Rush Clockwork Angels Tour 2012

Nov 1, 2012

Alpharetta GA

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park 

Clockwork Angels Tour is my second time seeing Rush play, last year was the Time Machine Tour playing most of the older songs and played the entirely of Moving Pictures start to finish.  This year was great!  I was so stoked that they play songs from their albums Grace Under Pressure, Signals and Power Windows and played most of their older songs too. The part I liked about the tour is the new songs they played from Clockworks Angels album.  Songs like Caravan, Anarchist, Wish Them Well, Headlong Flight and The Garden.  I thought the songs that Rush played were amazing which features backing musicians playing the violin and cello, (The guy that was playing on stage with the cello was enjoying himself out on stage headbanging) lol.  I love the songs that was playing for the support of the new album…I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play BU2B on Clockangels which would have been great because last years Time Machine Tour they played BU2B…So far there not much I can’t complain I had a lot of fun with my brother to of my good of my good friends I know.  I love it the second time around but it woudn’t be my last seeing Rush. 

Dream Theater in Atlanta, GA

Wednesday Night I when to see Dream Theater and with guest band starring Trivium, I have to say there are one of the loudest band I’ve listened to, they have some songs that I like but all and all there OK, but I was there to see Dream Theater.  After Trivium finished a few minutes later Dream Theater started playing one of my favorite songs that I love from them Bridges in the Sky. The most part I love is the intro in the very beginning of the song,  but a cool fact is that this song is played by using samples that was coming from the keyboardist Jordan Rudress.  The song started out with Tibial Monk hymns somehow I’m thinking “What is that sound coming from?” I don’t know if it was coming from the vocals or the keyboards but its coming out from samples that Jordan used for the intro that find different.  But Thur out the show they played most of their new songs in that tour and some of the old song there like Ytse Jam and Forsaken.  What I like is the drum solo from the new drummer Mike Mangini, he was great blown my mind with his playing style with four bass drums and three snares I was like that’s unbelievable. I know there’s no comparison I love both drummers Mike Portney and Mangini but I know the fans just accept the fact that Portney won’t be returning anytime soon, but god Mike mangini is just incredible!!!   I know everyone was there in tabernacle, Jame LaBrie still has an amazing voice and of course can’t forget John Myung and John Petrucci are great and still rocking out today!  If you can make sure to see them some time later through out the year ahead or later tour date and if your Progressive Metal fan this band is for you to have good rocking time.  :))