I was watching this movie with a friend of mine and this time.  I thought it was preformed well and I find the movie to be disturbingly depressing with what the character Denzel Washington that played the main character in the movie…but gosh! it was still good, I bet it was a tough role Denzel to do.  The material is really strong for some viewers, which in this hand I know contents a lot of alcohol use.  In the beginning of the movie it starts out with Whip, Denzels character waking from bed and getting ready and while he snoots cocaine inside of his hotel. Mostly after the crash, you find that soon after that that he is put into the hospital after the crash then moments later, Whip wakes up and sees an airliner and the Feds asking how and what happens to him.

This film however has its moments has its moment however later in the lawyers happens to find alcohol in the plane, beginning of the movie pretty much tells you what the character is a alcoholic, it scares me the fact that how Denzel’s character how he’s goes overboard on his drinking which is affecting everyone close to.

But without dough it’s been well done with the director that has done Forrest Gump. I like the I do recommend it but since it is a rated R movie, it not going to be for the faint of heart. 

Saving for a Car and Bills to Pay.

It so happens that ran thru a couple of problems about since the beginning of the month and also I plan to start driving till next year of spring its so because I can get off the bike and make thing easier for me to go place by place instead of wearing my feet across town, its great exercise but I want to process in life and move on with life instead of depending on someone else to take me to this and that place.  With the $5.15 dollar job I have in a Italian Restaurant is not! cutting out! not one bit!  That’s why I need the support from you guys there if you can. donate and pass this along to friends to see if they can help, the blog I’m keeping it active but its still not enough. —> Saving for a Car and pay bills
Neo/Luke Lahens

Announcing The Legends and the Thief Debut

Here’s a project that I been working on for about a year that’s been heavily on my shoulders and I want to announce the debut The Legends and the Thief.  Its a game that’s a story driven with 2D elements for fans of old school and players that looking foreword to playing 2D style games and it’s going to be enjoyable for any players in general that like this sort of style of games.  The only reason its been taken me so long to announce anything because of my busy schedules around me plus I didn’t wanted any word when its was OK. Today I had the game copyrighted and paid my $35.00 dollars I’ll be able to bring the word around the net.  
So for my readers! go follow up on my fan page on facebook at konseption Unlimited
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Funding Raising: helping a friend rough times

This is my one friends I known for a long time ever since middle school, the future has come to worst and desperately needs cash for bills and school, mostly for bills. Its not easy looking for jobs nowadays that how it was back when it was easy to look for one.  Since Christmas it’s coming in a few days make sure that you put down as little as 5 dollars that can get through for him and his family make sure that you hit the link that here to donate—>  Crowdfunding

It’ll be one Christmas miracle that it’ll be put down for a struggling family what there going thru. He’s a very smart guy and knows computers.  He had that passion we were middle and somehow must have discover that passion for electronics and soon he plans to go back to school but I can’t do it alone he’ll need people like you help out everything that he needs to keep a roof on top of his head, If you’re reading that now and plan to donate then I know your doing the right thing this holiday season. 


Blogger app outlooking into problems

I had my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play for now six months,  and I love the phone so far and I know it’s just a year out of date, I don’t have any problems with the phone and I know it doesn’t support 4G.  The problem is not the phone is itself the problem is the blogger from Google, I like the idea that you can blog on the go.  But somehow don’t like how I can’t put my pictures on where I wanted it to be. it stinks because I excited to be good on the phone,  now I just don’t like it.  I would like to see more features on the application for Blogger. But I do like to take on blogging here in Blogger,  It needs allot of work and I like see font customizing adjusting text and adding links and so on. This is my only blogging app that I used and it’s OK for me.  I’m not a big fan of it and something needs to be done with the app. (I hope google is listening!) :). It’s nothing like the desktop and who’s to complain…only to google I am.  hahaha.  But I’ll be open use different blog applications then just this.  I haven’t used WordPress that much and I know with WordPress there’s a lot of customizing that you can do in your blog.  Which you have the power to add plus ins and cool neat things to it. 

This is it on Nerdcore Lifestyle!  I’ll be back till next time in the near future! :D.  Take care.