The Raid Redemption (Movie Review)

When this movie came up to me. it came to me as a big surprise since I only heard about this title for a short amount of time from a friend of mine so I went ahead and decided to see it with him.  By the time I came to the inside the theater, I was missing only 10 to 15 mins of the movie when I entered the theater.  One of the things I notice when there was a SWAT group entering an apartment building capturing the drug dealers a horrible looking place in an Indonesian Slum , In that scene it was all from the beginning but of course soon enough they get there self screwed right early on the film, Since The Raid Redemption doesn’t have much of compelling story you know your only going there for the action and the kicks.  From what I think it’s really fun to see.  The first time my friend showed me the trailer I thought it was a film set to be in Hong Kong, But it’s actually its filmed in Indonesia   Some how I hate to bring something like this but whenever I see action flicks notices that one thing that kept me thinking is that it’s just as similar to be almost just the same in every movie.  But this one no exception but this film doesn’t appear to be like any Hong Kong film.  This here does have a story and the thing about most of the time the SWAT team is trap in the apartment complex,  Already they’re ass are surrounded by these bad guys.  What they do end up is try capturing the head boss that runs the apartment.  But you know that it’ll end being nothing more of a shoot them up and pretty much shooting, left to right from almost the film. 

Even at times the action tends to chaotic and unstop!  That’s what I like about it, For the faint of heart it’s not going to be for everyone.  I know two ladies was there left 45 minutes in the film and I can tell they didn’t liked the film.  This is a Rated R flick It’s not attend to be for everyone.  But I liked it because it was exciting and packed of action of course it was full of action most of the film. *laughing*  This right here is going to be 2012’s best action flick I ever seen and most be talk about it.  Since no one has heard it…or be few other have its said that a American Remade coming sometime this year.  I know my thoughts about it is they shouldn’t go Americanize this film, this is perfect the way it is.  So far this is a classic!   I wish I could see more Asian action films like this But for some reason this film was never hyped or heard of till ltwo weeks ago for me.