Author Collaborate

Looks like I might have some room to collaborate with more and new creative later on in the months ahead. But I want to  make sure that I don’t fill everything in my plate, before I finish the main course which is to finish the meal, witch means I have to dedicated to a company I’m working on 80% of the times,  As much as I like writing I like gaming too.  It’s hard to multitask in many projects I wanted to do…But I have to stick into one project at a time if I want to be Multi Talented. That’s going to be my next plan since I want to write stories.  Now I’m going have to get ready for an interview at Laz-boy Furniture around 11am So I can get a full time working my way to the top and so I can save up for things I need and want for that…I have to get a move on!!! What the heck I’m I wait for…START BLOGGING! (laughing)