First Look: Ultrabooks

It was a surprise one of those things that haven’t had my eye on ultrabooks till now.  It is very similar to the Apple Mac Book Air that was a surprise, I was heard about the since Feb issue of MaximumPC magazine.  I like the fact that it’s lighter carry around than your regular laptop which I like!  I don’t know why but most laptops are heavy sometimes I have to leave it at home because I’m worried that something might happen to it.  I was looking at the prices but dam it’s still expensive I know most the tech companies are just starting out doing Ultrabooks; Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and Asus was one of the first releases bring out the something new to the market no one thought expect for the air from Apple.  I reason I can see that their making this move because of the tablets are now are now at this point to the top to there success and it’s bit affordable most laptops from what you seen in the market, now PC manufacturers are now stepping up and doing something a little different.

Features: I know one thing for sure is USB 3.0 are now is heading to PC’s but it’s going to head up to the laptop market as soon as you know it.   I do see this happening quick within a three month period or so.  Windows 8 is going to be a killing believe it or not it may happen, Since now I don’t know much about the new software is going to look like I did heard from other sources is that it’ll look almost like Windows Mobile UI,  and have some connections between phone and PC, for that, I find it to become interesting.

Downside if anyone in 2012 uses CD’s, sorry, No CD/DVD drives your going to need a external CD drive to do that.  Call me crazy I still use CD drives in 2012.  The bottom line does anyone needs ultrabook right now? my answer is no unless if you have the money and needs a laptop some degree, of course, But for me I have to say no sense the price in the moment is to slept plus if you need a bigger seen a 13in that’ll be great!  The affordable notebooks I see people out there getting is a netbook since I know it’s not going make a whole in your wallet.

Do I think it’s a tablet killer?

No! again because I didn’t see that being a tabet killer, Tablet is see still aheading from what there doing from apps and hardware feature I don’t see tablets lacking or anything I can see and I don’t see it being a treat to laptops, I think about it the other way around.  I think the laptop is being a treat to tablet since it has gain momentum since it came out around 2009,  I’ll like to see the prices going to down maybe it can give me a reason to get it.