Heroes Of Ruins Review.

I had to play the game a little while longer in order for me to review the clearly enough.  So far I think the game its self is good but not the best.  But I will tell you it has its similarities to the PC game Diablo and looks bery PC style in a handheld….which in that case I find it fun, though each level that you progress and can be entertaining and the same time its easily repetitive for you any hardcore Diablo fan can easily scroll thru the game within no time in less then two weeks for the average user.  The online community in H.O.R is fun and mostly the player you’ll encounter are European, the first few time when I was playing with people online I was playing with a British Boy,…which I could probably say that he was in his teens from the sound of his voice.  whenever I play online its allot of fun to be in, the player limit is 4 players.  So far I connected my account thru the official website www.heroesofruins.com,  The community is pretty massive (The number of check on the website is about 30,000+ players there).  I do recommend the game whatsoever if you’re into strategy and Role Playing, then this is for you!     

Top 5 anticipated 3DS games in 2012 and Why I’m I excited

Here I’m going to top 5 games for the 3DS, which I’m most excited about because it’s coming around the corner and some that are coming this year! YEA!!! now I’m going to start the list with number 5!
Number 5 on my list is Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Enter I remember playing it for the Playstation 2 when it came out back in 2005 it was a fun release and I liked it allot!  I don’t mind playing it the second time…If this game has multiplayer options which I love for it to have to play with other player around the globe.
Number 4 on the list is Heroes of Ruin a action RPG that’s taking similar with a Balder Gate’s feel and turning it  into a new step in any RPG that’s out in the market, this game whoever is getting published by Square-Enix and been developed by N-Space which I haven’t heard about.  I have to say it looks really good the way I watching the trailer. 
Number 3 is Luigi’s Mansion 2, This game I loved so much when it came out for the Gamecube in 2001, now 11 years later a new Luigi Mansion game is coming this time to the 3DS.  If there’s a ghost in your house, who do you call?…Luigi!.
Number 2 is one game that I’m by far excited because i’m a huge Fire Emblem fan I hope this title starts rolling in the states sometime this year, I check on the Gameplay footage and pictures on the net, for this title I know it’s going to have a new look to it, I know it’s like Path Of Radiance and Radiant Down,  But I don’t mind trying this out but still it’s different because of the look of the graphics and it’s on 3D but I don’t mind trying it at all.  This title is Fire Emblem: Awaking.  
Number 1…Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distances,  I been a fan of nintendo since I was a kid,  when I heard about this title for the PS2,  I remember it had Disney and Square characters in it.  That’s when I decided to  switch on a PS2 to play it I was a fan since the first game…But god it was tough but I played it through no dough lol I started from KH1, Chains Of Memories, KH2, and 358/2 Days, Birth Of Sleep and now this title! woot! hahaha.  I can’t wait title it coming to the 3DS. 
If you have a list that you want to share and see if you can come up with a better one than mnes I would like see your comments below? 

The Future OF Electronics

From now and then, what comes in mind is that there’s allot to be coming later in the horizons I do imagine that there’s going to be allot 3G technology used in many devices that coming in the near future,  But I know that if Mobile/Smartphones has the 3G/4G technology running in so many phone devices I know they’ll do the same with cameras, laptops, Portable going like psp/3DS.  Then again the psvita has 3G in it already in it, (But I don’t know if many is going to buy it for it’s price point).  I know that nintendo is going to think about putting 3G enable in most of the 3DS sooner then you think.  It’s obvious that Sony getting money for anyone that’s using 3G and Att.  I think allot of people are going to stick to Wi/Fi, the one reason is the Price Tag than the features there going to be after.  I know that the PSVITA is coming really soon around sometime the end of the  month, But since I don’t have the money for it, I don’t think I’m going to rush out to pre-ordering right into gamestop to do that…Hell no!  Since I’ve been using my 3DS allot for many months now since the release I don’t know I need to, I’m happy with the things I have anyway, I’m an Ambassador with Nintendo Since I can get as many free Classic Games.  So far  I have at least…23 titles and haven’t been playing most of most them, I been playing 7 out of the 23 titles in the 3DS I been using, sometime I barely can touch the games  I playing since I don’t have the time to go through most of them lol. (Laughing).  At the moment I’m thinking of waiting down the road for let’s say…December for the Christmas Season to arrive to get a PSVITA.  I did do believe one thing is that I know computer are going to be more user friendly and more features will be added too.  I will have to say this for both portable device and desktop users.  I know allot of people will be traveling back and fore, I see that their going to need laptop or tablet for some sort entertainment to enjoy themselves while they’re out in Car, Planes and Trains traveling, both  planes and trains are now capable with Wi/Fi that I can see that with Cars since kids are going to be using laptops, Tablets or Gaming devices around with during their free I can imagine (laughing).  I expect cameras/camcorders to be a fundamental in this digital age since You got Youtube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion to be a big thing for uploading and sharing with friends the videos that you like, Cameras are still selling, it’s going be around in the market for along time I like the quality on camera better than the smartphones because some of them look like crap now, I know there getting better with the quality,  but I like the cameras better, because I think it’s time they start doing 3G/4G in it.  If they do it, I’d be happy, the amount of people that are blogger are writers and Vlogers on Youtube.  Everything I hear about how technology is evolving every day is now happening from what I believe.  I predict that’s what’s going to happen soon.    

Nintendo 3DS 3.0.0 update Inside Thoughts (Future 3DS Titles)

As everyone know that owns 3DS knows that the 3DS update came fews weeks which only fixes minor bugs but with the update it came with the nintendo zone app and a video feature for some that are interested in video recording.  Since it only came out around March of 2011 and I know not allot of games came out for the year of 2011.  But this year there’s a couple I’m excited about and I’m want to get my hands on Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the 3DS, Kid Icarus and Metal Gear Solid 3DS Snake Eater.  I might be missing a couple of titles,  I glad say…I’M SO GLAD THAT BOUGHT IT SINCE RELEASE!!!, I don’t know I don’t never buy a product that it comes out, but ever since the 3DS came I figure it was time for a new nintendo device and I was right! one of the best purchase done since last year.  I became ambassador now I can get free nes and GBA games. one of my favorites has to be Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, it was a Game Boy that came out since the mid 2000’s in the states,  I know Fire Emblem, they’ll think that I might be crazy It has to be on of my favorites included the first Fire Emblem and Shadow Dragon for the DS.  So far the top game for that I’m currently playing now is of course, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.  I love it allot!, that’s the only game I’m playing but because GBA games became available ambassadors I been playing allot of Dead Or Alive for the 3DS Since then that was the only title I played.

( Just to mention that I’m a DOA fan. Since the second for the PS2, DOA HARDCORE) I can’t wait for the new game come up this year, DOA 5 from tecmo. But I do want to play The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Star Fox and Mario Kart 7, a game that I was playing over at a friends house that I wanted to try out and I hope I can get it this year.

That pretty much it, I hope nintendo can get around working on improving the camera/video so I can send and share videos to my friends,  But I don’t know if that’s going to happen.  But lets just see.

For any Zelda fans thats read this and your going to love it!  there’s going to be a Zelda Symphony touring this year.  For anyone that’s living in the US and that’s planning on going…well this is for you.
Here’s the schedule for the US TOUR http://www.zelda-symphony.com/schedule

So whatever you do! Get your tickets because I know I will!