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Wow! I can’t believe that June is already here.  My God I can’t believe that time is flying in a blink of an eye.  I can’t say its bad or anything I wanted it to go a bit slower. 🙂 Overall I been very, very busy on website and school that I haven’t been able to write up anything on my blogs, I’m been very dedicated in finishing the material in the books that I was able to write anything from the month of May, but I’m glad that I’m taking to sometime now write before I can do anything.  
Lately, I’ve been doing ebay to earn a little bit of revenue so I figure since I have a lot of crap going on in my house I might as well sell instead of just giving it away to someone.  So far I been doing well.  Selling my things there,  I know there’s a lot of people that likes to buy a lot of things there.  I notice that it takes time for anyone to really find you on ebay,  If only it was easier to anyone to look you up and buy from you.So far I’m not really complaining its going somewhere since its helping me out to pay my bills.  But doesn’t mean that this business going to be long term since its not.  My main focus is website design and game creating that will get me somewhere and which I’ll happy about it.  So anyone that’s interested enough to purchase my comic books, Novels and old houseware product can go to my profile to check it out.  
(One heads up is that I haven’t added detail some of the products that I posted up lol,  I’ll be sure to edit it out sometime today!) 😀

Jan 28th, DPD 2013

How to be aware about your data?

Data Privacy Day,

The Day to promote awareness to Teens and Young Adults out there about how your data can go on the web without your consent.  Its one big important awareness since allot of Young Adults out there using the internet about almost everyday.  DPD was created back in 2009 when the House and senate passed the vote to make this day an official hoilday.  Now 4 years later, what do we have…a holiday about Cyber Awareness.  Most days most teens knows how to use the computer for basic everyday things mostly of the Majority commonly uses the internet, commonly use to go to social networks and online gaming.  

What is the best way to protect yourself?

The best is to not bring your data out in the public, for instance most of the time your post are send out publicly without your consent and it’ll be something that you have to help yourself in the long run.  I know that most the time your post are public and if you don’t want the world to find out who are you.  Switch it from Public to Friends to friends or better yet You’re better off with the custom features.  The best advice anyone can give you is don’t share every single piece of your private life to the world.  Most of the time they’ll know what’s going on with you. Most of the time they don’t care.  that’s why I say that privacy is important!

Customize your settings.

Its better to customize your settings instead of automatic that’s how ISP trace you easily.  There are steps into private browsing but you can take a look into that on the internet, Mostly you’ll have to manually configure your settings where it can be private to browse, there’s many, many how to’s  on the internet that it can show how it do that.  (Since this week I’m not going to thru the details on showing you how to do it, Since I’m always pressed for time)  Do the research on how you can do it, I seen a friend do that over at his place and I know you can do it.  But it isn’t bad you get around in learning if you put your mind into it.
That’s it for my tips on what you can do to surf safe from big brother!
Don’t have time to explain everything but you do post anything…use common sense first, learn what you can on net,  the more you learn the better.