TLATT Final Campaign Week, Development in Hell

It sucks I haven’t made any updates to the blog about the games process and so far it hasn’t gone well, I have to admit that I haven’t had a smooth run for us.  I have to say I was good I got responses from people but I think I know the reason why I not getting the funds why is one we ask to much, before I posted the campaign. I had in mind was 5,000 dollars.  When when released the reason I had 18,000 was to cover the cost of the equipment that we need plus need to use it like a scanner, printer, a new computer that we need to get to finish the game and collaborate all at once.  I’m going to admit it, its a lot of money…I know its a lot because I need the money for travel expensive to go to conventions let everyone know what the game is about, even if I told anyone about the game on the internet it’ll take long for people to discover us.  But somehow its not getting thur to anyone because the pitch really isn’t that strong to laid out one dollar for us…that’s exactly the truth here.  I been told on why don’t you have a trailer for the game? “I told others we had our mind in the development of the game and we didn’t have the time get a trailer done.” I had to say something to them.  I had time to learn to make a sprite done in that one month I had but somehow one of the artist took the effort because I been told from him, “it’ll take longer to learn a sprite, let bring someone to do it for us”, I’m thinking, “No!”

To be Blunt! one of artist is a piece of shit for not meeting up together to one an effort creating on one SPRITE! I know everybody has a schedule but he can’t be open and frank about why he has a hard time with meeting up in person and every time I plan on something he’s like forget why the hell do I meet up in person!  Let’s collaborate on the internet and I been told that I shot the gun to soon and you should make flash games so we can have a fanbase. I’m like, no Ryan!  I would like ring his neck to know how I feel, T  I know he’s immature…sure I been told that if I kick someone like that I’ll be losing a great talented artist like him. Even if we do flash games, its not profitable for us to  do anything like that, I love flash games but that’s not what we’re about.

The way I feel is that this is a development in Hell I’m doing.  Just the Fez game that took forever in getting that released in the public and that piss everyone off that it was delayed to many times!  That how it is with game,  hopefully we’ll get everyone in the summer to work on this.  When one of the guys are out of college for the summer we’ll get our butts in gear.

Signning off!