Top 5 anticipated 3DS games in 2012 and Why I’m I excited

Here I’m going to top 5 games for the 3DS, which I’m most excited about because it’s coming around the corner and some that are coming this year! YEA!!! now I’m going to start the list with number 5!
Number 5 on my list is Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Enter I remember playing it for the Playstation 2 when it came out back in 2005 it was a fun release and I liked it allot!  I don’t mind playing it the second time…If this game has multiplayer options which I love for it to have to play with other player around the globe.
Number 4 on the list is Heroes of Ruin a action RPG that’s taking similar with a Balder Gate’s feel and turning it  into a new step in any RPG that’s out in the market, this game whoever is getting published by Square-Enix and been developed by N-Space which I haven’t heard about.  I have to say it looks really good the way I watching the trailer. 
Number 3 is Luigi’s Mansion 2, This game I loved so much when it came out for the Gamecube in 2001, now 11 years later a new Luigi Mansion game is coming this time to the 3DS.  If there’s a ghost in your house, who do you call?…Luigi!.
Number 2 is one game that I’m by far excited because i’m a huge Fire Emblem fan I hope this title starts rolling in the states sometime this year, I check on the Gameplay footage and pictures on the net, for this title I know it’s going to have a new look to it, I know it’s like Path Of Radiance and Radiant Down,  But I don’t mind trying this out but still it’s different because of the look of the graphics and it’s on 3D but I don’t mind trying it at all.  This title is Fire Emblem: Awaking.  
Number 1…Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distances,  I been a fan of nintendo since I was a kid,  when I heard about this title for the PS2,  I remember it had Disney and Square characters in it.  That’s when I decided to  switch on a PS2 to play it I was a fan since the first game…But god it was tough but I played it through no dough lol I started from KH1, Chains Of Memories, KH2, and 358/2 Days, Birth Of Sleep and now this title! woot! hahaha.  I can’t wait title it coming to the 3DS. 
If you have a list that you want to share and see if you can come up with a better one than mnes I would like see your comments below? 

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