Queensryche, Redemption.

This became a surprise how the new track actually turn out starting to love Redemtion a lot!  I been a fan of Queensryche since American Solider album, but I happen to like the classic albums, The Queensryche EP, The Warning, Rage for Order, Operation: Mindcrime and Empires.  This is preview somehow I’m starting to like the new song….I’m sadly I don’t have sirus/XM, that’s going to be listening to the full song, Redemption on channel 38 and 39. well even dough I can’t listen to it but it’s like whatever I can still wait June comes in a few months.



The Legends and the Thief continuing campaign

Hi Guys!, 
I wanna bring up for my readers that’s been following up on my blog and so you I barely could sit down and type up a blog if I wanted to I would but I been busy for the last two months getting   For some of you know that I been working on catching up on the art on the game and plus the campaign is still running, we have 45 days lefts till its over.  The real update is that we have been getting backers for the campaign that have contributed, I thank you for dose who have, but most that haven’t heard about it.
Here it is.