Today’s My 21st Birthday

Well I’m 21 now and feel getting older and just about everyday that how I feel but somehow I have to get use to it,  Its life and today I’m going to do the best I can today and even dough I don’t have nothing planned out exactly but I’m going to try to do everything I can today like…
 Get a Flying Car, Play Video Games a day long or Sky Dive! (just joking no way in hell I’m going to jump out of the plane and do that). *laughs* Even if my mom and my brother is going to be busy today till the evening I know I’ll be getting allot of time to do that.  What my plans are today since my brother is out working I’m going to be playing the Xbox for almost the whole day!  Watch anime online and keep up with new anime that I haven’t watch before….and so fore.  I know I’m going to be having chillax day at home mostly and be getting presents from family and friends and the good shit that they’re gonna get me.  But what I like yesterday that my brother gave me Stephen King’s new novel from the Dark Tower Series, his 8th installment, The Wind Through the Keyhole, which I’ll be taking the time to read his book later though out the day. (later on I’ll be reviewing the latest novel from The Wind Through the Keyhole later on the weeks ahead, So stay tuned)
Other than that it’s going to be fun and exciting birthday so whatever hits me today…will be as fun as any other will be.  
That’s for reading!  Time to head off!

Xbox Being Ban in the U.S? That’s just silly!

This is one of the most silliest things I read just now and I somehow this patent infringement that Motorola is suing Xbox 360 for and to me,  Motorola is going to lose from this lawsuit!  I can tell because Microsoft was the ones that created the xbox360 in the first place so what I have to say keep playing your Xbox’s and keep playing your games because in the end Motorola is going to lose and here they are going to put all this time with a patent that they never had?!  Here’s the Story that Times Magazine post on it.

Past and Present, Have we failed to successed? The Dummist Generation

 Somehow I came across this book from a documentary called  Growing up online and here is this professor argument about how we declining as a Digital Age. So just to let you know that I haven’t read Mark Bauerlein’s book, now I have notice that a lot of kids talked about Internet memes and garage that they look up on the net and for me I give less of a shit about what it really means,  I know I haven’t read the facts on today’s society on how the kids today have been degrading and have been getting low grades now what I been listening to recent news I know that some face are true, I don’t think it’s completely true.  His Slogan…Don’t trust anyone that’s under 30?  If a young person under 30 reads it!  They’ll know what they’re reading plus it’ll sound like an offense to younger people.

Here’s one of the first things I can see why some he’ll argue on it is out there on today’s world but somehow I don’t understand. The internet was created for knowledgeable purposes back in the early 90’s when the internet was starting to become a thing of the future for everyone to use and it was to a tool that they say it was going to make a better future!  Today we are living in a Digital Age with content creators creating media on you tube, make a payment online, To make Appointments online, Schedule a date and etc., The internet has it’s purpose for about everything,  But I can’t see how we are the dumbest generation, One thing I can point out is I notice some young people do get distracted at school and work from the technology that we do in our daily life’s..  
In on of PBS documentaries (Digital Nation) that it examples most teens can be bad at multitasking which I do see that true most part.  Since I can’t multitask good myself as well while browsing on the net,  But I feel that when I was reading critics reviews.  They have given praise on how this professor is right what theory’s he’s been pulling out of the rabbits hat.  But somehow I can’t see what’s to blame for teens expect for the stupidity which most youths do nowadays I can say it’s very unlawful and uprightly wrong they have such power to go against any individual.they can,  but somehow scientist thinks its some chemical reaction to the brain that’s causing an uproar with the youth with the internet. For teens best friend and good weapon for social dominance on the web with one click away and a short written sentence on twitter it’s powerful weapon that anyone can use for the masses can use to bring a group of friend to start a party.      

Another Thing I think the Digital Age is making the youth stupid what others think is because of Video Games!  It was the reason that many teens haven’t past their grades from school is because of late night gaming and saying “its addicting and they can’t stop that is why the Kids don’t want to study on their homework”    In the documentary of Digital Nation the people there in South Korea is very big in the Gaming Community plus with all the other Eastern Countries like Japan. 
If you Think that Dummest Generation by Mark Bauerlein is just plainly straight right or his theory is just garage go on make your comment down below and let me know what you think about his theory?  
For me I really can’t support it because just the way puts down the teens in the digital age is just mean! 

New Horizons Ahead and What’s going on.

So far what’s been going on with me, Let see life here has been well so far but some down has been hitting me,  but some I can’t complain since the problem hasn’t been anything mayor but only minor.  One thing I was a little upset that my friend lost the account for one of my shows that was doing with a friend of mine.  So But the has been lost and it couldn’t been found anywhere and there wasn’t a way to recover the account for that I had no choice but to make new one.  So now our shows is call Kosmic Sphere and you can check it out on you tube now on our first episode.

Its not shown in high quality yet but we are working getting a new camera for the next show, episode 2 which it’s on the works right now and my Co-Host is working on the editing right now, (If you want show your support in following his blog at Ben’s Blog here)

As of right now I’m in control of the account.and memorizing the account information.  So now I have that over control and hopefully I won’t lose it like did.  So far I have updating my accounts and keeping it together and right now been using my browser on my flash drive and using firefox with a portable app that I been using so far I like its very neat and for some reason If I need my personal information then is for you, later I’m going to explain how that works in a later post.  Right now I wanted to bring my video in my blog letting everybody about our show and make sure to Subscribe it, Like it and Share it with friends about the news video we do on youtube.

Oh, one last thing if you like Rock music then you’ll like this band its called Volbeat a band from Denmark and it’s pretty Awesome they have been around for a few years but its a really good band to give it a listen!

This is one band I want to see one day in the states and some festival in Europe it’ll be great to see.  
As of now I’m gonna to do a couple of things before going to bed. This is me on New Horizon Ahead.

Battleship…more like battleshits

Just like the title says…Battleship!  How simple is that?!!  For they couldn’t even make a better title than this!  Seriously I don’t know what Hollywood is thinking making somethings that sound so cheap and low budget like  that’s a sink of a title of  wouldn’t want to watch…but I did because there was nothing in the theater but stupid romances that was out in the theater so instead went to see it with a friend of mine because he was wanting to see that movie. What to Expect by Chris Rock and some other actors there but I can’t put my finger at the moment, because as far as I can tell it was lame of an idea that it was game that was from Hasbro and decided the fact that an alien invasion in it wouldn’t work but it doesn’t!  So far I’ll have to start from the intro of the movie,  the way it starts here is that it start with this Eddie Vedder look alike with long hair that’s hanging out loosely and next to him is his brother that celebrates his birthday.  Where else…In a Bar! Well that very fun…While the his Alex start talking to him, He see this Hot looking chick in this bar while she is trying to order a chicken burrito But couldn’t get it because the bar was close, So Alex comes up to her for name,  But her reply was “I’m hungry and the barter is not letting me have a  Chicken Burrito.  In that scene I was like would have early then!  But the Guy Alex says to her that “how if I can get you a Chicken Burrito in a store across from here.  But here is the stupid part about this!!!  Alex goes on and sneaks in a convent store and steals a Chicken Burrito and you know what! Alex gets caught by the police.  This right there I was pretty stupid you think he was going to get away from stealing! I’m sorry but why couldn’t he go to Taco Bells and grab a Chicken Burrito!  That was one of the most pathetic scenes in this movie!  

This movie doesn’t get better till the fight scenes with the aliens comes in 20 mins in the movie which is the only thing exciting thing to see…Not really! But soon you’ll find out that Alex’s Girlfriend Samatha is the dauther of a Captain of a Navy! (Liam Neeson) This gets as you far well notices that the dialogue has been poorly written. From the same producers that got you Transformers.  But I can’t why did such a poorly script you can tell that from the lines it isn’t it going well…But what you see excited is the battle between the aliens and that’s about it and ending for the movie is as terrible as well and doesn’t even cut it!!! So for that didn’t even watch it just so terrible!  That its going to end up in Sci-Fi Original a few month by now…take my word don’t ever put your money on this garage! 

Hunger Games (Movie Review)

 When I was watching this movie the theater with a friend of mine,  I notices right away that it wasn’t going to be the same with the book and I know from what you read in the book that had some side stories with the book, of course which I didn’t see in the film the whole time.  So the film basically started off in the slums and your main character is a female name Katniss the Heroine the movie.  The way see it is that it’s very book, the reason I say that is the Hunger Games the book is put to more depth then the movie.  The movie is still good but could have been better in my option that’s all.  What do like is action scenes it’s real fun to watch and intense to watch…most of the scenes will appeal allot of young teens and older adults and this film is not intended for children since it’s a violence movie for teens.  But the story comes out great doug I’m somewhat disappointed how the movie turned out.  Then again I choose the book over the movie anytime.  But as far as the acting goes its was great I can see how it was trying to follow the story from the book…I think it did good but since it watch I can’t complain much about it.  Since most of the actors are very well known like Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks that’s been many roles now, Some I know are not that well known.  But over all I can’t say it’s the best but its still good no dough.  Check it out! 

Grannies Smuggling Heavy Metal Albums

This is one of most interesting reads I read on the net,  Basically music piracy has around before the Napster scene, Pretty much music piracy has been around dated since the 70’s when boarder restrictions had strict immigration laws for Germans to crossover to west Germany expect for anyone that was 65 years or older, Back than rock radio was very big in Germany and people from the East could get the signal from West Germany So that only way that they can get is by having Grandma to to Crossover the board to get the a Heavy Metal albums for there grand kids.

As fun an adventures for the teens back then for there Grandmas to get them their favorite Heavy Metal from bands from West Germany.  Please this is a must read!

The Netflix issue, What happen to my Movies?

For some odd reason I’m seeing some of the movies that I saved in the queue is not their anymore and I been somewhat upset that I can’t get my movies in Netflix anymore!  I know that there’s movies I would to see on is Tron 1 and 2,  Since now Netflix has ended their deal with Stars but not only that! They took out 1,000 titles I know that’s going to leave some people upset and I myself am a Netflix Subscriber I’m one of the members that now planning sometime leaving Netflix.  I know from recent story that was talking to Ben the Co-Host of a show that we do week,  I know Netflix hasn’t been on a good run for sometime now.  Even the stocks the way it looks it keeps sinking and its a bad sight for my eyes to look into.

One of the shows I wanted to get into is Inu Yasha and for some reason the shows are not on Netflix anymore!  I can’t see way they have to do and I’m just guessing that it’s some partnership they already having a hard time but who know what? I  want to see my movies and show on the stream again.  For instants one of the movies that they had before was Super Size Me and I wanted to add that in my queue again…but when I typed that in the search bar it wasn’t there expect for Super High Me!  That wasn’t something I wasn’t going to be interested in watching since I’m not a weed guy I don’t care about it at all.  But now when there’s a movie that I feel I want to watch, I love to have my movie on the stream and I remember about two years ago when my subscription was only $9.99 a month and I liked when the prices didn’t changed that right was a big mistake on Netflix’s part.  The only reason I would go for both DVD’s and Streaming because one movie that would have it on DVD that stream wouldn’t have.  I remember that Mad Men I wasn’t on stream till a couple of month later.  I know some people don’t want to wait for movie to come out on the stream.  I know when I had the DVD service I remember liking it allot because it was right in the palm of your hand and you can look into the DVD extras which I find fun to watch and interesting.

Now in recent news that Netflix are soon going to take rid of the DVD service now a new company will be taking over the DVD’s service call Qwikstar. I don’t find this upsetting not for some but I a lot of people are not going to go all this trouble to switch to Qwikstar,  If this was me it’ll not happen for me at all sorry that’s big no, no right there.  How can they do this if they start out with DVD’s I’m not getting this whatsoever.  
But in compares with Blockbuster I love the blockbuster service but I only problem with it is that service is a little to much for a $12 a mo service and that’s why I didn’t stay with them that long but I do like that they a couple of options with the get the movies by mail and get an In Store Exchange.  The new releases comes 28 days before Netflix and Red box.  The sad part is that my blockbuster that was in my area closed down recently.  So for that…It’s time to start looking into some alternates other than Netflix so for that I’m soon going to close my account down.  I don’t care about there original series they started, The love for Netflix just died on me not to long ago.  I’M OUT! 

The Raid Redemption (Movie Review)

When this movie came up to me. it came to me as a big surprise since I only heard about this title for a short amount of time from a friend of mine so I went ahead and decided to see it with him.  By the time I came to the inside the theater, I was missing only 10 to 15 mins of the movie when I entered the theater.  One of the things I notice when there was a SWAT group entering an apartment building capturing the drug dealers a horrible looking place in an Indonesian Slum , In that scene it was all from the beginning but of course soon enough they get there self screwed right early on the film, Since The Raid Redemption doesn’t have much of compelling story you know your only going there for the action and the kicks.  From what I think it’s really fun to see.  The first time my friend showed me the trailer I thought it was a film set to be in Hong Kong, But it’s actually its filmed in Indonesia   Some how I hate to bring something like this but whenever I see action flicks notices that one thing that kept me thinking is that it’s just as similar to be almost just the same in every movie.  But this one no exception but this film doesn’t appear to be like any Hong Kong film.  This here does have a story and the thing about most of the time the SWAT team is trap in the apartment complex,  Already they’re ass are surrounded by these bad guys.  What they do end up is try capturing the head boss that runs the apartment.  But you know that it’ll end being nothing more of a shoot them up and pretty much shooting, left to right from almost the film. 

Even at times the action tends to chaotic and unstop!  That’s what I like about it, For the faint of heart it’s not going to be for everyone.  I know two ladies was there left 45 minutes in the film and I can tell they didn’t liked the film.  This is a Rated R flick It’s not attend to be for everyone.  But I liked it because it was exciting and packed of action of course it was full of action most of the film. *laughing*  This right here is going to be 2012’s best action flick I ever seen and most be talk about it.  Since no one has heard it…or be few other have its said that a American Remade coming sometime this year.  I know my thoughts about it is they shouldn’t go Americanize this film, this is perfect the way it is.  So far this is a classic!   I wish I could see more Asian action films like this But for some reason this film was never hyped or heard of till ltwo weeks ago for me.