The New Apps on Xbox Live

So far I’m liking what xbox live has to offer now in the market place, one of my favorite apps are HBO GO and crackle because both have tons of different videos to offer,  I like it!, its great! but when everything that you see on xbox that want to use,  Everything requires you to have GOLD! so for all you silver members….tough luck! (because recently I had to cancel my subscription to Xbox Live).   

First I want to talk about the video apps that they have,  You got plenty of options when it comes to videos.  You got HBOgo, amazon, crackle, VuDu, Manga and etc that they have it the market.  they have at least about 20 video apps in the marketplace and growing so far what I been seeing in microsoft is all about the apps that they been announcing this year and less to do with the games.  

The bigs games that been talked about are Halo 4, Gears Of War: Judgment Day and other titles.  I can see that they’ll now in focus on the apps…which now at this point microsoft is pushing everything they got for this xbox 360, its not just a gaming console anymore, its a entertainment system or PC if can call it a computer now?  The next thing is Internet Explorer for the Xbox.  

You heard that right….Internet Explorer for xbox360, so far any of the xbox beta testers just sign up are full to this point to even to sign up.  (whenever microsoft do attends to release it I’m sure I’ll on of the first people to try IE).

Departing Flowers…What’s Next?

Last week was my last week working with Flowers Bakery, a bread store I was working with for about 7 months…its was a pretty good length of time working over there unlike one of my other jobs I was working for it was only temporary.for 6 months through the holiday season.  Sucks to see that I had to let go of this job and of course I had if I was going for a stable job with a good schedule that I was going to need to get my feet back to completing my GED.  I was working three days of the week and getting paid for a job that was decent but not what I was expecting but still I had to do that was best and for my own good.  Even dough I was going to try out to see about working in two jobs,  but unfortunately it was something that manager from the Italian restuarant couldn’t let me do that so I had no choice to quit Flowers even if the pay was a little better….still I had to ride across town to deposit money to a bank they wanted me drop up to and I couldn’t afford to keep doing that since I don’t drive, from what I was getting paid every week ( $100+ something) I had to do that since it was going to be permanent part time.   So far I can’t complain I like what I was doing but still I know the responsibilities that was there, I had another that why I had to go but that’s something I can’t say.  
What’s next for me?…
 For moment I’m working at an Italian Restaurant I’m doing part and saving up for a Radio Productions that I’m doing with a long time friend of mine, that’s going to be two thru three weeks from now and somehow we’re trying to schedule a date that we can start broadcasting, the only is his work schedule we are trying to get a open date plus we are going to need audio and video equipment to run it and so far its not easy.  since we both are working part time and working dam hard to put money on it with everything we can.  Plus on that note aside I’m running a Indie Game Company, I’m the one that’s producing the script for the game,  I have the vision for the game, But trying to clear things out what the game designer wants in it. 
So yea my hands are full here.  So it’ll be fun to see how things go at this point.  More will be updated soon than you think.