mind having,  even if I didn’t get anything for Christmas…but that’s OK, I everything for here like the Steve Job Autobiography that I got two months back and Free Game Boy Advance that I receive as a Ambassador that I was chosen from Nintendo for getting 3DS early this year of April.  The only things I am missing however is a Desk and an Office Chair and a CD I wanted to get for my collection. While it was raining here from where I live in GA,  I finally made the time to read a couple of couple of chapters…often Steve mentions about how Zen and LSD enlightened him and had a profound experience for him….It sounds to me by reading this,  it’ll start to influencing young adults everywhere to do LSD?  Then again this book gives you more of an inside story revolving his life.  I do know that watching Pirates of Silicon Valley does however tells the stories on both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, I remember a moment in the film Steve Jobs had this LSD moment going now with these people he was with, I had known that he was Buddhist before the book,  I didn’t know allot about this childhood…sad really.  
it was going to see about reading before it gets late after words I decided to go for a walk since I didn’t want to stay another hour in the house…pretty much that was my day.  I hope I can get myself working on my youtube channel again.  

Stop SOPA!

This has gone far enough!  I don’t know who bought this up in the first place,  But this needs to stop right away!  I don’t know who the hell would support this bill…it needs to go!  This bill is unconstitutionally and Anti-American, this bill is close to being to pass in another month if we don’t do something about it.  Please tell this to your friends and family about it so they can understand that’s It’s going to hurt the Global Economy, companies like Youtube, Google and many more companies and content creator is going to be hurt by this bill.  You content can’t get paid anymore. It means when you upload a video on any vital site, it can be seen by anyone of course but you can’t get revenued by your favorites sites you’d on very hard on, your videos however can’t have background music by your favorite artists.

The rules are going change on any site, however if you were to go against these rules,  It’ll end you up in prison.  “I know that’s something that some of these lobbyist want for you to end up in jail for music that you own personality and have not used any piracy program to steal!

If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about check the infomation below here:


#StopSOAP! I want your support, if you don’t want the internet to be limited!  We don’t know what’s going to happen next month, PLEASE!!! whatever you do go to this website and sign a petition telling them that’s not right!!!

The Blog Journey #12

I’m glad to be able to blog up before I head right into bed.  Have to say the blog is just allot of work and thinking for me write on what I want to type and say, As of anything that’s been happening…So far I been sleeping late ALLOT! I don’t know…sometimes I just feel like killing some time and be up doing whatever I want I have to say I like to do that,  But the downfall is if I keep on doing it often I’ll get sleep deprived and also going to hurt myself if I keep over working by begin in the computer for long times.  So what that means is that I have start getting to bed early.
Now getting into the issue…today facebook is going to announce more ADS! what does that mean to you,  well one,  cannot block ads or use any ad blocker…I heard this from Attack of the Show,  I don’t know if that’s  hundread percent true?  For me I’m not a big fan of facebook that much, I irony I have one, why?  Because I have friend that goes on it, try to convince them to join Google Plus but most of them aren’t interested on it at all.  I don’t care what stuff what they put out,  The only reason, hear complains about User interface changes which I hear allot of people bitch about is that I think they do updates in the first place is so that they can keep service alive and have their member interests and not bored them with a boring white and blue background.  I don’t know if its just that to keep the billions of members active.  But now I notice that they started roll out with the new timeline feature,  I think the UI is nice,  not everyone is wanting to start timeline right away,  because I think is just to confusing to jump into the timeline bandwagon for everyone plus read into that your going to need Adobe Flash ( I have a feeling that it’s going to force everyone to make the switch to timeline. My opinion not everyone is going to like it expect for some.  I myself is big fan of twitter and G+ just because the concept is simple and easy you don’t have to do anything mayor for does two.  
I been looking into the timeline for twitter that’s going to rolling out really soon (If it has now, then I must be missing out with twitter news.  I was looking into the previews on it for a while that I feel like switching to new UI for the desktop.  I have tried third party apps like tweetdeck.  It just feels organize unlike the current UI I been using.  
But this here I’m excited about it! Woah!

New York/New Jersey trip

It was great visiting I went to see my aunt the first time since August back when i was experiencing an earthquake for the first time in my life and check on my aunt and how she’s been doing.  My mom decided to see my aunt for a few days so my mom can visit my Grandma’s grave (but we never got a chance to see her sadly)  Saturday I was up getting ready to get dress to drive to Hartfields Jackson Airport.  First I had to wait for a friend to drive up to my house to loan me the money for the laptop which I waited for him little after eight-thirty,  which made us miss the flight to Newark,  So we ended up flying to La Guardia, NY.  
It was a long flight that took as least two hours, I was sitting in coach…I was in a seat next to two older ladies,  The one on the left was returning to New Jersey from a daughters graduation from University Of Georgia and other one next me…well, I had no idea, the way I describe her is look like somewhat of a elementary teacher and my brother was in front of me.  During the flight I remember clearly that I was in plane that had a television to watch any show thing from HBO, Stars and some basic channels, The lady on the left wanted to watch a show that sister recommend to her she about this show from HBO call Boardwalk Empire,  It a show that takes place in the 1930’s taking place in the Prohibition era set in Atlantic City, New Jersey. ( while watching clips and bits of the show, felt very interested in watching it soon as I can).  She was watching that show during the flight to La Guardia,  Right there I was helping her how to swipe her card to the…what thing…the miniTV or whatever that thing is called!. *laughs*  it was really easy I had to push the top part the of TV for her slide the card. Then I again I’m glad to be at service for anyone that doesn’t know tech world and today’s world the way I can tell is that she came from a time far off from mines,  I believe she was in her mid or late 40’s to be exact.  I can tell she isn’t used to computers, internet and all the modernization,  I know she was in a time were simple and nothing to technical.  
I had to say it when smooth the flight,  I made it around two O clock.  I took the cab to From La Guardia, NY to New York City.  It had bought back memories remembering New York City first time when I was like 16 fews years ago.  I was somewhere there,  I have to say being in NYC the third time again…I had a blast being in the city again!  I wasn’t hungry, but my mom and my brother was so they went to grab0 a cupcake over at the shop there.  (which I don’t remember the name of the cupcake place, grrr!!!) 

it wasn’t long that we were there in NYC for about only 25-35 mins, I was only there momentarily, it was the shortest visit to New York, the place is still a jungle from what I remember before, but we were only passing by to take the bus to New jersey just because the taxi price are just to dam expensive (My mom stop to place over by the sidewalk,  I don’t how New Yorkers there are handling the economic situation when transportation is costing an arm.  
I was in the bus aheading to New Jersey, So I decided to take shot of the view.

 Here’s the first picture I took while I was walking in the sidewalk taking shot of the view of the city.

 I got four shots on my camera of NYC, that’s the only pictures I token.

(That was the last picture I took. that was a nice view took it with out looking into my phone l) 
Here we are are…Next stop…New Jeres

Some were blurry but most of them were acceptable for the most part.  
Finally the three of us made to my aunt apartment,  I was there chilling over at her place for pretty the much the whiole evening since the all of us came tried, I didn’t want to do anything so I relaxed and read wired magazine and that’s what I read most of the time.. (Interestingly,  there was a seventeen year old that generated 8.5 for being famous for putting out her own comics out on the web, he name is  Taylor Ruth Baldwin, I gotta have to subscribe to her sometime, when I get a chance.  
Since it was a Saturday, My aunt didn’t feel like cooking at all, she is asked if I wanted pizza. So me and  my brother yes,  it funny that she do that for us because it was the first time that she order pizza for us because mostly she’ll rather cook home instead of ordering pizza……I can see why because she hasn’t been feeling to good lately.  Sunday nothing much happened from what I remember,  I didn’t know what my mom want to so me and my brother and I walked to check what was going outside Sunday night so we walked to store to store but then still I didn’t bought anything out there but look.  Well that was my weekend in New jersey,  I dion’t think anything else then….

Mircale Worker

just when I was about to get ready to go to work, this morning I was looking at my bike and I notice that the bike of the front wheel is flat, so I had to get the pump from my room, when I pump it, it wouldn’t get wheel, I was relies that it had hole in the wheel. I somehow what cross my mind is…I need to quit my job. I didn’t think twice about rushing to work, because I mind told me that I had a feeling that I was going to be late again and I was going to get fired for that, I know dose dam managers wouldn’t me slide on this…So it was time that I had to start looking again, even if it was going land me to point a, but I didn’t even care, I wasn’t going anywhere from that job, I wasn’t liking the pay, but it was shitty and management was very disorganize. But today I went to Verizon for a job interview but I felt that I did…OK, I was very nervous, But I can tell that boss from the version can see that I was very passionate about the job…just to make the short. The manager is going to contact me in the next few days and she goes on letting me know that what she’s going to do is make a background check, then have other managers review it and she’ll give a call in the next few days. right now I waiting to see what I’ll get from her, I hope everything accordingly.

If not!  I ‘ll continue my business learning and working on my skills as a bloggers keep up what I’m doing I don’t know if how I’m going to success’d  in blogging, I still I got a allot of learning to do and there’s no stopping for learning, there’s allot of information out on the internet and its hard to follow from the way it is around the net.

Right now,  I’m going to head out to sleep for a trip to New Jersey to see family up there that I haven’t seen for a long time.


Mixi The Christmas Cat

I’m gonna have to getting the chia pet for Mixi! She’s now drive me nuts with her craziness! lol. It all started it off with the plants that I use to have in the living room, But had to move it to my mom’s room so that way she won’t destory them, this time she is after the Christmas tree that I just set up in my living room. (laughing) she’s truly is something!

This month on tech…Christmas shopping on tech

For sometime now I have been looking into tech stuff and what I get this year, somehow I have haven’t even what I even want to get for Christmas because I’m concern about the most important stuff for Christmas, like a computer an office chair and maybe webcam.  Something been telling me that I want to see a new digital camera but I having a had time to decide what type of camera what I want for this year,  I know I’m going to doing a allot of blogging for this year,  I’m thinking of a Nikon or a Samsung.  There’s so many choice to choose from, I do what a camera that has WiFi and Bluetooth…and maybe a GPS in it (optional, really!) I want something that I can take pictures and video added to it to.  Plus I love to have something that takes great picture quality with a 12-18 megapixels on it.

Here’s one of the cameras I been looking at for a while like the Samsung cameras here

This one here comes with WiFi and Bluetooth,  That’s for anyone that’s starting off as a blogger and by the way, I’m going to be blogging professionally and do more inside story for my other blog Otakuplex, (If you like Japan, Animation, Manga and comics its recommended that has in interested in Japan)

Plus, here’s a camera that I been looking up from Nikon,  It’s the Nikon S8200 this one comes with full HD it’s rechargeable Li-hon which makes that a plus! I don’t know But what to decided on,  let me know what you think about think?

Also a camera that I just bump in to just now, It’s another Compact Camera from Nikon, which is another camera that goes well for bloggers like me,  but this one however takes 3D! it’s not just for that like get to try out with the new and inventive cameras that are coming out.

I really need your help, please?  I what do YOU recommend anyone like me?   

Professionalism…Overrated!, Starting On A Business and taking chances…Check!

I had it bad today,  I don’t know if this line of work is going to suit me that long, when I’m in a job usually shave but this time I didn’t, because I haven’t had the time and I sometime take long to do that…I instead ride off because I didn’t think they didn’t take management seriously enough.  It took about fifteenth minutes from my house on bike to work in the other side of town.  The time I parked my bike in the back of the big garage bin and step in the door to work I had a feeling that something was going to happen like…a late notices instead, The first thing she says to me “Luke come over here” Here I am figuring that she needs me in the station right away,  When she looks at me then points out to me “Uh hu Luke is is not acceptable you need to come to work being cut clean!” then she starts to tell the assistant manager that he can’t work because of the beard.    then she wants me to come over at the office, I look at her and here she is looking for the rule sheet that she wants me to read the sheet out to her and I did. Then she says, “See remember what we talked over in the interview” then I said “Yes I remember”. My Manager Donna says back “Go back home and shave I don’t want you here till your clean Honey”  I said back to her ” OK, I’ll Go! with a mean tone,  Then I start grabbing my things and walking out of the Kitchen fast out of Wendy’s riding back home pissed and saying to myself  “Doesn’t she know where I live I can’t believe that I’m not getting my hours here! I’m going to be wasting allot of time riding back home just for a f**king shave,  then I came around 12:45pm, I sign myself in till 1:13pm and got my 39 mins of work since I forgot to sign in earlier and after I done my part there I left with dissatisfaction and not knowing what else to think.

Finally, I decided to look for another job,  I can be happy with temporary while I’m working on my GED and somehow its hitting me hard, I don’t know how to start looking for a job since now I have this now, So after I looked into about two jobs around the area a bit, but I don’t know…it’s really tough to look for one and somehow it’s not even worth looking around anymore, it’s exhausting to look for up and I ride out of the area to do that and most of the time,  but most of the time, I don’t feel like job searching and it’s exhausting thing to every week.  I feel that I’m going to need to change and start learning, because my passion now is computers, video games and web design I want to start learning and get out what I’m doing that’s not getting me nowhere.

I was talking to a friend of mines I had an idea that I want to do is to creating a websites and applications, But that was months ago,  I do have a company that’s a start up and we as in Me and my Co-Founder wants to happen……i don’t know the idea sounds crazy for allot of people to believe this and now to think about it…I don’t think it’s crazy…I think it’s brilliant in a way I start to being this out in the first place!  I tell myself sometimes that “if we don’t do something…then nothing is going to happen and nothing is changing,  everything is stay the way they are”.  I think is about time,  I should do something for myself now! then later.  
I have to say that if it goes as accomplished,  I feel like accomplished my purpose on what I wanted to do.
What needs to be done, must get done,  I got to two famous words