Blogging on hold…Just temporarily

For all my readers that have been reading my blog post……Thanks for reading and following up on my latest post and rants and everything that comes into mind,  I’m glad I have an audience of readers that blogs out on the web,  I know it’s not a big crowd but I love what I love to do is blogging,  I enjoy it because it helps me bring me my thoughts out and share the coolest discussions I like that interesting and fun and strange but that one of my best things on the internet is I like to do everything that comes to  me.  I know a reader that comment in my blog saying she like it.  Since then I was able to keep writing till now.  I want to let everyone know that I know I’m going to have a tough time keep up with everything that I need to do,  but the thing…I’m going to be out for awhile it’s only because I need to get my GED done soon which I been trying to do for something now,  I would hate to let that go,  plus I add in about couple of project I’m working with close friends I know that I started from the beginning it’s a video game company I started and don’t want to let that go as well just so they can get down to business I’m pretty much pressured into getting my butt working on it,  the problem is three of my guys are in high school that moment and are about to graduate in the Spring also their very inexperienced that I don’t think have them them working with me,  that said I need to decide if I want to continue going thru the deal I started from the beginning,  What I need to get done is the GED which is very important at the moment.  Somehow the video game project is allot to invest and it takes time,  which I know, the group doesn’t know including my Co-Fonder just because you know fashion doesn’t mean you know allot about the business world and it takes a long time to build a company from the ground up plus we put a video game we put little tough on the idea. ( I’m going to considering not doing it just a allot of work).

I’m have to see about dealing with myself first, sharping up my skills on the next upcoming test,  I know tomorrow school is coming tomorrow I’m have to get ready till then.  
Once I get done with everything done I’ll be working in more content for the my blog soon,  I have a lot on my hands now,  I don’t know when or what I be back but I’ll be back for sure. Till then I’ll keep you posted on what’s ahead on me, when I can.  

P.S Don’t add to much sodium on your soup! it taste God awful putting many crackers on your soup…GROSS! GRAHHH!   

Beginning Of A New Month….What’s Next for me?

I have plans to go events this month like going to Tim Burton exhibit in Los Angles.  I don’t know if that’s going to happen I want to make it happen, But I continue ask my mom that I wanted to go, But I always get a NO!, I not mad at all,  it’s going to last only once in a life time.  I hate to miss an event that I like seeing.  I’m going to see how it goes. But at the moment I’m going to be working organizing my blogs and work on my website that I’m currently working with a team of people It’s going to be collaborated with Social Networking and Gaming together…That’s how far I’m going to detail with it I’m going to be that like working on it in the middle of this month.  I do know that the games are going to take us a while to work for us.  We probably see it release the end of this year or 2012 release date around the winter of January/Feb.  But must and foremost I’m working on my GED and I’m going to be finishing it till Nov or Dec so that means I got to get my ass moving and start studying really hard for it.  (I’m going to be Tweeting less through out the month of Oct) But I do got classes durning the evening so as of now I’m going to start sleeping early on the weeks I have school, which starts now.  

But Yea, I’ll have to see about working on the blog and see how it goes for me, while studying three of the subjects I need to finish.