Google Play, The New Name in Market

As a lot of you have known that Google change the market name to Google Play, so instead of Android Market, now it’s call Google Play…So what’s that purpose to mean you might ask? well it’s a marketplace that is available for the browser and for google members only. The only thing they did was add a new tab between maps and youtube on the top, So let’s say that you want to get something in the market place but don’t have a phone but you want to the market in the browser, but now you can.  it’s pretty much what it is, a marketplace in  the browser.  But the only is differences is the name change.  Since I do use the browser all the time,  I know it’ll be in good use for me anyways and like android,  it’s easy to navigate the site at ease.  
 For some of you that have use the Google phones in the past and name is there automatic with an update on your phone.  That’s the only way you the see the new name and picture icon on the marketplace since it’s not much of a difference in the name on the marketplace that’s same thing you’ll see on your phones.  But have to have to say that it’s pretty cool to see this on the desktop, for anyone that doesn’t have a phone and can now experience it on a phone.  So that’s what I like about this strategy.   I know when this came out,  I know this market has gotten allot of reaction with users and its going to grow more time and time again.  With that said,  There are all ot markets out there like one for example the amazon marketplace I don’t know how it’s going to settle for the most I don’t how many is going for one,  But I love to how it’s going to tune out.  

One Month Later, Flowers

Well its been now a month since now I been working over at this bread store call Flowers Bakery so far it’s doing me well, the work place has been trying me great I like the co-workers there. I’m happy that I’m working  for the doe and so I can save it for future expensives that I need importantly for instants I need a new laptop and I’m working up but I want a powerful machine that can last me for a while unlike other laptops in the past I like to have something that’s shockproof, that has Blu-Ray drive, A good hard drive disk with plenty of space to add my document and it has be gaming laptop with a good graphics card with a Ram that runs the speed of light, (Laughs) But that’s one of the main things I’m going to get and a drawing tablet as well. The job has been great I love it so far without complain.  I know its been a month I know that I’m still in my training phase and I do got a lot to learn still and can be tiring since you are on your feet all day for a clerk.  Most of the time you are surround by bread and pastries the place smells like bread when you enter the place smells like…Bread. 🙂

I love the job even dough it the pastries can get me all day,  but at least there’s days that are great for me, but days I’ll feel like shit due to the work I get while up the customers up on the cashier…but most of the time…it’s not so bad,  enjoy it a lot plus its not stressful it very chilled when the store is about to die out when no one around the store.

Today, I went to the Manga Club before going to work, since its been months… actually a couple of  weeks since my last visit to the club, it was cool they had manga discussion that was going on there and surprising! Today I went to see an old friend that haven’t seen a long time since sylvan tutoring classes.  It was awesome to see someone that haven’t seen that long, we talked for awhile in the manga club, talking about life and how things been going on with each other.  I was only there for an hour and I couldn’t hang out for a long time, because work was starting in 15 mins for me and I couldn’t be late, so that’s why I needed to go, but at least we’ll be in touch.  After words I’m riding to work on my bike fast!  and I was beginning to be tried and I was out of focus for whole hour while I was there…dam I made the trip and that’s all that mattered.  
So today I was working my full five hour shift and I rode back home tried and now by ending this blog…I’m going to watch a TV show and call it a night. So I can rest my fingers.  I cant typee….aaaah.  now Im srcew my writing up….Fin….ah my fingers.  

Sol Cast Podcast

I just want to spread the words to all my readers out there that we have a new show here on youtube call Sol Cast, A new show that we going to be doing weekly every Wednesdays, Here right now is our pre show Episode 0.  But Stay tune for content hitting up every wednesdays and I love to hear the comments down below on youtube or on here on blogger to let us know what you think.  
I hopefully, If we ever get a lot of watchers we might be adding more episode on the way, unless we get big.  

Temporary out in the moment,,,R.I.P Laptop

It’s been for few days I wrote some here on blogger and the last time I wrote is when I was writing about the new interface Google + release,  But now I’m making my announcement Dell 610 laptop died on me a couple of days ago when I was coming back from work Friday the first thing that I did is turn power button on,  somehow I hear this clicking noise from my laptop and I found shortly that the hardware is damaged,  I don’t have a reason why it died but I’m only guessing that had some sort of virus in my computer or something like that,  So now I ended up shipping it back to its rightful home, That my reader is my cousins place down in Florida.  For now I’m just going to save up for a brand new laptop and look for something modern and maybe that’s not expansive for my taste, But who know’s what I’m going to get…maybe a Dell, Sony, Asus or something that I can travel with for my good use and for writing blogs too. For the meantime I’m going to be using my brother’s computer to surf, read blogs, watch video and for work too.  I’ll still be doing more blogs post so stay tune for more on the way.


New Google + interface!

This is one experience that just blown me now to see Google + working on new things here, this has to be one of the best Friday the 13th of this year,  I’m glad to hear that nothing bad happen to me yet!  but now looking how to doing well…but I like it better than facebooks timeline,  I myself is not a fan of the timeline,  I think the timeline is terrible plus facebook is not going to give you no choice to go back to the old user facebook once it’s released! So in honor of google I praise their success! (clap, clap, clap) .  I’m very happy for that, one I do notice that they a trending tab just like twitter has for their news and top topics and news that’s going on.  To me I would like facebook to had a trending bar to follow the news a lot better than having to hit on the like buttom someones page to get the news.  one flaw I see on facebook,  it’s slowing getting G+ to everyone I know not everyone is going to jump the social bandwagon,  right away,  I feel this the time for people to jump on the band wagon for this site,  I don’t see flaws on G+,  the only stupid complain is that there’s people not liking the white background….But so what! even facebook has so many backgrounds and the blue boring background.  I had a friend told me ones that the blue stands for trust and that’s why facebook has it,  I would like to see in social network site is more custom backgrounds to add on your profile, again this is not myspace! I know when facebook came out! I know it wasn’t myspace, it was something that facebook wanted to do originally,  Google can do great things with now G+ out in the web and free for anyone to use.  Only thing is Google + has only but 25 million users but in facebook there’s about Billions of users now since the facebook trend is not going to die out yet with the activity that goes on everyday.  But the trend is not going to last a long time and who knows who’s going to take over who.  G+ is a original concept from them, Its not trying to be anything like facebook or twitter, neither that I think it’s a copycat,  it takes ideas from other websites but makes it better.  I don’t know I never delete facebook (I still have it)  If I wanted to, I will delete it anyways because it don’t really add anything new to the table.

For now I like to see what else Google does and follow up on the latest from them.   

The Chronicles: Movie Review

When I saw this movie in the theaters last month I was expecting to be a superhero movie…Well somewhat?  but then I notices that it was going a first person view experience, like the Blair Witch Project or the Paranormal Activity Series,  but this movie in the other hand doesn’t portray itself as a horror but more as thriller in a sense.  I have to say it was enjoyable to watch because of the story but the movie itself had first person view about 100% of the time! I only wish that the movie was better if it didn’t had anything involving a kid holding the camera all the time,  because the through out the film the main character had the camera for the most part and of course it was involving around three high school kids,  the movie was telling origin story for the  most part it did.  when it comes to movies like this one I know one thing I am going to point out on about camera in this film the way I feel that this movie has been direct from the actor than the director itself and this story is nothing original just to tell that it isn’t since there has been movie that tell similar story with someone that telepathic powers then again the begin didn’t start off like that with three kids with super powers.  the begin it was about a kid that use his parents money to buy an expertise camcorder that he wanted to document footage involving his life around him,  So his first footage was him recording something to himself and than took more footage film around his school. I felt was introduction was quick and done it went on telling who’s who and what are dose character are.   The first scene in the was in school and then after that it was in a party were he desides to bring the camcorder with and documents the party.  After he steps out of the party with everything he was going thur the harsh parting, he goes off with his cousin and Michael B. Jordan ( I don’t know the name of the character I think his name was…Steve I think).  Goes on and discovers a rock under this hole and the three kids feels a strange vibe coming from the hole and goes under hole and discovers a blue glowing rock.  One of the guys goes and touch the rock and starts bleeding from their noses.  If I were them I stay the fuck away from the rock as possible…And that right there is end of day one.  And day after day,  The three days feels a strange power and discovers they all have telepathic power which came from the rock last night.  then finally later on through the movie they start messing around with their powers which you can say it’s just all fun and games until they get in trouble untill these kids starts to use it for evil and don’t take responsibly for there actions.  Which in this case in the movie you know that dose powers that they use is going effect the outcome later ends one of the characters. I do have to give effect to this movie having a good story but doesn’t even make me like this movie even more.  I can tell you that this movie could have told a story of the movie,  if it didn’t had a blog style like film.  After I finish watch this…I can that this film have gotten a lot reaction from fans they’re wanting more out of the flim.  If you’re one of them that watched this movie last month during the release and liked it…You know your going to want more.   the reason I can tell you why I didn’t like it because the main guy with the camcorder for the most part becomes an evil and destructive,  Only reason he becomes like that is his experience he had with in a party, right off you know that a bad experience being around with others and ends up being alone.  What had happens later after his experience in the party,  He gets out of control killing his friend during a thunderstorm.  (Michael B. Jordan) and then start off robbing a gas station and kills more people he sees that’s what I didn’t like about it,  so the ending felt disappointed for the most part.

But just safe you from spoiling the movie could have been better if it was filmed by regular film taking,   The movie itself filmed to be someone blogs with some special added to it like if it was done by a fifteen year old kid.  over all some will enjoy this film and others won’t.  I say just check it out because its still out in theaters…If don’t want to put money in the theater,  then you’re better off renting it than anything else.  .    

Toonami is back?!…Maybe!

Well here I am thinking that one of my favorite program is going to be back in Cartoon Network which is Toonami some of you that knows what the program is for all of you that grown up watch anime back in the 90’s I was expecting a return, but thanks to Adult Swim is it was more of a April Fool’s Stunt to tease us all!  When I was the intro of toonami I listening to Tom’s Voice for dose that doesn’t know who does the voice of Tom by now is Steve Blum the man with many voice that has done voice overs for animes, Video Games, TV shows and etc,  I was happy even if adult swim done this for one night only,  I know the hardcore I been reading from forums and status on facebook said they Toonami to come for good,  I don’t know doing a stunt like will make fans happy since it’s only one night.  If it was me would I like is Toonami come back?…the answer will be yes! and to tell you why is that I love the classic anime that they had back in the 90’s when I was a kid and I would like to see them make a return, but not just classic animes I love to see new animes as well too.  Somehow I feel like the online is killing T.V because online is very convent which I do fine true but at the same time it just left T.V to die as well,  I like some of the cartoons they have on Cartoon Network which I they’re well made and dose cartoons are very fun and creative but it hasn’t attracted my attention well with the other cartoon that I liked back then, I know one of my current cartoon from Cartoon has to be Adventure Time since its suited me well and just funny to watch and the characters in the show are cool.  What I like back then is that the Japanese Anime attend to be serious and dark…I don’t know if I can call it dark but more of…tough edge for young kids like me back in the 90’s and some how I don’t see that in the late 2000’s and I felt after Toonami left in 2008 I always left that the cartoon world was dying and left me uninterested to me,  I can’t saying that cartoons were completely dying but it didn’t had any evening or after schools that interested me…but only few animes did. At the time that Toonami left I didn’t want to watch anymore of CN and I went on to the online world because anime was available and it was by steam in other upload websites.  I know it was illegal but other people were doing it,  I felt that if I keep doing that I know I’m never going to support the anime industry and they’em work so hard doing great material not getting a dime from us.  But when I saw this trailer I know I was happy to see this back!  

Ever since I saw it this morning while watching Bleach on my DVR, I know I had to look this up on google to fine out! and later in the segment they had a Mass Effect 3 which I never got to watch the classics because I didn’t tune in that night to fine out since I just came home from the theater watching the hunger games tried.  This review came after Bleach and I think that’s when Dragonball Z and Big-O came on afterwords.  

  Since now I want to know want to know from you! Do you want Toonami back in the program and if you do please send your feedback to cartoon network, because I did.   Even the voice actor Steve Blum said that If you want Toonami back your going to need to  send your feedback on this website here at below it’s Steve Blums facebook and you can click the like button to follow on his status and news for upcoming events.