Departing Flowers…What’s Next?

Last week was my last week working with Flowers Bakery, a bread store I was working with for about 7 months…its was a pretty good length of time working over there unlike one of my other jobs I was working for it was only temporary.for 6 months through the holiday season.  Sucks to see that I had to let go of this job and of course I had if I was going for a stable job with a good schedule that I was going to need to get my feet back to completing my GED.  I was working three days of the week and getting paid for a job that was decent but not what I was expecting but still I had to do that was best and for my own good.  Even dough I was going to try out to see about working in two jobs,  but unfortunately it was something that manager from the Italian restuarant couldn’t let me do that so I had no choice to quit Flowers even if the pay was a little better….still I had to ride across town to deposit money to a bank they wanted me drop up to and I couldn’t afford to keep doing that since I don’t drive, from what I was getting paid every week ( $100+ something) I had to do that since it was going to be permanent part time.   So far I can’t complain I like what I was doing but still I know the responsibilities that was there, I had another that why I had to go but that’s something I can’t say.  
What’s next for me?…
 For moment I’m working at an Italian Restaurant I’m doing part and saving up for a Radio Productions that I’m doing with a long time friend of mine, that’s going to be two thru three weeks from now and somehow we’re trying to schedule a date that we can start broadcasting, the only is his work schedule we are trying to get a open date plus we are going to need audio and video equipment to run it and so far its not easy.  since we both are working part time and working dam hard to put money on it with everything we can.  Plus on that note aside I’m running a Indie Game Company, I’m the one that’s producing the script for the game,  I have the vision for the game, But trying to clear things out what the game designer wants in it. 
So yea my hands are full here.  So it’ll be fun to see how things go at this point.  More will be updated soon than you think. 

One Month Later, Flowers

Well its been now a month since now I been working over at this bread store call Flowers Bakery so far it’s doing me well, the work place has been trying me great I like the co-workers there. I’m happy that I’m working  for the doe and so I can save it for future expensives that I need importantly for instants I need a new laptop and I’m working up but I want a powerful machine that can last me for a while unlike other laptops in the past I like to have something that’s shockproof, that has Blu-Ray drive, A good hard drive disk with plenty of space to add my document and it has be gaming laptop with a good graphics card with a Ram that runs the speed of light, (Laughs) But that’s one of the main things I’m going to get and a drawing tablet as well. The job has been great I love it so far without complain.  I know its been a month I know that I’m still in my training phase and I do got a lot to learn still and can be tiring since you are on your feet all day for a clerk.  Most of the time you are surround by bread and pastries the place smells like bread when you enter the place smells like…Bread. 🙂

I love the job even dough it the pastries can get me all day,  but at least there’s days that are great for me, but days I’ll feel like shit due to the work I get while up the customers up on the cashier…but most of the time…it’s not so bad,  enjoy it a lot plus its not stressful it very chilled when the store is about to die out when no one around the store.

Today, I went to the Manga Club before going to work, since its been months… actually a couple of  weeks since my last visit to the club, it was cool they had manga discussion that was going on there and surprising! Today I went to see an old friend that haven’t seen a long time since sylvan tutoring classes.  It was awesome to see someone that haven’t seen that long, we talked for awhile in the manga club, talking about life and how things been going on with each other.  I was only there for an hour and I couldn’t hang out for a long time, because work was starting in 15 mins for me and I couldn’t be late, so that’s why I needed to go, but at least we’ll be in touch.  After words I’m riding to work on my bike fast!  and I was beginning to be tried and I was out of focus for whole hour while I was there…dam I made the trip and that’s all that mattered.  
So today I was working my full five hour shift and I rode back home tried and now by ending this blog…I’m going to watch a TV show and call it a night. So I can rest my fingers.  I cant typee….aaaah.  now Im srcew my writing up….Fin….ah my fingers.  

Life Rising In the Peaks Of A New Job….Working and Excited To Move On With Life.

Its good to say that I’m happy where I’m working right now,  I’m glad that I’ll be working and saving up money that I’ll be needing later in the future since I will be going to college for game design and I might purse music in the future.  I go on by say that the job of mine has been treating me, well even from the beginning its been easy for me and the job itself is fairly easy to work.  I’m a clerk at a Thrift Store that’s under 3 miles from my house that I bike ride to three days a week, pretty much I work in the cashier about 80% of the time while I stock bread and pastries 20% of the time.  I can’t revile the name of the store due the company politics I can’t revile anything otherwise they think I’ll typing my problem but in truth I won’t even do that.  Since I know my last job was a ghetto to the very beginning at Wendy’s which I won’t even to talk about or think about it anymore since its all in the past to left alone,  Even working in the Thrift Store I been getting real experience all about working in a bread store and were the bread comes from.  Being the cashier is really easy but now for three weeks in training its a challenge since you do have to count money and give change back to the customers so far it’s been great and after work I’m buying bread and pastries for home since I know the three of us, I, Mom and my Brother likes the pastries that I bring home from work.  (Since I know I been bringing to many pastries home I know I’ll have to cut the sugar soon since that contains a lot of sugar and I know I might not even need it hahaha)

Today, It’s Friday I been laying down and resting for a bit and it’s late and I was up for a live stream for Video Games Live and I was in chat Twitch.Tv Tommy Tallarico responded couple of my answers and one of my answer is when will we be seening VGL live pretty much he said that it’s going coming in Sept or November which one it’ll be up,  I hope that’s right,  it’ll be a long wait but worth it no matter.