GBA and DS Collection Sale, Sunday One Day Sale!

It’s been recent since I sold my last Game Boy Advance games on Ebay,  So far its been great will the E-Commence Store that’s going thru my Ebay store.

Today’s Sales are,
  •  Final Fantasy 4 & 5 Advance
  • Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Dawn of Soul
  • Dragon Quest Monster-Joker

That’s about it for the moment The two GBA games are Region free so anyone can play it on any GBA system from any country out there.

Also I’ll be posting more GBA and DS including, Dragon Quest 4 Chapters of the Chosen, Dreagon Quest Sentinels of the Starry Skies, DQM-Joker2.  Many more will be posted up later today in my store.

Happy Bidding!!!!

Clutters of life, Looking in a Grim Future

The Suffocating Silence by Redemption on Grooveshark

It’s been times I wonder how the hell am I going to through life in a minimum wage that’s not getting me anywhere and I wonder the same with the others that’s going thru life in college and some thought…how the hell are does kids are handling the life in the world of unemployment of socialites.  I find how laughable that people thinks that congress is going to help them…that’s a lie! The world is going to the shiter, it even doesn’t matter.  The fact is its still a long time that we are going to see a recovery, for the moment its very grim future for moment here.  Its recovering slowly with the same shit we are hearing,  lots of people of have a hard time paying the bills and I’m having a had time doing that with two bills that’s really tight on my back with few day ahead.  I wonder…how are people doing it in does times?

I like to see the economy improving just like everybody but it doesn’t mean we are just going to wait and wait till it fix it self.  Someone has to do it and turn it around?! But I’m glad that I been working you’ll be surprise that I worked 8 jobs and worked my ass more than anyone of my friends,  I know I hear the fact there are people that willing to work and some aren’t going to help,  that’s just sad, I know often hear I’m looking for job and I’m trying and I know that’s true and I know your trying.  I’m wondering how hard are you trying in the grim state we’re living?  I figure same to myself in the moments but I try not to worry about it.  otherwise I can get anywhere with the same thought pattern of struggle and still trapped on debt. I hope that I don’t get a knock on the door one of these days from the men in black and hit of the flashing memory erasing device like you see in the movies.  

I like to see to more support on the blogs and my future projects that I’m working on currently.  I’m not asking much but I do ask to put what you can and tell anyone what I’m doing…it doesn’t take much effort to help anyone.  currently the game is still in the works.  But I’m we are finishing up the video this week and one of people of the team is finishing up the video from what I hear from does guys.  look us up at on our facebook page Konseption Unlimited

Thank you! 

P.S. for all the young ones that’s going through the same path as me, I got out of high school since 2009 and I know how it is going through hardship for most of us and there’s the few that sits in the laps luxury high in the utmost of the throne entertain with the jesters and taking life with ease sure didn’t have a inch of a clue the hell we are living.  The best thing is that live the best and think of the good and let discouragements stop the best of you.  It hurt to hear someone that say to you can’t make it…  don’t ever and never like anything hateful bury you in the dirt, The most you can do is rise back in can make it to the top. 

Rant On The Price of Gas

Enough is Enough!  I had enough with the price of gas rising in our country I don’t know about it is for anyone that’s reading outside of the US but I bet it’s just as bad as it were your living, the more I see prices comes up I’m not going to pay the price once I start driving I’m not going to do it!  I can’t believe that we’d seen this rising in our own eyes and there’s nothing that does lobbyist aren’t going to do nothing about and even the people up in Washington aren’t doing nothing and it’s been like this since Mid-2000’s and I don’t know I’m excitedly right about it.  But now I’m don’t know how on they’re not making the switch on alternative oils.  Ever since the collapse of Wall Street back 2008 and it’s been Hell and for that nothing as change from then till now, It’s 2012 and there’s not even an alternative fuel that we can’t switch to,  I’m telling you the true is that media is hiding something from public that we don’t even know that they know what’s going on,  I got something to tell you!  Gas Companies aren’t going to change,  because their a fried that if they stop gas productions and off doing something different like alternative fuel, there’s no way they’ll do that, they will lose money to risk doing something that because they’re greedy and you know that they want to spend you dry and nothing else.

In no way in hell the gas companies getting a penny out of me,  I know by watching the news recently that it’s been hurting families, businesses around the country and around the globe, soon paying a full tank of gas is going to be like 62-70 bucks from the prediction in the future, gas companies are depending countries like Saudi Arabia, look at us, we have gas in Alaska, I know it’s not going to be enough here in the U.S.   Sorry I don’t know why we are see that many energy fuel car here in the U.S.,  how it’s not possible we aren’t seeing it.  Because to me it’ll be easier for people to go to anywhere that’s working in jobs around the city to commute outside from their home in the out skirts to the place they’re trying to go.  Today I was talking to someone I know that drives,  I told her that, “there’s something that needs to changed, I know there’s no way I’m going to pay for the prices of gas, if the price of gas that are so expensive, there has to be a better way then paying  for gas.” and she said to me back that “there isn’t another way we just to pay for gas, spend our money wisely”  I sit here saying to myself thinking that this is bullshit! In fact there is another way!, there has to be a way that we don’t have to pay that much, if anyone that thought about a fuel that they can just grow in there backyards and somehow work on their own fuel then that mean anyone doesn’t needs to pay at all……or is that  idea just to crazy….I don’t know if you think if its is or not,  I been very serious about it,  If there at some way or an idea out of paying less or nothing.    It’s only an idea but imagine that we didn’t have to pay nothing for gas at all,  To me that’s an idea I’m thinking about working on and I plan on doing it!   I have a feeling that it’s going to get worse and worse.  I mean it dough.  I’m not waiting any longer for Politicians and does lobbyist to get there shit together.  they’re not doing about it! Me and you should know that it’s not change for them.  So we’re going to need to make the changes for ourselves and make it happen.  From what I read from the article below I was read how the gas prices are responsible because of the Devaluation of Dollars, unrest from the middle east and energy polities. But from what I remember I know there wasn’t much of problem, but I notice one thing that the gas start’d’ to rise since 2005 when Katrina hit New Orleans.  I know that it was a problem since you had oil rigs running there but most of the time, people was pointing out the blame to the president,  but the thing is that you can’t blame the leader because he’s not going to do much on it, For that he didn’t had much of a choice on it.  Now it’s been four years since not much been going on with President Obama is doing is very little about energy and four years now what’s the only he’s done since the past for years?? nothing much really!!!

What I find creative is that the U.K made car that can run on coffee bean lol…No lie, if they can do it so we can!  how about it? l think we can do something similar from what they did! 🙂  

 If It was you? What do you think you’ll do since the economy is going in the dumps  When was the last time you paided for gas.  If so how much!  What do you think you should do about it since we are going to through it.  That is the question?