Ingles Interview and Blog Job…

So far I had my interview since last week,  I tell you job search is so not fun!  Believe me for anyone that’s looking for employment out in this world,  Its a shame that we have to be put into this shameful ugly world!!  Oh god why??!  I wonder why it has to be so tough on anyone that’s looking for employment right now.  It just felt that its troublesome to just to look for a job,  If I had to wonder job,  I’d be blogging! just what I’m doing right now,  unfornately I don’t get many readers in my blog to get myself paid for this kind of crap,  But unfornately this shit does pay me since I don’t have the maximum readership to be reaching any popularity success to the top of the charts of the net (which I do not!!).  So that’s the sad part if I wanted to keep writing as a blogger.  But I have to make my ends meet…do I now?

Wednesday Morning,

I was over at a Super market for my first interview in months in seeking a new job and escaping the horrible nights in as a busser at my Italian Restuarant job I was in, which I never I felt the joy of being tried every night busing tables after tables.  Which inside I wanted that escape so bad!  Ever since my departure from Italian Oven I need to leave in order to work on my web designs. (In the meantime it’ll take longer than I though)  without any source of income I can’t let go of paying off the bills so I had to sell my stuff thru Ebay (I hope some of my readers that’s been following me up knows that I sell stuff on Ebay) so I can get money coming in.  

 Back what I saying…Oh Yea,  The Interview went OK,  so far I thought I did OK at the least,  but I can’t say that it was great either…Solid is the word I can put it,  I mention to the woman that I was this short woman I was being interview by that day,  So far I was really excited that I was going to be doing a supermarket job which I can see that being really good for me, so I can gain more experience out in the field.  I almost feel that I didn’t get the job at all,  I do pray to see I do at some point!  So when I was there I know I had to wait for a while for that small big lady to call me,  I was waiting for awhile I had about two women ahead of me.  I know for that the two girls was just High School Graduates from not long ago.

 A week later,…

 Nothing,…by nothing no news nor an email shown up! really feel disappointed I haven’t heard of her nor any of the Ingle staff.  DAM IT!  It’s just like that everytime I don’t like it whatsoever!  having me my rejected!!   I sit and think what the fucking hell did I do wrong?!  Its like, like this slap in the face,  That get everytime I have to go thru on employers office after time next.  Now thinking about it now,  I might as well start a blog career and blog about everything and about every body for all I know so I move forward in my life.  HOW ABOUT THAT CRUDE DAM WORLD!  I have been doing blogging for a while and maybe I…should.  but I don’t know since I know its not its an easy thing for me to do since  I don’t do every single day.  If anyone that’s a blogger and knows more about doing it,  should pass on some advise to me on how to grow with the blogging community.  

 I’m just getting tried of doing job searching,  If I want experience then give it to me?!  How hard is that to give anyone experience? uh!  Come On? how do I get it?  You can’t on your own, training those piece of shit companies?! Its so dumb that they can’t make the effort to do.  

 For moment now,  I’m going to see about getting paid on blogging,  I want to know how well you can make on doing that?

Dream Job: Web Designer

I’m say that I have grateful for the opportunity step into a career job as a web programmer in a friend‘s company which has to do with gardeningPlants and How to’s.   This is a start up company that’s been around for a few years now its call Gardenality I like the concept that he brings to the table with Gardenality and I happen to like the idea as well.  I was told from him if I’d like what I’ll be doing and I said “yes I do I enjoyed the heck out of JavaScript.”  I also added that I’ll love doing it and I don’t think in my mind I’ll have a problem doing it.  So far I can wait to hear that’s going in stores with the company and since I can’t say much about the plans they’ll be doing,  I last thing I know is they’ll be getting ready to buy an office space.  So I know what I’ll be expecting from the founder.  For more info, how to become a member go to: Gardenality-Member

(To note that I’m glad I’m taking the time to writing again for the first time in a couple month!)  Today’s Monday that’s my only day off I can take the time to write on a blog and of course, due to the stack of work I got on my plate which I’m required to study: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Once I’m done with it, He’ll starting me projects for me to do and It’ll be something that I’ll get going.
It’ll take a while for me to finish the books but I’ll get it done no dough.  because this is something I’ll love to do and I’ve done code since High School, I enjoyed it then I love it now.  I only have Sunday, Monday and Thursday to read over the material. Then by tomorrow I have only work over at the pawn so that’s how it going for me at the moment.  I can’t complain this is a good move for me to leaving the Italian Restaurant I have been working for 8 months there
So far…best move I did. 

From Hill Tops To Slippery Slopes

I been going thru a lot with months of hardship for many months that I been going thru…and still I had been working my butt off in a Italian Restaurant over in my area I live.  Still in search of hope of I can’t tell how much that I been going thru this.  Just for all you know that I’m still continuing my show on Youtube, Kamicast.  I’m working and working everyday continuing that I’m going to be heading to the top of the world and for some reason due to some reason I end up falling down on my butt on the ground restarting to climb up to the hill again.

Since I’m back continuing the Kamicast productions with a friend of mine again and We are doing this every week on Wednesday so make sure to check us up on a weekly basis. 

Do make sure that you support us @ GoFundMe in the link down below.

And of course Ben’s Walden’s link—-> Ben’s GoFundMe
Only if you can provided the funds for us!

Of course, however…We do plan to make the video’s better every week but We are going to need help if we are going to continue with the shows productions.  I know its been slow for our part due to our personal lifes and shruggles, I’ll keep continuing with or without Ben I do plan to work hard in my part.  But the best thing for me to do is not give up and work everyday till I succeeded,

 If you look into our previous videos I did some cool things like filmed in the car and talked about cool interests around the net. “I plan to do that again!” By the time that you read this post I’ll be working in the restaurant again tonight this weekend around 5pm tried and hungry like some nights”by the time you read this I’ll be working”,  I love to be staying home blogging working on my profile, finishing reading The Steve Jobs Biography and so on.     But that’s how life continues on and on, till I find another job that pays better,  recently I was in an interview at Holiday Inn Express all dressed up impressing the manager that was going to get interviewed to,  Somehow every time I get interviewed you get dose same kind of questions for them every single time that I go….What bums me is that when you finished an interview with does people the last thing they’ll say is “:Thank you we appropriate it sir, We’ll give you a call when as soon as finish looking over your reference” or something that line….NOW ITS BEEN A WEEK and close to TWO WEEKS!  I haven’t heard nothing! Not one word!  I believe they weren’t interested in me ANYWAYS.  That’s what I’m getting sick is having to hop from job to the next and somehow you can’t anywhere!  its amazing that they couldn’t have hire me sooner over the holidays,  just because the manager was sick from the flu, what’s the deal with that?!  UNBELIEVABLE!  I can’t believe that somehow Congress are not doing much to help people that are hurting out in the world to support families that are in need to work!!!  SERIOUSLY? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM!!! 

I’ll be starting work soon and getting ready, but the show still goes on!!!

Back on the Net.

Long time I haven’t write a single thing about anybody…for anything for a long time and I have to say I feel very left out in the blogosphere and for that I feel bad doing that.  The recently events I been up to have been work, work and more work on my hands and somehow its just a mess now that I have little time to do whatever I doing in my situation that’s holding me in a bind that I can’t be able to do it,  so how I just wanted to let the blog go,  but really if I did that that’ll be a stupid move for me to do and something I hate to let it go.  For the thirty plus I made in this blog that’ll be a waste throw a good piece of writing out of the door.  Pretty much like I said before I have been work plus I been working on a side projects that’s has something to do with my new podcast.  Its going to be name changer for this one.  its going to be the same style for this is news video games, underground topics that I’ll be discussing with a co-host of mine and a long time friend. His name is Ben if you guys want make sure you follow up on his blog 

I’m make sure you do that, he’s pretty cool he has a passion for technology and we are going to be doing the show on his shed which isn’t a bad start to begin with honestly, since about two weeks ago he just moved in a new place nicer then the last one he’s been living for a couples that was right off the middle of nowhere. I been told that he likes it better than the last place,  you know what…I don’t blame him with his situation there with the dumb back water trashy rednecks that was treating him and his family poorly.  I’m glad he moved and I’m happy that he did it I know that he wouldn’t wanna stay in another year. So with all that I had to help him with the move that he did at least I can ride over to his place an see him often as much as I can. (But the only additional thing that I can add is that his place is going to need work so might go there unless he ask me to help him once in a while).
Now coming back to me,  just making this official that I’m going to leaving one of the jobs that I have been working for almost 7 months (Flowers Foods)  Had my time over there and it was nice while it lasted but I couldn’t keep the job due to schedule conflicts so I had to keep one or the other so I chose the Italian Restaurant that’s 5 miles away I can handle so it shouldn’t be a problem (with me) 
So far as life goes,  I’m back blogging on the net! Back as ever!  

Life Rising In the Peaks Of A New Job….Working and Excited To Move On With Life.

Its good to say that I’m happy where I’m working right now,  I’m glad that I’ll be working and saving up money that I’ll be needing later in the future since I will be going to college for game design and I might purse music in the future.  I go on by say that the job of mine has been treating me, well even from the beginning its been easy for me and the job itself is fairly easy to work.  I’m a clerk at a Thrift Store that’s under 3 miles from my house that I bike ride to three days a week, pretty much I work in the cashier about 80% of the time while I stock bread and pastries 20% of the time.  I can’t revile the name of the store due the company politics I can’t revile anything otherwise they think I’ll typing my problem but in truth I won’t even do that.  Since I know my last job was a ghetto to the very beginning at Wendy’s which I won’t even to talk about or think about it anymore since its all in the past to left alone,  Even working in the Thrift Store I been getting real experience all about working in a bread store and were the bread comes from.  Being the cashier is really easy but now for three weeks in training its a challenge since you do have to count money and give change back to the customers so far it’s been great and after work I’m buying bread and pastries for home since I know the three of us, I, Mom and my Brother likes the pastries that I bring home from work.  (Since I know I been bringing to many pastries home I know I’ll have to cut the sugar soon since that contains a lot of sugar and I know I might not even need it hahaha)

Today, It’s Friday I been laying down and resting for a bit and it’s late and I was up for a live stream for Video Games Live and I was in chat Twitch.Tv Tommy Tallarico responded couple of my answers and one of my answer is when will we be seening VGL live pretty much he said that it’s going coming in Sept or November which one it’ll be up,  I hope that’s right,  it’ll be a long wait but worth it no matter.  

Blogging on hold…Just temporarily

For all my readers that have been reading my blog post……Thanks for reading and following up on my latest post and rants and everything that comes into mind,  I’m glad I have an audience of readers that blogs out on the web,  I know it’s not a big crowd but I love what I love to do is blogging,  I enjoy it because it helps me bring me my thoughts out and share the coolest discussions I like that interesting and fun and strange but that one of my best things on the internet is I like to do everything that comes to  me.  I know a reader that comment in my blog saying she like it.  Since then I was able to keep writing till now.  I want to let everyone know that I know I’m going to have a tough time keep up with everything that I need to do,  but the thing…I’m going to be out for awhile it’s only because I need to get my GED done soon which I been trying to do for something now,  I would hate to let that go,  plus I add in about couple of project I’m working with close friends I know that I started from the beginning it’s a video game company I started and don’t want to let that go as well just so they can get down to business I’m pretty much pressured into getting my butt working on it,  the problem is three of my guys are in high school that moment and are about to graduate in the Spring also their very inexperienced that I don’t think have them them working with me,  that said I need to decide if I want to continue going thru the deal I started from the beginning,  What I need to get done is the GED which is very important at the moment.  Somehow the video game project is allot to invest and it takes time,  which I know, the group doesn’t know including my Co-Fonder just because you know fashion doesn’t mean you know allot about the business world and it takes a long time to build a company from the ground up plus we put a video game we put little tough on the idea. ( I’m going to considering not doing it just a allot of work).

I’m have to see about dealing with myself first, sharping up my skills on the next upcoming test,  I know tomorrow school is coming tomorrow I’m have to get ready till then.  
Once I get done with everything done I’ll be working in more content for the my blog soon,  I have a lot on my hands now,  I don’t know when or what I be back but I’ll be back for sure. Till then I’ll keep you posted on what’s ahead on me, when I can.  

P.S Don’t add to much sodium on your soup! it taste God awful putting many crackers on your soup…GROSS! GRAHHH!   

Working and Surviving

During the past few days I been busy with a project that I’m trying to do on my art for a video game that I’m going to see about getting it done this year. I done about two art pages that I got done which I’m very proud to say that I’m working on my art and I’m glad I’m typing down my blog, for moment I didn’t know I was going to continue on work on blog on blogger.  (Letting you know ahead of time I’m thinking of switching to WordPress I’m been getting a lot of recommendation from everybody on the net, and there’s Tumblr I heard that this web service is also is good to).  I don’t know if I wanna to do that because I’m fight for what service that I want to make the switch and it’s a tough to decide.  I’m been doing OK, since I been surviving and looking for a part time job, since it’s been really tough on me,  I know that there’s a job that might be taking me since  I did arrive on my interview early and I tell that the manager that was interviewing me was very impressed about my background since it’s to early to tell if I’m going to get the job or not I just have to be patient about it don’t rush into working.

I have many artwork that I want to share, the only thing I won’t share my personal work from the company I’m working on Konseptions Unlimited But I can share you some of my personal work I done years back but which I do that and post it right here in Nerdcore Blog.  What I do want to focus is developing on characters and human anatomy better because very time I draw characters, they just look like whack out of their mind or stoned lol. But I’m getting better from what i’m doing.  I hopefully, I know I’ll keep drawing and practicing, more I practice the better.  I’ll have to see about posting three pictures this week.

Moving fore and beyond

Looking into what’s ahead of me right now, as I dream on the unknown future thinking and sensing on what’s ahead on life.  I think my future is going pretty bright for me and for the past I never let the past interrupt my future because past is the history that we as human beings look into the images from brightest days of yesterday or darkest time of the early years of our childhood.  But for what we live through then we live through now. Its our chooses to live through tomorrow even good or bad we intent to make through what we see in our own eyes and what influences us through our own eyes.  I have to say if your going to make something through life…make it for the best!