Rise of the Guardians Review (Spoilers beware)

I have watched this movie about two weeks ago I still remember the movie,  I have to say a movie about Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth fairy, The Sandman and Jack Frost looking into movie like that did I ever think it was going to be good with all the fairy tales coming together. 

Yes!  I thought so and apparently it can came out to be good when I expected to be.  I always feel that it wasn’t going to be as good due to the phasing of the movie.   but so far it came out well for both children and adults to enjoy with the fun moments that this movie brings to the audience.  Importantly I love how the films visual effects shines out so well!  it is just amazing coming from the studios that bought you Sherk  series and Antz!  It’s great to see Dreamworks brings to the table.  I like the fight scenes that between Sandman and the Boogieman going against each other showing the visual that comes in the fight scenes together.  Which brings the film such wonders.  especially the fun moments when Jack Frost was in the town playing with the kids with the trail of ice that creating an ice slide that Jack Frost did when the kid was using ice slide across town. 

The Plot
The spirit of winter, Jack Frost (Chris Pine), is lifted with no previous memory from the depths of a frozen pond by the Man in the Moon, only to discover that no one can see, hear, or touch him. Three-hundred years later, at the North Pole, Nicholas St. North, better known as Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), becomes aware that Pitch Black, the Boogeyman (Jude Law), has returned and is threatening the children of the world. After alerting fellow Guardians the Tooth Fairy/Toothiana (Tooth for short) (Isla Fisher), the Easter Bunny/E. Aster Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman), and the Sandman (Sandy for short) to the problem, North learns that Jack has been selected by the Man in the Moon as the new recruit. Jack, frustrated and hurt by centuries of isolation, declines the invitation, but North persuades him to cooperate by explaining their mission and the looming threat.
It has a good plot line and love the story behind it, it was good mash up the fairy tale story coming together I really liked,  but the only thing is that its something that I wouldn’t watch all the time since this doesn’t come close to a classic or best as of any animation that this Disney has,  If anything else I love Wrech it Ralph!  That movie had references from the old school arcade games that I played when I was a kid that right there enjoy so much, but this Rise of the Guardians is good but doesn’t come close to Wrech it Ralph.  I give it 7/10.  for the story and the visual effects that comes amazing this current generation 3D animations.  

Otakuplex Reposting of Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

 I have made a post on the otakuplex,  I’m sharing my post from my blog that talks on Japanese Culture,  so far the blog itself has been quite I might getting back into doing blog on japanese culture that goes in japanese and everyday things that goes over there.  But over all if any of my readers care I have a Shinra Flag that I have posted up on E-bay that it’ll be around for the next two days! So go get it while its up!  Link down below. 

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children


I was watching this movie with a friend of mine and this time.  I thought it was preformed well and I find the movie to be disturbingly depressing with what the character Denzel Washington that played the main character in the movie…but gosh! it was still good, I bet it was a tough role Denzel to do.  The material is really strong for some viewers, which in this hand I know contents a lot of alcohol use.  In the beginning of the movie it starts out with Whip, Denzels character waking from bed and getting ready and while he snoots cocaine inside of his hotel. Mostly after the crash, you find that soon after that that he is put into the hospital after the crash then moments later, Whip wakes up and sees an airliner and the Feds asking how and what happens to him.

This film however has its moments has its moment however later in the lawyers happens to find alcohol in the plane, beginning of the movie pretty much tells you what the character is a alcoholic, it scares me the fact that how Denzel’s character how he’s goes overboard on his drinking which is affecting everyone close to.

But without dough it’s been well done with the director that has done Forrest Gump. I like the I do recommend it but since it is a rated R movie, it not going to be for the faint of heart. 

Battleship…more like battleshits

Just like the title says…Battleship!  How simple is that?!!  For they couldn’t even make a better title than this!  Seriously I don’t know what Hollywood is thinking making somethings that sound so cheap and low budget like  that’s a sink of a title of  wouldn’t want to watch…but I did because there was nothing in the theater but stupid romances that was out in the theater so instead went to see it with a friend of mine because he was wanting to see that movie. What to Expect by Chris Rock and some other actors there but I can’t put my finger at the moment, because as far as I can tell it was lame of an idea that it was game that was from Hasbro and decided the fact that an alien invasion in it wouldn’t work but it doesn’t!  So far I’ll have to start from the intro of the movie,  the way it starts here is that it start with this Eddie Vedder look alike with long hair that’s hanging out loosely and next to him is his brother that celebrates his birthday.  Where else…In a Bar! Well that very fun…While the his Alex start talking to him, He see this Hot looking chick in this bar while she is trying to order a chicken burrito But couldn’t get it because the bar was close, So Alex comes up to her for name,  But her reply was “I’m hungry and the barter is not letting me have a  Chicken Burrito.  In that scene I was like would have early then!  But the Guy Alex says to her that “how if I can get you a Chicken Burrito in a store across from here.  But here is the stupid part about this!!!  Alex goes on and sneaks in a convent store and steals a Chicken Burrito and you know what! Alex gets caught by the police.  This right there I was pretty stupid you think he was going to get away from stealing! I’m sorry but why couldn’t he go to Taco Bells and grab a Chicken Burrito!  That was one of the most pathetic scenes in this movie!  

This movie doesn’t get better till the fight scenes with the aliens comes in 20 mins in the movie which is the only thing exciting thing to see…Not really! But soon you’ll find out that Alex’s Girlfriend Samatha is the dauther of a Captain of a Navy! (Liam Neeson) This gets as you far well notices that the dialogue has been poorly written. From the same producers that got you Transformers.  But I can’t why did such a poorly script you can tell that from the lines it isn’t it going well…But what you see excited is the battle between the aliens and that’s about it and ending for the movie is as terrible as well and doesn’t even cut it!!! So for that didn’t even watch it just so terrible!  That its going to end up in Sci-Fi Original Movies.in a few month by now…take my word don’t ever put your money on this garage! 

Hunger Games (Movie Review)

 When I was watching this movie the theater with a friend of mine,  I notices right away that it wasn’t going to be the same with the book and I know from what you read in the book that had some side stories with the book, of course which I didn’t see in the film the whole time.  So the film basically started off in the slums and your main character is a female name Katniss the Heroine the movie.  The way see it is that it’s very book, the reason I say that is the Hunger Games the book is put to more depth then the movie.  The movie is still good but could have been better in my option that’s all.  What do like is action scenes it’s real fun to watch and intense to watch…most of the scenes will appeal allot of young teens and older adults and this film is not intended for children since it’s a violence movie for teens.  But the story comes out great doug I’m somewhat disappointed how the movie turned out.  Then again I choose the book over the movie anytime.  But as far as the acting goes its was great I can see how it was trying to follow the story from the book…I think it did good but since it watch I can’t complain much about it.  Since most of the actors are very well known like Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks that’s been around.in many roles now, Some I know are not that well known.  But over all I can’t say it’s the best but its still good no dough.  Check it out! 

The Raid Redemption (Movie Review)

When this movie came up to me. it came to me as a big surprise since I only heard about this title for a short amount of time from a friend of mine so I went ahead and decided to see it with him.  By the time I came to the inside the theater, I was missing only 10 to 15 mins of the movie when I entered the theater.  One of the things I notice when there was a SWAT group entering an apartment building capturing the drug dealers a horrible looking place in an Indonesian Slum , In that scene it was all from the beginning but of course soon enough they get there self screwed right early on the film, Since The Raid Redemption doesn’t have much of compelling story you know your only going there for the action and the kicks.  From what I think it’s really fun to see.  The first time my friend showed me the trailer I thought it was a film set to be in Hong Kong, But it’s actually its filmed in Indonesia   Some how I hate to bring something like this but whenever I see action flicks notices that one thing that kept me thinking is that it’s just as similar to be almost just the same in every movie.  But this one no exception but this film doesn’t appear to be like any Hong Kong film.  This here does have a story and the thing about most of the time the SWAT team is trap in the apartment complex,  Already they’re ass are surrounded by these bad guys.  What they do end up is try capturing the head boss that runs the apartment.  But you know that it’ll end being nothing more of a shoot them up and pretty much shooting, left to right from almost the film. 

Even at times the action tends to chaotic and unstop!  That’s what I like about it, For the faint of heart it’s not going to be for everyone.  I know two ladies was there left 45 minutes in the film and I can tell they didn’t liked the film.  This is a Rated R flick It’s not attend to be for everyone.  But I liked it because it was exciting and packed of action of course it was full of action most of the film. *laughing*  This right here is going to be 2012’s best action flick I ever seen and most be talk about it.  Since no one has heard it…or be few other have its said that a American Remade coming sometime this year.  I know my thoughts about it is they shouldn’t go Americanize this film, this is perfect the way it is.  So far this is a classic!   I wish I could see more Asian action films like this But for some reason this film was never hyped or heard of till ltwo weeks ago for me. 


The Chronicles: Movie Review

When I saw this movie in the theaters last month I was expecting to be a superhero movie…Well somewhat?  but then I notices that it was going a first person view experience, like the Blair Witch Project or the Paranormal Activity Series,  but this movie in the other hand doesn’t portray itself as a horror but more as thriller in a sense.  I have to say it was enjoyable to watch because of the story but the movie itself had first person view about 100% of the time! I only wish that the movie was better if it didn’t had anything involving a kid holding the camera all the time,  because the through out the film the main character had the camera for the most part and of course it was involving around three high school kids,  the movie was telling origin story for the  most part it did.  when it comes to movies like this one I know one thing I am going to point out on about camera in this film the way I feel that this movie has been direct from the actor than the director itself and this story is nothing original just to tell that it isn’t since there has been movie that tell similar story with someone that telepathic powers then again the begin didn’t start off like that with three kids with super powers.  the begin it was about a kid that use his parents money to buy an expertise camcorder that he wanted to document footage involving his life around him,  So his first footage was him recording something to himself and than took more footage film around his school. I felt was introduction was quick and done it went on telling who’s who and what are dose character are.   The first scene in the was in school and then after that it was in a party were he desides to bring the camcorder with and documents the party.  After he steps out of the party with everything he was going thur the harsh parting, he goes off with his cousin and Michael B. Jordan ( I don’t know the name of the character I think his name was…Steve I think).  Goes on and discovers a rock under this hole and the three kids feels a strange vibe coming from the hole and goes under hole and discovers a blue glowing rock.  One of the guys goes and touch the rock and starts bleeding from their noses.  If I were them I stay the fuck away from the rock as possible…And that right there is end of day one.  And day after day,  The three days feels a strange power and discovers they all have telepathic power which came from the rock last night.  then finally later on through the movie they start messing around with their powers which you can say it’s just all fun and games until they get in trouble untill these kids starts to use it for evil and don’t take responsibly for there actions.  Which in this case in the movie you know that dose powers that they use is going effect the outcome later ends one of the characters. I do have to give effect to this movie having a good story but doesn’t even make me like this movie even more.  I can tell you that this movie could have told a story of the movie,  if it didn’t had a blog style like film.  After I finish watch this…I can that this film have gotten a lot reaction from fans they’re wanting more out of the flim.  If you’re one of them that watched this movie last month during the release and liked it…You know your going to want more.   the reason I can tell you why I didn’t like it because the main guy with the camcorder for the most part becomes an evil and destructive,  Only reason he becomes like that is his experience he had with in a party, right off you know that a bad experience being around with others and ends up being alone.  What had happens later after his experience in the party,  He gets out of control killing his friend during a thunderstorm.  (Michael B. Jordan) and then start off robbing a gas station and kills more people he sees that’s what I didn’t like about it,  so the ending felt disappointed for the most part.

But just safe you from spoiling the movie could have been better if it was filmed by regular film taking,   The movie itself filmed to be someone blogs with some special added to it like if it was done by a fifteen year old kid.  over all some will enjoy this film and others won’t.  I say just check it out because its still out in theaters…If don’t want to put money in the theater,  then you’re better off renting it than anything else.  .    

War Horse

Last week I went to War Horse with a friend of mine, but I have to say it was great and very cinematic from Director from Jaws, E.T, Super 8 many others comes comes War Horse.  I enjoyed watching allot I have to say it was very emotional and said to watch at the same time.  I know don’t know at the same time felt when I was watching it…it felt very long, for some reason I was thinking of Peter Jackson’s King Kong (Laughing) War Horse the movie so epic, it has to be long! lol If your anyone that feels like watching a War movie that has something to do about horses then this movie is for you! For that I recommend to some since there’s parts that you feel it’s a little to much horse violence while watching this flick, you’ll find out that this is a World War I taking place around the the beginning of the 1900’s. England going to war against Germany since you know that the Germans likes to cause trouble,  I glad that this is not a WWII film,  because after all, it’s like seeing the same film over and over again, but again this is not it’s a WWI movie since I don’t see allot of movie lot these nowadays.

Our Idiot Brother Review

This weekend I went to the movies with my friend of mines like I said before in my last post to see Our Idiot Brother.

It was enjoying since I know it has Paul Rudd one of my favorite Comedic-Actors including cast as Elizabeth Bank, Zooey Deschanel, familiar cast I seen in past movies. Now the film has it’s moments here and there also this film is not for everyone since its an R-Rated title.  The movie starts out with this man name Ned that sells vegatable in the street corner to make a living and with him is his dog Wille Nelson (not the musician, the dog). The very first scene that you see is that screws up by selling up tobacco to a police officer and get arrested for doing that.  After that he gets out of jail for only 4 month later for good behavior, starts traveling back to the farm  to stays at her place.  By the time he arrive there by foot, he went to see Janet (Kathryn Hayn)  and ask her to see if there’s a place he can rent out,  So she said no cause it was his fault for getting himself lock up in jail and also she’s a bitch for not letting him rent the goat farm lol. So now his buddy of his drop him off in his mom’s house since now he has no were else to go.  Thought out the rest of the movie Ned sees his mom and his three sisters, Liz  is married and with two children and played by Emily Mortimer
 The other sister Miranda is a Journalist working for the Vanity Fair, Third Chick is played by Zooey Deschanel playing the Character Natalie works in a deserted club telling sex jokes and the only one in the is her Lesbian Partner, Cindy played by Rashida Jones that actress is familiar she’s in that one movie with Paul Rudd in I love you,  I love the cast here in this film it makes me like this film more.  But there again I know there’s a few flaws here.  That is fun,  it’s not going to catch allot of attention with it’s lack of humor,  It seems draw the movie down a bit,  senses there was only six people in the theater including me and my friend was watching it.  it was parts that it was down wired when Ned was in a party dancing seconds shortly two Bi-Sexual couples are wanting to get down with him and he knows it was so uncomfortable and wanted to do it. all and all the has a good ending to it, Since I’m not going to spoil the rest of the movie for you. just have to watch and see it, it lack humor But I wasn’t so bad at all.I know the main did a couple of some to begin with, it’s a movie not to avoid at all.


This is the only thing I done with Rotton Tomatoes profiles is a blog and one review. I don’t know if I still want to keep it or not.  Its been a year and no activity since then.  *laughing*  Its hard to manage my accounts with so many thing going on here and there. “Woo”.