My Site VS My Friends Site

Looks like I’m going to be blogging up again this week more and more that’s coming down on my mind,  It looks like my friend has been blogging up and proud to see that my friend is getting back into the blogging busness again and keep in touch on what’s going on with him.  I know it can time consuming to type up a blog but it been said that you can do this for a living.  I like it cause I’m going see about doing this on a daily basis I hope I can soon in the near future that I can have more content flooding into me.  I have say, he has done a good job so far.  I like his website skills in his website check it out. This is Ben’s Website one of my friends I know personally so now I’m sharing the love and everything that he’s posting and going a real good job on it, I’m not just say that, it’s great! He does it daily and now keeping it up to date!  So show your support by Subscribing on the left side of the page or follow him up by using any reader that you use.

As far as updating my online life I have been working on the youtube page for my other channel Otakuplex Channel (If you like anime, manga and make sure to subscribe and follow up to me…if you want to!)

Neongrey101 <—- for anyone that interested into Nerdcore Vlogs can sub here on youtube.

Right now I’m going to be listening to more Judas Priest
Victims of Change

This is my webiste for anyone that wants to follow on my projects follow up on your reader, My company is called Konseptions Unlimited, Its a game company that I’m starting off as my main focus with a small team of seven people right now, I’m going to be a little busy time and time again,  I know because before I wasn’t posting anything-zip NANA! but now I’m going keep up with my material and see about posting every couple of days. -This I’m going to be serious about it!  I love to blog! I don’t mind about that,  bringing around with me is a pain,  I love to have the convenience of having the tablet or a ultrabook.  I heard that ultrabook is light to carry comparing to the apple air.

I know from Ben’s blog I know that’s something wrote saying about tablets are better than carry a laptop allot while traveling,  I don’t know if it’ll will if it can handle the compatibility’s of a computer would, then I would like so that happening in the future I do hope to save up for a tablet later on in the future I was thinking in the lines of an Android Tablet, I know that it’ll have flash built-in to the system that’s why I would buy one if I had the money on me to get it.  WHAT ARE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A TABLET? 

Sick, Tried and up to my Feet!

This past week my head was throbbing and started to hurt as hell!  Now I’m feeling 95% better and I’m glad, I’m starting to work on projects with my friends and co-workers, Also I’m still blogging about week whenever I’m up and got something to say.  The hard part about being a blogger is you always have to have an idea for your blog and got to be interesting,  And if it’s not interesting then no one is going to read it at all.  I do want to start travel again in the states and out of the country so can make life adventurous and extremely fun.  I has much I love to talk about life in the wild side, I’m gotta have to start getting ready to work at Wendy’s around 11am.  after I come back home I’m going to start work on couple of manga reviews and start posting them up youtube soon.  Anyway!  This is the blog of the week,  I hope I can get around doing my Nerdcore LifeStyle daily instead, But I have to be commit to do so but hopefully monday I can have a better idea what I want to post.  As of know I got to get moving before I start burning day light.  

My Youtube Vlogs

I’m a little camera shy, sometimes I don’t feel like typing a blog, so I go ahead an post the latest news on youtube  you can check out my channel for blog more and upcoming vlogs check it out and subscribe just to make things interesting I’m going to traveling I’ll make sure that I’ll be going to more events and concerts that I like to see for the upcoming months ahead.