Two Day Vacation: Miami

I just came back yesterday from Florida, now I’m here in Georgia with family again. With in an I’m going to be heading to work second day in training, I was going to start Tuesday, but what happen is that I was in Florida Monday I knew that I wasn’t going to make the Monday evenings flight. So what happen is that I had to make an excuse to my boss telling that there was an emergency in the family so the boss of mine was OK with it, so it was good that everything went well in my part, The purpose for this trip was to go see Christopher Paolini, the Author behind  Inheritance Series.

But I miss it because it was on a Sunday and I wanted to go see him, but the only problem is that I wasn’t packed for Sunday to fly to down to see him ( Oh well, maybe next time once he starts writing another book). But as of now I’m going to start getting ready to work that’s going to start in a few minutes, Once I come back for work on going to start reviewing Bakuman and Psyren a manga that I just bought this week, it’s been around in 2007 in Japan but I really enjoyed it so far I can’t wait till the Second Volume to come out next year I have to start following it in Shonen Jump again I really like that things there coming up again.  ( Psyren review is coming really soon ) I’m going to posting it up at the Otakuplex Blog.  Where I have all the news coming from Japan, The post will be coming really soon…I promise!