Life Rising In the Peaks Of A New Job….Working and Excited To Move On With Life.

Its good to say that I’m happy where I’m working right now,  I’m glad that I’ll be working and saving up money that I’ll be needing later in the future since I will be going to college for game design and I might purse music in the future.  I go on by say that the job of mine has been treating me, well even from the beginning its been easy for me and the job itself is fairly easy to work.  I’m a clerk at a Thrift Store that’s under 3 miles from my house that I bike ride to three days a week, pretty much I work in the cashier about 80% of the time while I stock bread and pastries 20% of the time.  I can’t revile the name of the store due the company politics I can’t revile anything otherwise they think I’ll typing my problem but in truth I won’t even do that.  Since I know my last job was a ghetto to the very beginning at Wendy’s which I won’t even to talk about or think about it anymore since its all in the past to left alone,  Even working in the Thrift Store I been getting real experience all about working in a bread store and were the bread comes from.  Being the cashier is really easy but now for three weeks in training its a challenge since you do have to count money and give change back to the customers so far it’s been great and after work I’m buying bread and pastries for home since I know the three of us, I, Mom and my Brother likes the pastries that I bring home from work.  (Since I know I been bringing to many pastries home I know I’ll have to cut the sugar soon since that contains a lot of sugar and I know I might not even need it hahaha)

Today, It’s Friday I been laying down and resting for a bit and it’s late and I was up for a live stream for Video Games Live and I was in chat Twitch.Tv Tommy Tallarico responded couple of my answers and one of my answer is when will we be seening VGL live pretty much he said that it’s going coming in Sept or November which one it’ll be up,  I hope that’s right,  it’ll be a long wait but worth it no matter.  

Is having a Co-Founder is really needed…Most likely No! Here’s why.

Have you though working with a friend be a good idea…think about it…is it?  I don’t think so!

The thing about having one is that someone that if you know so well that if you do plan to start with a friend not a good idea because its going to cause problems with you two it’ll go well with you! believe me (I’m in it right now I can’t believe I have to join up with him and also I really don’t know if he’s really decided into doing this,  I have a problem with that because in order to have a partnership with a friend you two need to work hard on it  about every week of the day in order to get it done.  Since college is just in the way and we both have different goals in life and his main goal is to work with the fashion industry and I want to work in the gaming industry)
somehow he wants to get involved with the gaming industry I myself have to disagree with the decision he’s wanting to take and we only got 1/3 of the game and not enough of content is coming because some of the guys  that I work just done part of a game,  that I did one quarter to it and rest is nothing!  Because I have no characters and enemies in that’s been created yet,  I was going to go ahead and start creating character on my own because I haven’t seen characters yet from my Co-Founder and felt that it needed to be done, Once I got done with one of the character I know it felt ugly I know I got discouraged from one of the team and I don’t know how this will end for us,  the thing I know is that we haven’t seen each other for months I can’t stand to see myself waiting,  the reason it was so slow because of college and three other guys I know are in the end of finishing up high school I know that’s a reason why,  But doing their break they can least make time to do that! but they can’t becauses of family and do some crap that I need to do and this and that crap!  If you’re going to bring people in your team make sure there out of High School or College otherwise it’ll bring pressure to them, since it’ll give them a hard time just to finish with their things with homework and family matters,  Bring a person that has free time in their hands and not fooling around chasing the ladies in college.  (If you have friends in High School still want to consider working with you the best thing to tell them is wait till they get of school and then work on a project with you guys)
Since I’m the boss no one will be telling what to do?  The second thing I will tell you from my personal experience from my team is that, YOU WILL GET PRESSURED A LOT! and thats the truth they’ll put the blame on you just because you can’t everyone straight here and there and it’l not going to be your fault even if you have people around you and is slow and the company is at it’s Pre-Alpha stages of the company.  I know I remember very well that my this dude won’t even shut up on he needed the art for the game and the only material I got was landscaping,  the form of art I’m good at everytime I draw characters he gets pissed at it a lot!  now a week ago I told him for godsakes I wouldn’t do art!  Jez!.  I know he’s seventeen and smart but two things he doesn’t have is patience and maturity to be with us,  encase he doesn’t know company’s like twitter took them about 8 years to start up!  I bet it wasn’t easy for Jack Dorsey to make that happen.    But he has a lot of learning to do,  even dough my Co-Founder doesn’t agree with  me, even he says that even dough he’s young, but young people has a head up when doing it early I know that’s fine an and blah blah but even young people can slip when mistakes happen can fall into dead ends and can be easily hit when making a stupid decisions.
Lastly,  If you can’t work with team or a Co=Founder then leave its don’t try to make this a mess then it is otherwise you’ll have to end up wasting time with idiots that is not going be take time be together,  plan ahead,  meet up together,  I need to tell that fashion designer to keep designing clothes and don’t get involve into the game industry, it’s hard to see this not involving into something that’s nothing reaching to the top.  I sorry this just sad to me.  
I’m going solo on this one!  If you do find a partner make sure that he’s doing 50% behind on what he’s doing.  
That’s it !I’m out for the night! take care guys! 

Blogging on hold…Just temporarily

For all my readers that have been reading my blog post……Thanks for reading and following up on my latest post and rants and everything that comes into mind,  I’m glad I have an audience of readers that blogs out on the web,  I know it’s not a big crowd but I love what I love to do is blogging,  I enjoy it because it helps me bring me my thoughts out and share the coolest discussions I like that interesting and fun and strange but that one of my best things on the internet is I like to do everything that comes to  me.  I know a reader that comment in my blog saying she like it.  Since then I was able to keep writing till now.  I want to let everyone know that I know I’m going to have a tough time keep up with everything that I need to do,  but the thing…I’m going to be out for awhile it’s only because I need to get my GED done soon which I been trying to do for something now,  I would hate to let that go,  plus I add in about couple of project I’m working with close friends I know that I started from the beginning it’s a video game company I started and don’t want to let that go as well just so they can get down to business I’m pretty much pressured into getting my butt working on it,  the problem is three of my guys are in high school that moment and are about to graduate in the Spring also their very inexperienced that I don’t think have them them working with me,  that said I need to decide if I want to continue going thru the deal I started from the beginning,  What I need to get done is the GED which is very important at the moment.  Somehow the video game project is allot to invest and it takes time,  which I know, the group doesn’t know including my Co-Fonder just because you know fashion doesn’t mean you know allot about the business world and it takes a long time to build a company from the ground up plus we put a video game we put little tough on the idea. ( I’m going to considering not doing it just a allot of work).

I’m have to see about dealing with myself first, sharping up my skills on the next upcoming test,  I know tomorrow school is coming tomorrow I’m have to get ready till then.  
Once I get done with everything done I’ll be working in more content for the my blog soon,  I have a lot on my hands now,  I don’t know when or what I be back but I’ll be back for sure. Till then I’ll keep you posted on what’s ahead on me, when I can.  

P.S Don’t add to much sodium on your soup! it taste God awful putting many crackers on your soup…GROSS! GRAHHH!   

Physical Vs Digital

Here we are in 2012, Today we got all this new advance technology that it is now going to start replacing paper. some people don’t like that everything is going digital and some of them would like to go digital because electronics saves the environment which I understand it does,  but the fact is that you got everything that’s going to be digital and nothing is going to change that, Physical copies are still going to be around for a couple of years to come but later I know that physicals copies like Books, DVD’s Music and other media that I haven’t listed  are soon going to be or are already in digital format or already on-Demand format (or streaming format on if that what you call it now and days), Things are changing rapidly and I know that because I use it all the time now since it’s something that I doing right now for my own convenience heck I’m listening to Dream Theater on Grooveshark that I can listen to it streaming on the website, but does that mean I’m pirating?  No! it simply means I listen to it without purchasing it But does that mean that I’m not supporting the artist? Of course not! I am supporting the artist!  What I like about streaming a song is that I like to listen to the whole album before purchasing it besides I don’t want to purchase an album that’s not good from them even dough the artist worked hard on making this piece of work they done.  Another way you can support your artist is go to their shows on where their going to be performing at in your city near you or a place they’re going to playing live.  Heck I’ve been to now about five rock concerts in the past, Last one I been to was last week on Friday I was seeing Styx live in Miami and before that I went to see Dream Theater last year in Atlanta and both of them are amazing to see live plus they make allot of money while touring around the world not just for Digital and Physical purchase.

some how this is what leaves physical formats a disadvantage most of the time you can’t preview a Music, Movies and Books. (Expect for video games I know demo games gives you plenty of time to give you the idea how the game is going to be played on the consoles).  

I know another disadvantage that doesn’t have on a physical copy for instinct a book! If you want to read something at night but don’t want to turn the lamp on  you’ll have to get a portable night light to read which is something that I have at home that I used allot when reading physical copy.  But with the tablet it always light up with any tablet that you use, Apple, Android, Amazon, B&N Nook or what you are using,  A tablet I can bring a good example is the Amazon Kindle,  it’s only purpose it does is e-books since it’s very popular in the  market now for readers that travel everywhere I find that it helps allot,  If you’re the kind that like fill 1,500 Thur 4,100 titles that’s up to you.  Barnes and Nobles is still going to be around for a long time the way I see it.

Like I said about Music Industry before its having a hard time right now,  but I can still music having a future if music can be everywhere, I can imagine music stores being a big demand for music down loaders and anyone that was out of there houses and hang out in the malls or to the park or what ever it is you want to go,  unfortunately allot of people see that as a dying industry, I remember a time when I was little…I think it was about 10 or 13 years ago, I remember going to a mall allot and remember seeing people coming in and out of stores buying CD’s allot and one of the stores I remember that sell music at the time was Sam’s Goody’s back when I was living in Florida, that was very big at the time in the 90s,  which I remember it was a big store back then, I remember another store call sun coast I remember it so well when it was in every mall it was cool that had allot of videos and DVD’s in store Self’s of course Media-Play had something like that was as well. 🙂  and last time I heard Fye’s bought them.  Today’s Media store aren’t as good as it was back then, due to download and privacy.  (So If you plan to a musician…well Good Luck on your success because it’s not easy as it was before).

Today, We see a change in the times,  You know it’s a different world on what we see today then back then.  It’s like history the Roman Empire rose when it was biggest empire and then fell it’s knees, that’s how I see what the industry is an all out war, The online world vs the Nationwide Media store.  Way the world is there’s a balance to everything, one wants to physical and the other wants digital and it’s hard to who’s going to overcome. other way I see is that people only want one thing and one thing alone, Truth is you can’t make people switch to digital, most aren’t going to switch over night that not going to happen like that.  When you  hear a new device…for instinct the new Ipad 3 or HD what ever you want to call it, Is a very expensive that I don’t see many that is going to pay for it in the first day of launch, not many people are going to for a tablet in the first days of launch,  then after launch then tech critics are going to see problems to the devices pointing that rear view sucks or maybe the frame rate is slow and whatsoever.  The Many of the consumers are apples fans that are willing to pay high dollar for the price.  it’s only low percent of the apple user that are going to purchasing a Ipad 3 no dough,  Not that I’m saying it’s wrong to have a device like Ipad 3, I think there a great tablet to have,  some how I rather wait till the price goes down or apple announces the next Ipad that has less problems, I do know very well when purchasing a electronic that has a e-book feature and want to get it but can’t tell if that suit you…well it’s about research one most of the time it has to be you that needs to know if your going to getting it to make life as easy as possible to rid of the clutter of having so many books in your self…I can understand why.  

Weekend Trip: Miami March 8th-12th.

Thursday, I just arrived here since Thursday and I came here tried and all I wanted to do is sleep.  So I did.  I don’t remember much what I did from the rest of the afternoon but I do know that was with my dad hang and going out place to place.

Friday evening I went to a concert to see the band Styx,  its was a great show, they were outstanding and still today, to bad they don’t have all the original members but it was still great no dough.

Saturday, I went to the beach Saturday afternoon for about two hours had a nice time there also I went for a walk down in the beach get some sun on me.

Sunday,  I was trying to get out of Florida so I can get ready for a job training that morning around 10am. I was in the airport early but I found out what screw me up the most is Daylight Savings,  I hate when switches time around, I don’t like it at all!  The first flight of the morning was a pretty good flight and it had open seats,  but that day I was going through hell that morning, I was getting help from my mom about when will they’ll be good flights the reason I was asking her because she works for Delta,  I needed to know what I can get a good flight,  she told that Miami is terrible and there was no way I was going to make it,  then I remember while talking to her, she went on mentioning that West Palm Beach might be good,  So I decided to take a chance to see if West Palm Beach would be better,  So I called my dad and told him that I’m going to see if West Palm Beach had any better flights,  So I took a chance.  After an hour later riding to Miami to West Palm Beach it was full, the security in that airport was just as terrible as Miami and I waited about 2 hours and luck they kept bumping me and I wasn’t in the clear list,  I’m sitting thinking this whole thing is ridiculous and I’m not waiting any longer!  I forgot to mention that it was busy that weekend due to spring break for all the college kids out having a break.  I got out of the terminal and decided afterwords to see my cousin over and plus his new house has over there.  After the whole madness was over at the terminal,  My dad and I went to head to the theater to John Carter which I like it allot,  but as a Disney Movie its not a movie that attend to be for Kids its over for older teens and adults.  That was my day.

 Monday, I was in the Airport all morning till 3am! and finally I got a 9am flight and here I was finally glad that left because it is the last time I’ll be visiting Florida for a while.  Now I’m back home and I’m going to be starting working tomorrow morning around 10:30am,  I”m going to be need me some rest.  

MiO Energy Review

I try’d out the Mio since yesterday just to try it out, when I try’d it, it was so horrible that I’m never to pick up a sweet energy drinks again that taste like piss. (laughs).  Its true that it does taste like piss, sometimes I don’t believe in energy drinks it’s a terrible invention that’s doesn’t do any good for your body.  It’s only a money making scheme that Kraft is grabbing from the consumer, 10-15 minutes after I drank it, felt wired and alive for a good while.  When I was reading the website its said that it is FDA approved and make sure to check up on your doctor before drinking it.  But again I drank’d it anyway and didn’t care to do.  I don’t recommend it at all,  if you want to try it,  you can go ahead by all means to check it out your own to how it feels for you.

Wolfram Alpha Computation Knowledge

This is not your regular search engine,  this is a computation engine that I have used in the past. Today I went on to this website and started using it for studying that I needed to keep up with school I got going on,  I love the website and I’m using the 14 day trail pro version, which I like but I know it still needs some work to be added like historic events from world history but over all it’s a great site to search for knowledge and facts and very similar to Wikipedia, the thing that separates a search engine like Google and Yahoo and a free Encyclopedia that its neither,  Its a knowledge computation engine to search up facts quickly than a search engine that you normally do.  Example let’s say if you’re trying to look for a math question all you have to do is type answer down to the search bar and it’ll compute the answers within seconds you get it in no time!  it’s pretty quick and one of the Internets hidden gems that you may not know about. I discovered it few years ago while the company was born 2009 when it was announced a press conference showing presentation on how the knowledgeable engine works.  So for anyone that’s need help on Science, Social Studies or Math it’s for anyone that’s in a Middle School, High School or at a College Level.  (it can also be use in a Elementary level).