MiO Energy Review

I try’d out the Mio since yesterday just to try it out, when I try’d it, it was so horrible that I’m never to pick up a sweet energy drinks again that taste like piss. (laughs).  Its true that it does taste like piss, sometimes I don’t believe in energy drinks it’s a terrible invention that’s doesn’t do any good for your body.  It’s only a money making scheme that Kraft is grabbing from the consumer, 10-15 minutes after I drank it, felt wired and alive for a good while.  When I was reading the website its said that it is FDA approved and make sure to check up on your doctor before drinking it.  But again I drank’d it anyway and didn’t care to do.  I don’t recommend it at all,  if you want to try it,  you can go ahead by all means to check it out your own to how it feels for you.