New Years Resolution 2012

I decided to put down my top eleven thing that I wasnt to do in 2012, things that I wanted to do this year I want to make a change and make something out of it.  Here’s my list that I wanted to do this year.

  1. Start learning how to drive a car
  2. Finish up my GED this year
  3. Save Money, Save allot of money reaching to thousand dollars on my savings account.
  4. learning coding like HTML, Java, Javascript, CSS, flash, HTML5, Dream waver and other web designs learn other computer & Programs
  5. Keep writing! Even If its my blogs, make it active! write on daily basis even it it’s a Journal, Web post or a lyric. 
  6. Take memory of photos/video for any moment of the day of 2012 bring my digital camera any where I go!
  7. Travel more!, Look into events of 2012 (like anime, manga, Book signings, gaming, Comic-cons, Fashion, Electronics and music and Video events).
  8.   Make a Coil Costume of any fiction Charters. 
  9. Learn from every piece of skill and trade set that I can gains.
  10. He bold, be excited, be excited, be courageous, making that best out of the new years plus do something I never done before! Make sure to do everything that I can and not waste time!
  11. Be Active, don’t waste a day in my life doing nothing stay focus even if it’s something little…do it! Keep Moving you’ll never know how your day will turn out!
  12. Be a Vegan.