Blogger app outlooking into problems

I had my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play for now six months,  and I love the phone so far and I know it’s just a year out of date, I don’t have any problems with the phone and I know it doesn’t support 4G.  The problem is not the phone is itself the problem is the blogger from Google, I like the idea that you can blog on the go.  But somehow don’t like how I can’t put my pictures on where I wanted it to be. it stinks because I excited to be good on the phone,  now I just don’t like it.  I would like to see more features on the application for Blogger. But I do like to take on blogging here in Blogger,  It needs allot of work and I like see font customizing adjusting text and adding links and so on. This is my only blogging app that I used and it’s OK for me.  I’m not a big fan of it and something needs to be done with the app. (I hope google is listening!) :). It’s nothing like the desktop and who’s to complain…only to google I am.  hahaha.  But I’ll be open use different blog applications then just this.  I haven’t used WordPress that much and I know with WordPress there’s a lot of customizing that you can do in your blog.  Which you have the power to add plus ins and cool neat things to it. 

This is it on Nerdcore Lifestyle!  I’ll be back till next time in the near future! :D.  Take care.

Google Play, The New Name in Market

As a lot of you have known that Google change the market name to Google Play, so instead of Android Market, now it’s call Google Play…So what’s that purpose to mean you might ask? well it’s a marketplace that is available for the browser and for google members only. The only thing they did was add a new tab between maps and youtube on the top, So let’s say that you want to get something in the market place but don’t have a phone but you want to the market in the browser, but now you can.  it’s pretty much what it is, a marketplace in  the browser.  But the only is differences is the name change.  Since I do use the browser all the time,  I know it’ll be in good use for me anyways and like android,  it’s easy to navigate the site at ease.  
 For some of you that have use the Google phones in the past and name is there automatic with an update on your phone.  That’s the only way you the see the new name and picture icon on the marketplace since it’s not much of a difference in the name on the marketplace that’s same thing you’ll see on your phones.  But have to have to say that it’s pretty cool to see this on the desktop, for anyone that doesn’t have a phone and can now experience it on a phone.  So that’s what I like about this strategy.   I know when this came out,  I know this market has gotten allot of reaction with users and its going to grow more time and time again.  With that said,  There are all ot markets out there like one for example the amazon marketplace I don’t know how it’s going to settle for the most I don’t how many is going for one,  But I love to how it’s going to tune out.  

Temporary out in the moment,,,R.I.P Laptop

It’s been for few days I wrote some here on blogger and the last time I wrote is when I was writing about the new interface Google + release,  But now I’m making my announcement Dell 610 laptop died on me a couple of days ago when I was coming back from work Friday the first thing that I did is turn power button on,  somehow I hear this clicking noise from my laptop and I found shortly that the hardware is damaged,  I don’t have a reason why it died but I’m only guessing that had some sort of virus in my computer or something like that,  So now I ended up shipping it back to its rightful home, That my reader is my cousins place down in Florida.  For now I’m just going to save up for a brand new laptop and look for something modern and maybe that’s not expansive for my taste, But who know’s what I’m going to get…maybe a Dell, Sony, Asus or something that I can travel with for my good use and for writing blogs too. For the meantime I’m going to be using my brother’s computer to surf, read blogs, watch video and for work too.  I’ll still be doing more blogs post so stay tune for more on the way.


Wolfram Alpha Computation Knowledge

This is not your regular search engine,  this is a computation engine that I have used in the past. Today I went on to this website and started using it for studying that I needed to keep up with school I got going on,  I love the website and I’m using the 14 day trail pro version, which I like but I know it still needs some work to be added like historic events from world history but over all it’s a great site to search for knowledge and facts and very similar to Wikipedia, the thing that separates a search engine like Google and Yahoo and a free Encyclopedia that its neither,  Its a knowledge computation engine to search up facts quickly than a search engine that you normally do.  Example let’s say if you’re trying to look for a math question all you have to do is type answer down to the search bar and it’ll compute the answers within seconds you get it in no time!  it’s pretty quick and one of the Internets hidden gems that you may not know about. I discovered it few years ago while the company was born 2009 when it was announced a press conference showing presentation on how the knowledgeable engine works.  So for anyone that’s need help on Science, Social Studies or Math it’s for anyone that’s in a Middle School, High School or at a College Level.  (it can also be use in a Elementary level).

Stop SOPA!

This has gone far enough!  I don’t know who bought this up in the first place,  But this needs to stop right away!  I don’t know who the hell would support this bill…it needs to go!  This bill is unconstitutionally and Anti-American, this bill is close to being to pass in another month if we don’t do something about it.  Please tell this to your friends and family about it so they can understand that’s It’s going to hurt the Global Economy, companies like Youtube, Google and many more companies and content creator is going to be hurt by this bill.  You content can’t get paid anymore. It means when you upload a video on any vital site, it can be seen by anyone of course but you can’t get revenued by your favorites sites you’d on very hard on, your videos however can’t have background music by your favorite artists.

The rules are going change on any site, however if you were to go against these rules,  It’ll end you up in prison.  “I know that’s something that some of these lobbyist want for you to end up in jail for music that you own personality and have not used any piracy program to steal!

If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about check the infomation below here:


#StopSOAP! I want your support, if you don’t want the internet to be limited!  We don’t know what’s going to happen next month, PLEASE!!! whatever you do go to this website and sign a petition telling them that’s not right!!!