Is having a Co-Founder is really needed…Most likely No! Here’s why.

Have you though working with a friend be a good idea…think about it…is it?  I don’t think so!

The thing about having one is that someone that if you know so well that if you do plan to start with a friend not a good idea because its going to cause problems with you two it’ll go well with you! believe me (I’m in it right now I can’t believe I have to join up with him and also I really don’t know if he’s really decided into doing this,  I have a problem with that because in order to have a partnership with a friend you two need to work hard on it  about every week of the day in order to get it done.  Since college is just in the way and we both have different goals in life and his main goal is to work with the fashion industry and I want to work in the gaming industry)
somehow he wants to get involved with the gaming industry I myself have to disagree with the decision he’s wanting to take and we only got 1/3 of the game and not enough of content is coming because some of the guys  that I work just done part of a game,  that I did one quarter to it and rest is nothing!  Because I have no characters and enemies in that’s been created yet,  I was going to go ahead and start creating character on my own because I haven’t seen characters yet from my Co-Founder and felt that it needed to be done, Once I got done with one of the character I know it felt ugly I know I got discouraged from one of the team and I don’t know how this will end for us,  the thing I know is that we haven’t seen each other for months I can’t stand to see myself waiting,  the reason it was so slow because of college and three other guys I know are in the end of finishing up high school I know that’s a reason why,  But doing their break they can least make time to do that! but they can’t becauses of family and do some crap that I need to do and this and that crap!  If you’re going to bring people in your team make sure there out of High School or College otherwise it’ll bring pressure to them, since it’ll give them a hard time just to finish with their things with homework and family matters,  Bring a person that has free time in their hands and not fooling around chasing the ladies in college.  (If you have friends in High School still want to consider working with you the best thing to tell them is wait till they get of school and then work on a project with you guys)
Since I’m the boss no one will be telling what to do?  The second thing I will tell you from my personal experience from my team is that, YOU WILL GET PRESSURED A LOT! and thats the truth they’ll put the blame on you just because you can’t everyone straight here and there and it’l not going to be your fault even if you have people around you and is slow and the company is at it’s Pre-Alpha stages of the company.  I know I remember very well that my this dude won’t even shut up on he needed the art for the game and the only material I got was landscaping,  the form of art I’m good at everytime I draw characters he gets pissed at it a lot!  now a week ago I told him for godsakes I wouldn’t do art!  Jez!.  I know he’s seventeen and smart but two things he doesn’t have is patience and maturity to be with us,  encase he doesn’t know company’s like twitter took them about 8 years to start up!  I bet it wasn’t easy for Jack Dorsey to make that happen.    But he has a lot of learning to do,  even dough my Co-Founder doesn’t agree with  me, even he says that even dough he’s young, but young people has a head up when doing it early I know that’s fine an and blah blah but even young people can slip when mistakes happen can fall into dead ends and can be easily hit when making a stupid decisions.
Lastly,  If you can’t work with team or a Co=Founder then leave its don’t try to make this a mess then it is otherwise you’ll have to end up wasting time with idiots that is not going be take time be together,  plan ahead,  meet up together,  I need to tell that fashion designer to keep designing clothes and don’t get involve into the game industry, it’s hard to see this not involving into something that’s nothing reaching to the top.  I sorry this just sad to me.  
I’m going solo on this one!  If you do find a partner make sure that he’s doing 50% behind on what he’s doing.  
That’s it !I’m out for the night! take care guys!