Ingles Interview and Blog Job…

So far I had my interview since last week,  I tell you job search is so not fun!  Believe me for anyone that’s looking for employment out in this world,  Its a shame that we have to be put into this shameful ugly world!!  Oh god why??!  I wonder why it has to be so tough on anyone that’s looking for employment right now.  It just felt that its troublesome to just to look for a job,  If I had to wonder job,  I’d be blogging! just what I’m doing right now,  unfornately I don’t get many readers in my blog to get myself paid for this kind of crap,  But unfornately this shit does pay me since I don’t have the maximum readership to be reaching any popularity success to the top of the charts of the net (which I do not!!).  So that’s the sad part if I wanted to keep writing as a blogger.  But I have to make my ends meet…do I now?

Wednesday Morning,

I was over at a Super market for my first interview in months in seeking a new job and escaping the horrible nights in as a busser at my Italian Restuarant job I was in, which I never I felt the joy of being tried every night busing tables after tables.  Which inside I wanted that escape so bad!  Ever since my departure from Italian Oven I need to leave in order to work on my web designs. (In the meantime it’ll take longer than I though)  without any source of income I can’t let go of paying off the bills so I had to sell my stuff thru Ebay (I hope some of my readers that’s been following me up knows that I sell stuff on Ebay) so I can get money coming in.  

 Back what I saying…Oh Yea,  The Interview went OK,  so far I thought I did OK at the least,  but I can’t say that it was great either…Solid is the word I can put it,  I mention to the woman that I was this short woman I was being interview by that day,  So far I was really excited that I was going to be doing a supermarket job which I can see that being really good for me, so I can gain more experience out in the field.  I almost feel that I didn’t get the job at all,  I do pray to see I do at some point!  So when I was there I know I had to wait for a while for that small big lady to call me,  I was waiting for awhile I had about two women ahead of me.  I know for that the two girls was just High School Graduates from not long ago.

 A week later,…

 Nothing,…by nothing no news nor an email shown up! really feel disappointed I haven’t heard of her nor any of the Ingle staff.  DAM IT!  It’s just like that everytime I don’t like it whatsoever!  having me my rejected!!   I sit and think what the fucking hell did I do wrong?!  Its like, like this slap in the face,  That get everytime I have to go thru on employers office after time next.  Now thinking about it now,  I might as well start a blog career and blog about everything and about every body for all I know so I move forward in my life.  HOW ABOUT THAT CRUDE DAM WORLD!  I have been doing blogging for a while and maybe I…should.  but I don’t know since I know its not its an easy thing for me to do since  I don’t do every single day.  If anyone that’s a blogger and knows more about doing it,  should pass on some advise to me on how to grow with the blogging community.  

 I’m just getting tried of doing job searching,  If I want experience then give it to me?!  How hard is that to give anyone experience? uh!  Come On? how do I get it?  You can’t on your own, training those piece of shit companies?! Its so dumb that they can’t make the effort to do.  

 For moment now,  I’m going to see about getting paid on blogging,  I want to know how well you can make on doing that?