My Impression with At&t Uverse

It’s has been a year since I had At&t Uverse, I like it, which I’ll give it thumbs up on the service and TV receiver I have in my living room which I don’t have problem about it once, expect when the cable goes out on me, It’s a rare thing to see that from Uverse at all, I know that they done almost excellent but not perfect I know, I been using cable television for a long time,  also I’ve transition from different cable provider I remember my first cable provider and that was Charter, it had good internet but there would be times that I bump into problems, then from Charter to Direct TV then from there it was Dish Network and now current I have AT&T (I use to have an old ATT router that speed can go up only to 5MPS, it was a pain in the ass, I remember that I everyone in the house I remember when my brother use it for internet for online gaming for the xbox 360, I remember that he would complain on how slow it was. back then he was playing Call Of Duty 4) and afterwords Me and mom decided to upgrade to Uverse.  Since now for about almost a two years I’m still happy about the service, I do fine that recently we been paying alittle more on the bill and today about a few an hour ago I was trying to see if there was a way to put my recordings in a USB flash drive or a DVD ROM.

   I Try’d and it didn’t worked for me at all,  I know it has to be a firmware patch on it that’s not letting me do this.  I think I know the reason why it’s not letting me do this because I figure that AT&T is not giving any freedom to do this now, what I try’d to do is watch videos on the receiver but hasn’t worked for me…I figure!

It’s these companies for not letting watch our videos on cable boxes.  It’s because privacy too.  Because privacy is now the problem,  At&t doesn’t want to break any rules with RIAA that now holding them now.  I hate the groups and organizations that cause to much problems not letting us do whatever we want there in to much in power, besides we do pay for there services so why not let decide to connect our portable or mobile devices to our cable box or receivers.  On Demand services should let us give us an option to pay for our movies,  most rental movies don’t last for 24 hours or 3 three days which is nothing for some that’s now going to give people to watch over and over again.  I feel that they’re really need to change their policies and make thing less strict make it open.  My motives is that give people options not limitations.  

I’m sick of policies! Things needs to be changed.  I used to looking into hacking I would like mess around electronics again and go look into the hacking culture.