MiO Energy Review

I try’d out the Mio since yesterday just to try it out, when I try’d it, it was so horrible that I’m never to pick up a sweet energy drinks again that taste like piss. (laughs).  Its true that it does taste like piss, sometimes I don’t believe in energy drinks it’s a terrible invention that’s doesn’t do any good for your body.  It’s only a money making scheme that Kraft is grabbing from the consumer, 10-15 minutes after I drank it, felt wired and alive for a good while.  When I was reading the website its said that it is FDA approved and make sure to check up on your doctor before drinking it.  But again I drank’d it anyway and didn’t care to do.  I don’t recommend it at all,  if you want to try it,  you can go ahead by all means to check it out your own to how it feels for you.   


Our Idiot Brother Review

This weekend I went to the movies with my friend of mines like I said before in my last post to see Our Idiot Brother.

It was enjoying since I know it has Paul Rudd one of my favorite Comedic-Actors including cast as Elizabeth Bank, Zooey Deschanel, familiar cast I seen in past movies. Now the film has it’s moments here and there also this film is not for everyone since its an R-Rated title.  The movie starts out with this man name Ned that sells vegatable in the street corner to make a living and with him is his dog Wille Nelson (not the musician, the dog). The very first scene that you see is that screws up by selling up tobacco to a police officer and get arrested for doing that.  After that he gets out of jail for only 4 month later for good behavior, starts traveling back to the farm  to stays at her place.  By the time he arrive there by foot, he went to see Janet (Kathryn Hayn)  and ask her to see if there’s a place he can rent out,  So she said no cause it was his fault for getting himself lock up in jail and also she’s a bitch for not letting him rent the goat farm lol. So now his buddy of his drop him off in his mom’s house since now he has no were else to go.  Thought out the rest of the movie Ned sees his mom and his three sisters, Liz  is married and with two children and played by Emily Mortimer
 The other sister Miranda is a Journalist working for the Vanity Fair, Third Chick is played by Zooey Deschanel playing the Character Natalie works in a deserted club telling sex jokes and the only one in the is her Lesbian Partner, Cindy played by Rashida Jones that actress is familiar she’s in that one movie with Paul Rudd in I love you,  I love the cast here in this film it makes me like this film more.  But there again I know there’s a few flaws here.  That is fun,  it’s not going to catch allot of attention with it’s lack of humor,  It seems draw the movie down a bit,  senses there was only six people in the theater including me and my friend was watching it.  it was parts that it was down wired when Ned was in a party dancing seconds shortly two Bi-Sexual couples are wanting to get down with him and he knows it was so uncomfortable and wanted to do it. all and all the has a good ending to it, Since I’m not going to spoil the rest of the movie for you. just have to watch and see it, it lack humor But I wasn’t so bad at all.I know the main did a couple of some to begin with, it’s a movie not to avoid at all.


This is the only thing I done with Rotton Tomatoes profiles is a blog and one review. I don’t know if I still want to keep it or not.  Its been a year and no activity since then.  *laughing*  Its hard to manage my accounts with so many thing going on here and there. “Woo”.