Queensryche, Redemption.

This became a surprise how the new track actually turn out starting to love Redemtion a lot!  I been a fan of Queensryche since American Solider album, but I happen to like the classic albums, The Queensryche EP, The Warning, Rage for Order, Operation: Mindcrime and Empires.  This is preview somehow I’m starting to like the new song….I’m sadly I don’t have sirus/XM, that’s going to be listening to the full song, Redemption on channel 38 and 39. well even dough I can’t listen to it but it’s like whatever I can still wait June comes in a few months.



What music I been listening to lately

I figure since it was something I wanted to do, I decided to write about music I was like why not.  The music I been listen is a lot of Progressive Music and Metal music,  Here’s the music I been listening to is Redemption which I love so much now, it’s the same vocalist from Fates Warning which I enjoyed listening to I have say but  If your into metal music then that’s what I’ll recommend to you, I know there’s Progressive Metal Bands, But I do like some of the news bands like Chickenfoot and Black Country Communion.   If there’s a band or an Artist that you’ll recommend to me I pretty much listen to anything I’ll hear.  Because I know I been listening to Allot of Anthrax for the most part amazing, plus I been listening to Worship Music like about so many times now.  One of my favorite tracks are Earth on Hell and The Devil that you I like the album allot because it’s been 8 years since they released a album.  But I’m glad they have Joey back on the band and hopefully I can’t wait till I see them live sometime this year…But who knows but I money is on them that’s for sure. (laughs)