I was watching this movie with a friend of mine and this time.  I thought it was preformed well and I find the movie to be disturbingly depressing with what the character Denzel Washington that played the main character in the movie…but gosh! it was still good, I bet it was a tough role Denzel to do.  The material is really strong for some viewers, which in this hand I know contents a lot of alcohol use.  In the beginning of the movie it starts out with Whip, Denzels character waking from bed and getting ready and while he snoots cocaine inside of his hotel. Mostly after the crash, you find that soon after that that he is put into the hospital after the crash then moments later, Whip wakes up and sees an airliner and the Feds asking how and what happens to him.

This film however has its moments has its moment however later in the lawyers happens to find alcohol in the plane, beginning of the movie pretty much tells you what the character is a alcoholic, it scares me the fact that how Denzel’s character how he’s goes overboard on his drinking which is affecting everyone close to.

But without dough it’s been well done with the director that has done Forrest Gump. I like the I do recommend it but since it is a rated R movie, it not going to be for the faint of heart. 

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