Kosmic Sphere Open Forums Community, NOW OPEN!

So far its been awhile now, I been pretty much out of the blue on blogging.  It’s pretty rough to maintain a vast chuck on my schedule that I have going on, so far I haven’t been writing because of the web design job that’ll taking me awhile to get though finishing,  I’m glad to sit to write to let the public know that I’m writing but only on a monthly thur bi-monthly blog, which I know that’s nothing to bring a crowd of readers,  I know bloggers can give themselves an hour to blog and good maintaining schedule to writing but most have to dedicated to do just that.

The good news is here!,

I’m reuniting with a friend of mine which I known for little over a decade now.  Happy to say that I’m back working together with him! I’m happy that getting things was revolved that issue and getting into this project that is something that I wanted to do for a good for awhile and grateful to do.  For all of goodness sake its dam worth doing a open forum where anyone can post from anything from tech, food, housing and anything that goes on to talk anything in mind.  
The website is available for anyone to join the forums,  You can sign-up to Kosmic Sphere and create an account on our page.  So that way you can show your support signing up to the page.  Let your friends know that there’s a great sweet hangout spot for anyone together and build and create and share content which is not limited to anyone. 
Later on, I was thinking about contributing doing how we as a two man,  team we can get ourselves growing.  If you’re reading this and happen to bump to my blog and like to join to a place that you start in joining a forum this place to go to!  
Like that your reading make sure to comment tell you think about the forums we done,  It is good, bad or anything that you want us to add?  🙂 

Note: If you have any questions or anything that you have on KosmicSphere You can message me, I go by the name neongrey

New Horizons Ahead and What’s going on.

So far what’s been going on with me, Let see life here has been well so far but some down has been hitting me,  but some I can’t complain since the problem hasn’t been anything mayor but only minor.  One thing I was a little upset that my friend lost the account for one of my shows that was doing with a friend of mine.  So But the has been lost and it couldn’t been found anywhere and there wasn’t a way to recover the account for that I had no choice but to make new one.  So now our shows is call Kosmic Sphere and you can check it out on you tube now on our first episode.

Its not shown in high quality yet but we are working getting a new camera for the next show, episode 2 which it’s on the works right now and my Co-Host is working on the editing right now, (If you want show your support in following his blog at Ben’s Blog here)

As of right now I’m in control of the account.and memorizing the account information.  So now I have that over control and hopefully I won’t lose it like did.  So far I have updating my accounts and keeping it together and right now been using my browser on my flash drive and using firefox with a portable app that I been using so far I like its very neat and for some reason If I need my personal information then is for you, later I’m going to explain how that works in a later post.  Right now I wanted to bring my video in my blog letting everybody about our show and make sure to Subscribe it, Like it and Share it with friends about the news video we do on youtube.

Oh, one last thing if you like Rock music then you’ll like this band its called Volbeat a band from Denmark and it’s pretty Awesome they have been around for a few years but its a really good band to give it a listen!

This is one band I want to see one day in the states and some festival in Europe it’ll be great to see.  
As of now I’m gonna to do a couple of things before going to bed. This is me on New Horizon Ahead.