The Netflix issue, What happen to my Movies?

For some odd reason I’m seeing some of the movies that I saved in the queue is not their anymore and I been somewhat upset that I can’t get my movies in Netflix anymore!  I know that there’s movies I would to see on is Tron 1 and 2,  Since now Netflix has ended their deal with Stars but not only that! They took out 1,000 titles I know that’s going to leave some people upset and I myself am a Netflix Subscriber I’m one of the members that now planning sometime leaving Netflix.  I know from recent story that was talking to Ben the Co-Host of a show that we do week,  I know Netflix hasn’t been on a good run for sometime now.  Even the stocks the way it looks it keeps sinking and its a bad sight for my eyes to look into.

One of the shows I wanted to get into is Inu Yasha and for some reason the shows are not on Netflix anymore!  I can’t see way they have to do and I’m just guessing that it’s some partnership they already having a hard time but who know what? I  want to see my movies and show on the stream again.  For instants one of the movies that they had before was Super Size Me and I wanted to add that in my queue again…but when I typed that in the search bar it wasn’t there expect for Super High Me!  That wasn’t something I wasn’t going to be interested in watching since I’m not a weed guy I don’t care about it at all.  But now when there’s a movie that I feel I want to watch, I love to have my movie on the stream and I remember about two years ago when my subscription was only $9.99 a month and I liked when the prices didn’t changed that right was a big mistake on Netflix’s part.  The only reason I would go for both DVD’s and Streaming because one movie that would have it on DVD that stream wouldn’t have.  I remember that Mad Men I wasn’t on stream till a couple of month later.  I know some people don’t want to wait for movie to come out on the stream.  I know when I had the DVD service I remember liking it allot because it was right in the palm of your hand and you can look into the DVD extras which I find fun to watch and interesting.

Now in recent news that Netflix are soon going to take rid of the DVD service now a new company will be taking over the DVD’s service call Qwikstar. I don’t find this upsetting not for some but I a lot of people are not going to go all this trouble to switch to Qwikstar,  If this was me it’ll not happen for me at all sorry that’s big no, no right there.  How can they do this if they start out with DVD’s I’m not getting this whatsoever.  
But in compares with Blockbuster I love the blockbuster service but I only problem with it is that service is a little to much for a $12 a mo service and that’s why I didn’t stay with them that long but I do like that they a couple of options with the get the movies by mail and get an In Store Exchange.  The new releases comes 28 days before Netflix and Red box.  The sad part is that my blockbuster that was in my area closed down recently.  So for that…It’s time to start looking into some alternates other than Netflix so for that I’m soon going to close my account down.  I don’t care about there original series they started, The love for Netflix just died on me not to long ago.  I’M OUT! 

Physical Vs Digital

Here we are in 2012, Today we got all this new advance technology that it is now going to start replacing paper. some people don’t like that everything is going digital and some of them would like to go digital because electronics saves the environment which I understand it does,  but the fact is that you got everything that’s going to be digital and nothing is going to change that, Physical copies are still going to be around for a couple of years to come but later I know that physicals copies like Books, DVD’s Music and other media that I haven’t listed  are soon going to be or are already in digital format or already on-Demand format (or streaming format on if that what you call it now and days), Things are changing rapidly and I know that because I use it all the time now since it’s something that I doing right now for my own convenience heck I’m listening to Dream Theater on Grooveshark that I can listen to it streaming on the website, but does that mean I’m pirating?  No! it simply means I listen to it without purchasing it But does that mean that I’m not supporting the artist? Of course not! I am supporting the artist!  What I like about streaming a song is that I like to listen to the whole album before purchasing it besides I don’t want to purchase an album that’s not good from them even dough the artist worked hard on making this piece of work they done.  Another way you can support your artist is go to their shows on where their going to be performing at in your city near you or a place they’re going to playing live.  Heck I’ve been to now about five rock concerts in the past, Last one I been to was last week on Friday I was seeing Styx live in Miami and before that I went to see Dream Theater last year in Atlanta and both of them are amazing to see live plus they make allot of money while touring around the world not just for Digital and Physical purchase.

some how this is what leaves physical formats a disadvantage most of the time you can’t preview a Music, Movies and Books. (Expect for video games I know demo games gives you plenty of time to give you the idea how the game is going to be played on the consoles).  

I know another disadvantage that doesn’t have on a physical copy for instinct a book! If you want to read something at night but don’t want to turn the lamp on  you’ll have to get a portable night light to read which is something that I have at home that I used allot when reading physical copy.  But with the tablet it always light up with any tablet that you use, Apple, Android, Amazon, B&N Nook or what you are using,  A tablet I can bring a good example is the Amazon Kindle,  it’s only purpose it does is e-books since it’s very popular in the  market now for readers that travel everywhere I find that it helps allot,  If you’re the kind that like fill 1,500 Thur 4,100 titles that’s up to you.  Barnes and Nobles is still going to be around for a long time the way I see it.

Like I said about Music Industry before its having a hard time right now,  but I can still music having a future if music can be everywhere, I can imagine music stores being a big demand for music down loaders and anyone that was out of there houses and hang out in the malls or to the park or what ever it is you want to go,  unfortunately allot of people see that as a dying industry, I remember a time when I was little…I think it was about 10 or 13 years ago, I remember going to a mall allot and remember seeing people coming in and out of stores buying CD’s allot and one of the stores I remember that sell music at the time was Sam’s Goody’s back when I was living in Florida, that was very big at the time in the 90s,  which I remember it was a big store back then, I remember another store call sun coast I remember it so well when it was in every mall it was cool that had allot of videos and DVD’s in store Self’s of course Media-Play had something like that was as well. 🙂  and last time I heard Fye’s bought them.  Today’s Media store aren’t as good as it was back then, due to download and privacy.  (So If you plan to a musician…well Good Luck on your success because it’s not easy as it was before).

Today, We see a change in the times,  You know it’s a different world on what we see today then back then.  It’s like history the Roman Empire rose when it was biggest empire and then fell it’s knees, that’s how I see what the industry is an all out war, The online world vs the Nationwide Media store.  Way the world is there’s a balance to everything, one wants to physical and the other wants digital and it’s hard to who’s going to overcome. other way I see is that people only want one thing and one thing alone, Truth is you can’t make people switch to digital, most aren’t going to switch over night that not going to happen like that.  When you  hear a new device…for instinct the new Ipad 3 or HD what ever you want to call it, Is a very expensive that I don’t see many that is going to pay for it in the first day of launch, not many people are going to for a tablet in the first days of launch,  then after launch then tech critics are going to see problems to the devices pointing that rear view sucks or maybe the frame rate is slow and whatsoever.  The Many of the consumers are apples fans that are willing to pay high dollar for the price.  it’s only low percent of the apple user that are going to purchasing a Ipad 3 no dough,  Not that I’m saying it’s wrong to have a device like Ipad 3, I think there a great tablet to have,  some how I rather wait till the price goes down or apple announces the next Ipad that has less problems, I do know very well when purchasing a electronic that has a e-book feature and want to get it but can’t tell if that suit you…well it’s about research one most of the time it has to be you that needs to know if your going to getting it to make life as easy as possible to rid of the clutter of having so many books in your self…I can understand why.