New PC Hardware of 2012

From what I been looking into MaximumPC for a while I been reading into the latest gadgets and PC hardwares.  What’s one of my favorite hardware that I’m looking forward this year what I like to see.

In the bottom you’ll see me talking about life and 3.0 

Another favorite that I’m looking forward to is AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card that appears to be a big exclusive in the front pages in Maximum PC I can’t till it comes out.  I read on how it’s going appears in the PC screen with 4.3 Billion Transistors of performances!  plus I can imagine it’ll show stunning colors on it’s going to be played in PC games and media entertainment.  I can see that it’ll translate well with the PC consumers,  once it comes out this year, running four times then any of the GPU card that’s out in the market.  (By the way it’s available now in Newegg). I’m little late in the game but other than that it’s a monster card with a expense to pay for a card.  I only thing I see is…if you tower is big enough to add a big card like than that’s what you need.   Right now the March issue is out right now in newsstands information is on the MaximumPC website.    So go ahead and read up on AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 Graphics. 

Rant On The Price of Gas

Enough is Enough!  I had enough with the price of gas rising in our country I don’t know about it is for anyone that’s reading outside of the US but I bet it’s just as bad as it were your living, the more I see prices comes up I’m not going to pay the price once I start driving I’m not going to do it!  I can’t believe that we’d seen this rising in our own eyes and there’s nothing that does lobbyist aren’t going to do nothing about and even the people up in Washington aren’t doing nothing and it’s been like this since Mid-2000’s and I don’t know I’m excitedly right about it.  But now I’m don’t know how on they’re not making the switch on alternative oils.  Ever since the collapse of Wall Street back 2008 and it’s been Hell and for that nothing as change from then till now, It’s 2012 and there’s not even an alternative fuel that we can’t switch to,  I’m telling you the true is that media is hiding something from public that we don’t even know that they know what’s going on,  I got something to tell you!  Gas Companies aren’t going to change,  because their a fried that if they stop gas productions and off doing something different like alternative fuel, there’s no way they’ll do that, they will lose money to risk doing something that because they’re greedy and you know that they want to spend you dry and nothing else.

In no way in hell the gas companies getting a penny out of me,  I know by watching the news recently that it’s been hurting families, businesses around the country and around the globe, soon paying a full tank of gas is going to be like 62-70 bucks from the prediction in the future, gas companies are depending countries like Saudi Arabia, look at us, we have gas in Alaska, I know it’s not going to be enough here in the U.S.   Sorry I don’t know why we are see that many energy fuel car here in the U.S.,  how it’s not possible we aren’t seeing it.  Because to me it’ll be easier for people to go to anywhere that’s working in jobs around the city to commute outside from their home in the out skirts to the place they’re trying to go.  Today I was talking to someone I know that drives,  I told her that, “there’s something that needs to changed, I know there’s no way I’m going to pay for the prices of gas, if the price of gas that are so expensive, there has to be a better way then paying  for gas.” and she said to me back that “there isn’t another way we just to pay for gas, spend our money wisely”  I sit here saying to myself thinking that this is bullshit! In fact there is another way!, there has to be a way that we don’t have to pay that much, if anyone that thought about a fuel that they can just grow in there backyards and somehow work on their own fuel then that mean anyone doesn’t needs to pay at all……or is that  idea just to crazy….I don’t know if you think if its is or not,  I been very serious about it,  If there at some way or an idea out of paying less or nothing.    It’s only an idea but imagine that we didn’t have to pay nothing for gas at all,  To me that’s an idea I’m thinking about working on and I plan on doing it!   I have a feeling that it’s going to get worse and worse.  I mean it dough.  I’m not waiting any longer for Politicians and does lobbyist to get there shit together.  they’re not doing about it! Me and you should know that it’s not change for them.  So we’re going to need to make the changes for ourselves and make it happen.  From what I read from the article below I was read how the gas prices are responsible because of the Devaluation of Dollars, unrest from the middle east and energy polities. But from what I remember I know there wasn’t much of problem, but I notice one thing that the gas start’d’ to rise since 2005 when Katrina hit New Orleans.  I know that it was a problem since you had oil rigs running there but most of the time, people was pointing out the blame to the president,  but the thing is that you can’t blame the leader because he’s not going to do much on it, For that he didn’t had much of a choice on it.  Now it’s been four years since not much been going on with President Obama is doing is very little about energy and four years now what’s the only he’s done since the past for years?? nothing much really!!!

What I find creative is that the U.K made car that can run on coffee bean lol…No lie, if they can do it so we can!  how about it? l think we can do something similar from what they did! 🙂  

 If It was you? What do you think you’ll do since the economy is going in the dumps  When was the last time you paided for gas.  If so how much!  What do you think you should do about it since we are going to through it.  That is the question?

Working and Surviving

During the past few days I been busy with a project that I’m trying to do on my art for a video game that I’m going to see about getting it done this year. I done about two art pages that I got done which I’m very proud to say that I’m working on my art and I’m glad I’m typing down my blog, for moment I didn’t know I was going to continue on work on blog on blogger.  (Letting you know ahead of time I’m thinking of switching to WordPress I’m been getting a lot of recommendation from everybody on the net, and there’s Tumblr I heard that this web service is also is good to).  I don’t know if I wanna to do that because I’m fight for what service that I want to make the switch and it’s a tough to decide.  I’m been doing OK, since I been surviving and looking for a part time job, since it’s been really tough on me,  I know that there’s a job that might be taking me since  I did arrive on my interview early and I tell that the manager that was interviewing me was very impressed about my background since it’s to early to tell if I’m going to get the job or not I just have to be patient about it don’t rush into working.

I have many artwork that I want to share, the only thing I won’t share my personal work from the company I’m working on Konseptions Unlimited But I can share you some of my personal work I done years back but which I do that and post it right here in Nerdcore Blog.  What I do want to focus is developing on characters and human anatomy better because very time I draw characters, they just look like whack out of their mind or stoned lol. But I’m getting better from what i’m doing.  I hopefully, I know I’ll keep drawing and practicing, more I practice the better.  I’ll have to see about posting three pictures this week.

What music I been listening to lately

I figure since it was something I wanted to do, I decided to write about music I was like why not.  The music I been listen is a lot of Progressive Music and Metal music,  Here’s the music I been listening to is Redemption which I love so much now, it’s the same vocalist from Fates Warning which I enjoyed listening to I have say but  If your into metal music then that’s what I’ll recommend to you, I know there’s Progressive Metal Bands, But I do like some of the news bands like Chickenfoot and Black Country Communion.   If there’s a band or an Artist that you’ll recommend to me I pretty much listen to anything I’ll hear.  Because I know I been listening to Allot of Anthrax for the most part amazing, plus I been listening to Worship Music like about so many times now.  One of my favorite tracks are Earth on Hell and The Devil that you I like the album allot because it’s been 8 years since they released a album.  But I’m glad they have Joey back on the band and hopefully I can’t wait till I see them live sometime this year…But who knows but I money is on them that’s for sure. (laughs)

Top 5 anticipated 3DS games in 2012 and Why I’m I excited

Here I’m going to top 5 games for the 3DS, which I’m most excited about because it’s coming around the corner and some that are coming this year! YEA!!! now I’m going to start the list with number 5!
Number 5 on my list is Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Enter I remember playing it for the Playstation 2 when it came out back in 2005 it was a fun release and I liked it allot!  I don’t mind playing it the second time…If this game has multiplayer options which I love for it to have to play with other player around the globe.
Number 4 on the list is Heroes of Ruin a action RPG that’s taking similar with a Balder Gate’s feel and turning it  into a new step in any RPG that’s out in the market, this game whoever is getting published by Square-Enix and been developed by N-Space which I haven’t heard about.  I have to say it looks really good the way I watching the trailer. 
Number 3 is Luigi’s Mansion 2, This game I loved so much when it came out for the Gamecube in 2001, now 11 years later a new Luigi Mansion game is coming this time to the 3DS.  If there’s a ghost in your house, who do you call?…Luigi!.
Number 2 is one game that I’m by far excited because i’m a huge Fire Emblem fan I hope this title starts rolling in the states sometime this year, I check on the Gameplay footage and pictures on the net, for this title I know it’s going to have a new look to it, I know it’s like Path Of Radiance and Radiant Down,  But I don’t mind trying this out but still it’s different because of the look of the graphics and it’s on 3D but I don’t mind trying it at all.  This title is Fire Emblem: Awaking.  
Number 1…Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distances,  I been a fan of nintendo since I was a kid,  when I heard about this title for the PS2,  I remember it had Disney and Square characters in it.  That’s when I decided to  switch on a PS2 to play it I was a fan since the first game…But god it was tough but I played it through no dough lol I started from KH1, Chains Of Memories, KH2, and 358/2 Days, Birth Of Sleep and now this title! woot! hahaha.  I can’t wait title it coming to the 3DS. 
If you have a list that you want to share and see if you can come up with a better one than mnes I would like see your comments below? 

The Future of PC’s: How is it with today’s Technology?

With platforms that’s coming making things really easy like new devices like net books and tablet making it easier to take around with them I know people nowadays want comfort over quality with devices hitting the market really in the market these days, they don’t need to tweak or mess over with the motherboard, sound card, video card and etc on goes in a computer.  I know they’re some people that are making custom made computers but I know it does require some technical detail which isn’t a big deal since you can learn that off the internet anyway which it takes a while I know you learn it very quick, you’ll just need to learn the basic anatomy  of what’s inside of a computer,  I know it’s not a big deal.   I done it before with my computer, since I been looking allot of step-by-step instructions.  You don’t have to necessarily pay for classes to have someone to teach you basic anatomy when you got the internet help you out, But does that mean you don’t need to pay for classes?…It helps If you have the funds to pay any technical college.  But all this right there is nothing but elementary,  I think a fifth grader can do this anyway if he/she wanted to.  The only question is if he/she has the money for parts and the requirements build one?!  Projects like these are costly and you’re going to need a lot of money for…

  • Tower Case
  • Video Card
  • Disk Drive
  • Mother card (AMD or Intel)
  • a fan or liquid cooling (Optional)
  • RAM
  • Power Supply 
  • And a Operating System of your choice (Windows or Linux…Don’t know about Mac OS’s for sure)

I might be missing something in the list?  I feel did missed something, but I have to look back.  But you’ll get the  idea. All you need to do the is your research on your own.  Building own custom made computer maybe easy some but word of warning the parts will cause you around $600-$2,100 or little bit higher than depending on the cost of the parts. 

But back on the subject with PC’s I think your going to some people buying a new PC, but I don’t know if a lot of people are going to purchase one with how the economy is today.  People do want to get out with something that they can enjoy with the palm of there hands instead of being home all day in front of the computer,  You got allot handheld which most of them provides WI/FI like Apple and Android tablets/phone.   So it really comes down to your technical needs  What do you prefer? that is the question.  

The Future OF Electronics

From now and then, what comes in mind is that there’s allot to be coming later in the horizons I do imagine that there’s going to be allot 3G technology used in many devices that coming in the near future,  But I know that if Mobile/Smartphones has the 3G/4G technology running in so many phone devices I know they’ll do the same with cameras, laptops, Portable going like psp/3DS.  Then again the psvita has 3G in it already in it, (But I don’t know if many is going to buy it for it’s price point).  I know that nintendo is going to think about putting 3G enable in most of the 3DS sooner then you think.  It’s obvious that Sony getting money for anyone that’s using 3G and Att.  I think allot of people are going to stick to Wi/Fi, the one reason is the Price Tag than the features there going to be after.  I know that the PSVITA is coming really soon around sometime the end of the  month, But since I don’t have the money for it, I don’t think I’m going to rush out to pre-ordering right into gamestop to do that…Hell no!  Since I’ve been using my 3DS allot for many months now since the release I don’t know I need to, I’m happy with the things I have anyway, I’m an Ambassador with Nintendo Since I can get as many free Classic Games.  So far  I have at least…23 titles and haven’t been playing most of most them, I been playing 7 out of the 23 titles in the 3DS I been using, sometime I barely can touch the games  I playing since I don’t have the time to go through most of them lol. (Laughing).  At the moment I’m thinking of waiting down the road for let’s say…December for the Christmas Season to arrive to get a PSVITA.  I did do believe one thing is that I know computer are going to be more user friendly and more features will be added too.  I will have to say this for both portable device and desktop users.  I know allot of people will be traveling back and fore, I see that their going to need laptop or tablet for some sort entertainment to enjoy themselves while they’re out in Car, Planes and Trains traveling, both  planes and trains are now capable with Wi/Fi that I can see that with Cars since kids are going to be using laptops, Tablets or Gaming devices around with during their free I can imagine (laughing).  I expect cameras/camcorders to be a fundamental in this digital age since You got Youtube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion to be a big thing for uploading and sharing with friends the videos that you like, Cameras are still selling, it’s going be around in the market for along time I like the quality on camera better than the smartphones because some of them look like crap now, I know there getting better with the quality,  but I like the cameras better, because I think it’s time they start doing 3G/4G in it.  If they do it, I’d be happy, the amount of people that are blogger are writers and Vlogers on Youtube.  Everything I hear about how technology is evolving every day is now happening from what I believe.  I predict that’s what’s going to happen soon.