GOP’s Rollback on Title II

There’s still time to speak out FOR Net Neutrality and prevent it from being repealed on Dec 14th.

I mentioned earlier this year about my support for keeping net neutrality. And how the potential repeal of Title II, if we allow it to happen, would put us back in the stone ages.
My stance hasn’t changed at all about Title II.  I stand firmly behind what I said about it earlier this year.  I can’t stress enough about how this will negatively affect everyone that uses the Internet, if repealed.  In the most irrational of decisions possible, a full-court press toward repeal has been put into play because of Trump’s across-the-board vendetta against everything Obama.  There is a senseless dismantling war being waged  by Donald Trump of anything that the previous Obama administration had enacted.  Keep in mind, Obama himself never placed Title II into law. It was under the directives of former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler that the Title II initiative gained traction to be what it is.
Trump says “Net Neutrality is a big scam for government regulation of the Internet!”  The reality is that Trump himself doesn’t know what’s behind Title II and the protections that it provides for consumers to shield them from ISP’s fuckery. That’s my problem with Trump’s new FCC pick, Ajit Pai. Mr. Pai  announced that he wants to get rid of net neutrality for good.  I’ve been following this issue closely since 2014 and know many are in strong agreement with me to preserve and protect Title II the way it is.
There have been documented instances where shady ISP’s have implemented self-serving practices like throttling internet speeds.  I’ve mentioned throttling before, and I plan to write more about this in my next blog.  It’s important to have some background on Title II and why repeal of it is so catastrophic to free and creative internet use in the future. It’s so important to stand up against repeal of Title II and keep it intact.
I know some out there are Pro-Net Neutrality and some are Anti-Net Neutrality. I feel that the benefits of Pro-NN far outweigh those of the Anti-NN camp.  Title II addresses ISPs as public utilities, and it serves to protect consumers from those ISPs with bad practices such as traffic privatization, as has happened in the past.  For the Anti-NN folks, I  encourage you to look up why we have Title II. Although those against net neutrality argue that as things stand, consumers are disadvantaged and that the status quo is burdensome for the free market of ideas, I think the opposite is true. To repeal Title II would have a profoundly negative impact on consumers and greatly scale down a free market internet in which ideas can flourish.
Ideas have flourished quite well under the current umbrella of net neutrality to date. Let’s do our part to resist constraints to the freedoms we currently enjoy. The threat to repeal Title II is imminent, but your voice against repeal is more important now than ever before.
Please join me in support of Net Neutrality.
Here’s a super quick and effective way to support net neutrality!!
1. On a computer, (not your phone!), go to:
2. Enter (under “Proceeding”) the numbers 17-108.
3. In comments, say you support Title 2 oversight of ISPs. Also say that you support net neutrality.
*Fill in the form carefully; they’ve made it less friendly and impossible to fill in by phone, on purpose. I.e Make sure you hit enter after entering your name.

Back to the Captain’s Log

A week ago I got around into recovering my domain back up again after a long struggle trying to get in content with my hosting provider and finally it is back up again.  Pretty much I’ll be using Captain’s Log for the most of part.

I will add on here is.  I will be writing Nerdcore here and there but I’ll be making time to get into the creative process again but I’ll know I have a few good ideas but I won’t be able to bring it up onto this post as of yet.  Be sure to subscribe onto Captain’s Log for new and future post.

Return of Nerdcore Lifestyle!

Hello Readers!,

I am back!  Two later and I never think of a day like this I’ll be back blogging! Holy Shit!
I have many reasons for me to come back for that I’ll explain and something came up today and I was like…well,  I can still use Nerdcore Lifestyle to continue writing every day anime, comics and everything nerdy I like to talk about.  The other hand when I looked into my personal blog and trying to figure out what I’ll be writing about?? I said to myself yesterday about it and I knew what I was going to write about but I couldn’t get the words on paper….with my wordpress blog I’d be using it write a lot of personal and technology related things that goes on around the world and that’s the main reason I did it.
But that wasn’t the only reason I did made the Captain’s Blog its so I can have a professional website under my full name for job purposes and add my resume for any employer to look me up and hiring for future employment.  SInce I’ll know I’ll be very busy working on my professional website this month I know I’ll like to keep Google’s service Blogger.  Since I know it’ll be great to continue add my commentary and my voice onto the Anime and Mange community since I do enjoy Japanese Anime/Manga I figure it be better not to post Japanese or Nerdy post that’s on my Main site.  I know I’ll be using it again since now I found when I was scrolling on adsense and I was like….”crap I didn’t know I still have Blogger! I didn’t deleted the blogger account at all!”  I said….”hell keep it!” That’s what I am doing.  
Its been forever OMG!  
Lastly I like to add that since I am coming back into Nerdcore Lifestyle.  I’ll be busy doing Captain’s Blog also on a Biking Blog that me and a friend work on since it is the summer I’ll be doing other post over that as well
Links below if anyone wants to visit side work I blog on..
I’ll be working again on my YouTube channel over the summer.  Thankfully I had friend that worked on my background cover my channel for neongrey101. 

My move with wordpress…two years later.

2 years ago.  I did said over on my last blog that I was going to make the transition over Joomla,  Well that never happened but instead of going over to WordPress instead because I wanted to try wordpress and that’s what I did so I can leave blogger for good and try something else.  originality I wanted to build my website fully coded over HTML and CSS from scratch and said that I’m not going to have anytime to build the website so what I decided to do is buy a domain and install wordpress from there.  I’ll try Joomla later in the future if wordpress doesn’t work for me at all.

For now on I’ll be posting my blogs over at–> brand new official website for everyone to add to your RSS feeder.  Most of the new blog entries will be posted on my official twitter accouter: @lucasnj
That’s were you can now mostly follow me and most of my work from there.  Hope all of you enjoy my new blog stay tune for more to come.  -> New first blog entry –>
-Neon Grey

Moving to Joomla

I’m going to be making my move to Joomla in a few days and because of GoDaddy I was tried having to pay monthly for a service that I was going to be using and plus with my schedule there was NO WAY! just NO way! was going to be putting down another $5.99 to their service next month,  which I was only putting little use out of and admit that I wasn’t using the wordpress service that much to be quite honest and I was putting down money for a service I was using for little more than 3mons.  Goah!


I liked wordpress for the features that it offered via the tools on GoDaddy,  but since I wasn’t working on my website that much thur their.  In a since I wasn’t much of a professional web designers but since it was recommend to me by my boss in an intern-ship position I was at (but I told that I needed more experience in web design experience to even to work for his company but been told later on once I’m ready I’ll always get back to him).  I have experience in web coding on HTML and CSS.  but only thing is that I haven’t done anything with the domain much just to put down image and HTML code that I was work down 3 months ago.  I found out there just a lot of updating on wordpress.  For me I didn’t think it was easy get around with wordpress tools,  later I’ll just have to look down into the software when I have more time,  in reality people…I don’t even have time to look into software playing around with software as much as I use to before.  For me if I had to fine the time to play around with the wordpress software tools again, then I will.  As a first time user with the wordpress software tools I didn’t think it was easy. but I’ll sure give it a second time around.
Joomla is a good move that I feel that’ll do me well in the future and it’ll be something that’ll be something for me to post more of my creative thoughts together on it.  my link is and it’s up and running online now.
Thanks to my friend Ben, He was able to safe the domain name that he was transfer it to Joomla My biggest credit to him!  His official blog is up as well. (  make sure to share the love and support on his blog.  Thanks for your gifted web skills, I hope I as well to keep up with your level that you’d earned and learned techniques so I can keep up with your level of skill. 🙂

2 T-Shirt Available!

Seen I have been activity been listing items to my store,  Just moments ago I just added for 2 Shirts for E-Bay store,  Adventure Time T-Shirt and a Family Guy T-Shirt available for auction now.  Make sure to check up with my store for new updates up to date items I’ll be posting up. 

Also for my international readers I’m now to be doing international shipping now anyone that’s buying out of from states. 

E-Bay Morning Post

For all my readers, 

 I’m going to be doing a lot of item posting thru out the whole  Eastern Daylight Time morning so watch out for more posting thru out the morning! Since I’m conducting my to business right off Ebay so I figure I can do something productive done and start somewhere.  I sell anything from CD’s, DVD’s, games, figures, manga, anime and much more listing if you want go right ahead to check into my listings,  I’ll be posting scheduling it pacific time, PST to be easier on the west coasters out there.  I’ll be up through out the Eastern time. 
Listing are now available!!!

Duo Pal Shop Ebay Business

Wow! I can’t believe that June is already here.  My God I can’t believe that time is flying in a blink of an eye.  I can’t say its bad or anything I wanted it to go a bit slower. 🙂 Overall I been very, very busy on website and school that I haven’t been able to write up anything on my blogs, I’m been very dedicated in finishing the material in the books that I was able to write anything from the month of May, but I’m glad that I’m taking to sometime now write before I can do anything.  
Lately, I’ve been doing ebay to earn a little bit of revenue so I figure since I have a lot of crap going on in my house I might as well sell instead of just giving it away to someone.  So far I been doing well.  Selling my things there,  I know there’s a lot of people that likes to buy a lot of things there.  I notice that it takes time for anyone to really find you on ebay,  If only it was easier to anyone to look you up and buy from you.So far I’m not really complaining its going somewhere since its helping me out to pay my bills.  But doesn’t mean that this business going to be long term since its not.  My main focus is website design and game creating that will get me somewhere and which I’ll happy about it.  So anyone that’s interested enough to purchase my comic books, Novels and old houseware product can go to my profile to check it out.
(One heads up is that I haven’t added detail some of the products that I posted up lol,  I’ll be sure to edit it out sometime today!) 😀