HTML themes

here I was last night trying to get a theme and I was doing this last night all the way through the morning I’m going to help just so I can I get this boring background out of here.  For anyone that’s doing any freelancing HTML jobs I’m going to be needing some assistants.  But anyway I got some projects that I’m going to finish.  So I’m going to need finish a drawing that I have to do and its due to the spring.  I know this is a really short post But I’ll be back really soon on more contacts, also I’m going ot be adding drawings up in Nerdcore soon as well.

New Nerdcore Theme Blog!

Look like I had trouble editing backgrounds on HTML last few nights ago, right now I’m just going just to start uploading with JPEG images for now till I know how to edit my background with HTML.  Everytime I paste code on HTML it’ll just give an saying you have an error in column 6 in line 2.  I was very lost what happen  I was trying to get that fix.  That evening I was working around 2 am and decided to give up after that.

So here’s my new image.  Comment it. 

My Impression with At&t Uverse

It’s has been a year since I had At&t Uverse, I like it, which I’ll give it thumbs up on the service and TV receiver I have in my living room which I don’t have problem about it once, expect when the cable goes out on me, It’s a rare thing to see that from Uverse at all, I know that they done almost excellent but not perfect I know, I been using cable television for a long time,  also I’ve transition from different cable provider I remember my first cable provider and that was Charter, it had good internet but there would be times that I bump into problems, then from Charter to Direct TV then from there it was Dish Network and now current I have AT&T (I use to have an old ATT router that speed can go up only to 5MPS, it was a pain in the ass, I remember that I everyone in the house I remember when my brother use it for internet for online gaming for the xbox 360, I remember that he would complain on how slow it was. back then he was playing Call Of Duty 4) and afterwords Me and mom decided to upgrade to Uverse.  Since now for about almost a two years I’m still happy about the service, I do fine that recently we been paying alittle more on the bill and today about a few an hour ago I was trying to see if there was a way to put my recordings in a USB flash drive or a DVD ROM.

   I Try’d and it didn’t worked for me at all,  I know it has to be a firmware patch on it that’s not letting me do this.  I think I know the reason why it’s not letting me do this because I figure that AT&T is not giving any freedom to do this now, what I try’d to do is watch videos on the receiver but hasn’t worked for me…I figure!

It’s these companies for not letting watch our videos on cable boxes.  It’s because privacy too.  Because privacy is now the problem,  At&t doesn’t want to break any rules with RIAA that now holding them now.  I hate the groups and organizations that cause to much problems not letting us do whatever we want there in to much in power, besides we do pay for there services so why not let decide to connect our portable or mobile devices to our cable box or receivers.  On Demand services should let us give us an option to pay for our movies,  most rental movies don’t last for 24 hours or 3 three days which is nothing for some that’s now going to give people to watch over and over again.  I feel that they’re really need to change their policies and make thing less strict make it open.  My motives is that give people options not limitations.  

I’m sick of policies! Things needs to be changed.  I used to looking into hacking I would like mess around electronics again and go look into the hacking culture.  

Nerdcore Blog Changes/Art Project in the works

This morning yesterday evening I was doing some slight changes in the blog for anyone that’s wondering about additional posts from last year is because I haven’t took the time to import old post until now,  I’m going to have the page theme under management and constructed the way I wanted to be,  So that way I don’t have to have this red boring background still there,  I’m going to see about making a change to the themes,  As far I can tell I need to represent the blog better and make things fresh and not keep them boring, otherwise my readers will lose interest, I know that some of my readers out that visits the main page allot know that I still have a old simple layout theme came with the blogger tools.  Right now I’m trying to pull myself in learning how to make HTML background. especially for blogger.  I need to keep up with my HTML skills a bit.  Later I’m going to be doing more Art Projects that I’m going to be doing later on, Now the only I’ll tell you is I’m doing landscaping drawings that I’m going to be for a while.  That mean I might not be on to post blogs more for Nerdcore Blog for a while.  By tomorrow I’m going to do some drawings and doing some Landscape art for a game I’m doing.

The reason I didn’t took the time to work on it was….school first of all.

(Just so everybody knows, but I fell asleep typing this up, this morning around 1:00 am, I pretty much forgotten what else I was about to say.  

Mega Upload Shut down!

I was hearing this from a friend of mine that Mega Upload the site I liked very much was shutdown from the U.S Government.  The F.B.I shut it down for one reason is that it was costing the entertainment industry close to one billion dollars from The Feed from Attack of the Show source.  It’s been stated that it was shutdown without no trail by law and it has received allot of complains from users of mega upload.  The question that I’m thinking the same from journalist…Why have they shut a website if its not owned by the U.S, The F.B.I and the feuds had to go through arresting Mega Upload Founder Kim Dotcom was criminally charged by online privacy, now through this now, He’s going to getting departed back in Germany.

This is the list of the charges he’s been convicted of:

Potential legal concerns suggested:
  • The indictment cites lack of a site search as evidence supporting criminality. However in other copyright cases having a site search is suggested as supporting criminality and in Atari v. RapidSharenot having a site search was agreed by the court as evidence of responsible activity given that some infringing content might exist and be searched for if one existed.[44] In the case of Isohunt, thepresence of a search feature was interpreted as evidence of inducement.[45] TechDirt described this as “court guidance”, adding: “To use the lack of a feature, that previously was shown to be a problem, as evidence of a conspiracy is crazy. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”[45]
  • The “top 100” list excluded copyrighted titles. The indictment claims this was evidence of concealing, rather than avoiding downloads of, infringing materials.[44][45]
  • Streamed video could not be watched for over 72 minutes without pay. The indictment claims this was intended to monetarise, not discourage, infringing movies (which are usually longer).[44]
  • The indictment asserts as evidence that no effort was made to identify infringing files or users, in other words by acts of omission. But federal court rulings repeatedly agree that no duty exists to search these out.[44]
  • In MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd. the Supreme Court looked at “substantial noninfringing uses”. A finding of inducement to infringe in that case was based on wider evidence of intent. Mere lack of monitoring was not by itself sufficient to show wrongdoing or inducement.[44]
  • Deletion after a limited period of non-download is suggested as evidence of a motive. But file sharing can include large files shared during a short-term legitimate event, and many legitimate sites such as Imgur remove unused content after a while to free up server space. If files were routinely deleted after a short period it could equally suggest legitimate use – because it serves users who share legitimately for a short while, and enforces removal afterwards.[45]
  • Much of the indictment, in the words of one analysis, “seems to be based on the simple assumption that encouraging more usage means they must be encouraging infringement”, and that there should be evidence of actual wrongdoing, not merely evidence of popular use. Many legitimate files are popular and popularly shared, and an implicit assumption that paid use largely equates to infringing use would need evidence. [45]
  • Failure to remove all links following a takedown request is often legitimate. For example the same content may be uploaded by legitimate and illigitimate users. Removing the infringing link does not affect legitimate uploaders. Removing the infringing file would wrongfully cause it to be deleted for legitimate users too.[45]
  • Similarly, once child pornography is identified, it is always illegal for all users. But other material may not be. So the fact one had the file removed and the other had links removed may simply be correct conduct.[45]
  • While infringing activity may be occurring, it may not be possible (or reasonable to require) the host to know and identify what activity is legitimate or not. File sharing may be used by many content creators.[45]
  • Emails show infringing activity took place. But it takes place on other sites such as Youtube.[45]
  • The indictment includes money laundering charges. But these include “basic payments” for web hosting, suggesting “lumping in” – adding matters that are in no way illegal to make a case look bad.[45]
  • Megaupload had indicated willingness to attend court in the U.S. already, and answer any civil cases.
Since that happened the online activist hacking group Anonymous got pissed and hacked the U.S Department of Justice and crashed their servers, The servers was offline for merely 70 minutes it happen the day after SOPA was dropped by the house, it’s only took the group hours after the site was shutdown, it’s been said that it was one of the biggest online attacks in history.  I couldn’t believe when I was reading it in a column in The Herald.  It easy for me to say that if it wasn’t on trail by law or anything it couldn’t be stop.  I know I been to the site couple of times in the past but I don’t feel guilty that watched a movie from their site one time or another.   I liked however that the servers was pretty fast.  I like it,  but If your posting something that the artist or movies directors is not getting paid for posting material without permission then this case,  It’s consider crime, I know not allot of people are not willing to pay full price for media,  for anyone that you your doing right without permission is still a crime,  If you steal then there’s a price to pay for your actions.   

SOPA is dead

Hi everyone!, For most of you that already know about that bill that they been talking about for a while.  This past week the two houses dropped the bills already so that means everybody can breathe easily now!,  I was tense this week because bills that they were about to sign, Since they didn’t due to protest on Washington I know it was going to be chaos.  If it was from Both houses.  So here’s more on the story down in the bottom.

(only things that’s troublesome now are the PIPA, I don’t know the name of the third bill which is a mystery right now.)

First Look: Ultrabooks

It was a surprise one of those things that haven’t had my eye on ultrabooks till now.  It is very similar to the Apple Mac Book Air that was a surprise, I was heard about the since Feb issue of MaximumPC magazine.  I like the fact that it’s lighter carry around than your regular laptop which I like!  I don’t know why but most laptops are heavy sometimes I have to leave it at home because I’m worried that something might happen to it.  I was looking at the prices but dam it’s still expensive I know most the tech companies are just starting out doing Ultrabooks; Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and Asus was one of the first releases bring out the something new to the market no one thought expect for the air from Apple.  I reason I can see that their making this move because of the tablets are now are now at this point to the top to there success and it’s bit affordable most laptops from what you seen in the market, now PC manufacturers are now stepping up and doing something a little different.

Features: I know one thing for sure is USB 3.0 are now is heading to PC’s but it’s going to head up to the laptop market as soon as you know it.   I do see this happening quick within a three month period or so.  Windows 8 is going to be a killing believe it or not it may happen, Since now I don’t know much about the new software is going to look like I did heard from other sources is that it’ll look almost like Windows Mobile UI,  and have some connections between phone and PC, for that, I find it to become interesting.

Downside if anyone in 2012 uses CD’s, sorry, No CD/DVD drives your going to need a external CD drive to do that.  Call me crazy I still use CD drives in 2012.  The bottom line does anyone needs ultrabook right now? my answer is no unless if you have the money and needs a laptop some degree, of course, But for me I have to say no sense the price in the moment is to slept plus if you need a bigger seen a 13in that’ll be great!  The affordable notebooks I see people out there getting is a netbook since I know it’s not going make a whole in your wallet.

Do I think it’s a tablet killer?

No! again because I didn’t see that being a tabet killer, Tablet is see still aheading from what there doing from apps and hardware feature I don’t see tablets lacking or anything I can see and I don’t see it being a treat to laptops, I think about it the other way around.  I think the laptop is being a treat to tablet since it has gain momentum since it came out around 2009,  I’ll like to see the prices going to down maybe it can give me a reason to get it.  

BlogJet (Blog software)

I decided that I can fine a software software program that I can go and type my blogs in, instead of login to my blogger account,  I rather I have something that I can make it easy for me to blogs  What do you think, please let me know and if you blog! What blog service do you use, if like it please comment down letting me know why you like it!