Merry Christmas! My readers!

I hope you had a great Christmas everyone because I know I did!,  It was very mellow and chilled today due to the rain.  After every pasting hour it started to get boring and it was poring everywhere, I know my mom wasn’t going to get me out of the house “I’m like God I need to do something!”  Early in the morning  I was calling my friends to tell them Merry Christmas and all that.  I was talking to a friend of mine in particular that told me that he has gotten a WII switch allot of would each other that system since I know its very popular allot of kids that likes Nintendo, Of course it’s a great system and that’s some thing I wouldn’t mind having,  even if I didn’t get anything for Christmas…but that’s OK, I everything for here like the Steve Job Autobiography that I got two months back and Free Game Boy Advance that I receive as a Ambassador that I was chosen from Nintendo for getting 3DS early this year of April.  The only things I am missing however is a Desk and an Office Chair and a CD I wanted to get for my collection. While it was raining here from where I live in GA,  I finally made the time to read a couple of couple of chapters…often Steve mentions about how Zen and LSD enlightened him and had a profound experience for him….It sounds to me by reading this,  it’ll start to influencing young adults everywhere to do LSD?  Then again this book gives you more of an inside story revolving his life.  I do know that watching Pirates of Silicon Valley does however tells the stories on both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, I remember a moment in the film Steve Jobs had this LSD moment going now with these people he was with, I had known that he was Buddhist before the book,  I didn’t know allot about this childhood…sad really.  
it was going to see about reading before it gets late after words I decided to go for a walk since I didn’t want to stay another hour in the house…pretty much that was my day.  I hope I can get myself working on my youtube channel again.