SOPA is dead

Hi everyone!, For most of you that already know about that bill that they been talking about for a while.  This past week the two houses dropped the bills already so that means everybody can breathe easily now!,  I was tense this week because bills that they were about to sign, Since they didn’t due to protest on Washington I know it was going to be chaos.  If it was from Both houses.  So here’s more on the story down in the bottom.

(only things that’s troublesome now are the PIPA, I don’t know the name of the third bill which is a mystery right now.)

Back from Jacksonville

Well I’m back from Jacksonville Fl  about a week, I have been pretty busy allot of things just came to on my mind and lots of distractions in the way so here’s one of the pictures in the downtown area of Jacksonville.

This cannon was taken place in the downtown area,  Very nice place this is a place I love to go visit JAX again and hopefully later in the future to look more in the city.

(Here’s more pictures)

Here in the bottom below is the oldest store with allot of old stuff

This is how underwear look like back then  (laughed)

Durning the tour This is what I got…FREE ROOT BEAR LIQUOR STICKS!!1

After I went back to my cousin’s place I went to relax I went for a walk this what I saw a rainbow!,  after the rain stop few hours ago The rainbow appeared and it was the most beautiful thing  I ever seen!

(This is when I left Jacksonville) OMG A SEGAWAY! I don’t see that allot!

The End!