Back on the Net.

Long time I haven’t write a single thing about anybody…for anything for a long time and I have to say I feel very left out in the blogosphere and for that I feel bad doing that.  The recently events I been up to have been work, work and more work on my hands and somehow its just a mess now that I have little time to do whatever I doing in my situation that’s holding me in a bind that I can’t be able to do it,  so how I just wanted to let the blog go,  but really if I did that that’ll be a stupid move for me to do and something I hate to let it go.  For the thirty plus I made in this blog that’ll be a waste throw a good piece of writing out of the door.  Pretty much like I said before I have been work plus I been working on a side projects that’s has something to do with my new podcast.  Its going to be name changer for this one.  its going to be the same style for this is news video games, underground topics that I’ll be discussing with a co-host of mine and a long time friend. His name is Ben if you guys want make sure you follow up on his blog 

I’m make sure you do that, he’s pretty cool he has a passion for technology and we are going to be doing the show on his shed which isn’t a bad start to begin with honestly, since about two weeks ago he just moved in a new place nicer then the last one he’s been living for a couples that was right off the middle of nowhere. I been told that he likes it better than the last place,  you know what…I don’t blame him with his situation there with the dumb back water trashy rednecks that was treating him and his family poorly.  I’m glad he moved and I’m happy that he did it I know that he wouldn’t wanna stay in another year. So with all that I had to help him with the move that he did at least I can ride over to his place an see him often as much as I can. (But the only additional thing that I can add is that his place is going to need work so might go there unless he ask me to help him once in a while).
Now coming back to me,  just making this official that I’m going to leaving one of the jobs that I have been working for almost 7 months (Flowers Foods)  Had my time over there and it was nice while it lasted but I couldn’t keep the job due to schedule conflicts so I had to keep one or the other so I chose the Italian Restaurant that’s 5 miles away I can handle so it shouldn’t be a problem (with me) 
So far as life goes,  I’m back blogging on the net! Back as ever!