Clutters of life, Looking in a Grim Future

The Suffocating Silence by Redemption on Grooveshark

It’s been times I wonder how the hell am I going to through life in a minimum wage that’s not getting me anywhere and I wonder the same with the others that’s going thru life in college and some thought…how the hell are does kids are handling the life in the world of unemployment of socialites.  I find how laughable that people thinks that congress is going to help them…that’s a lie! The world is going to the shiter, it even doesn’t matter.  The fact is its still a long time that we are going to see a recovery, for the moment its very grim future for moment here.  Its recovering slowly with the same shit we are hearing,  lots of people of have a hard time paying the bills and I’m having a had time doing that with two bills that’s really tight on my back with few day ahead.  I wonder…how are people doing it in does times?

I like to see the economy improving just like everybody but it doesn’t mean we are just going to wait and wait till it fix it self.  Someone has to do it and turn it around?! But I’m glad that I been working you’ll be surprise that I worked 8 jobs and worked my ass more than anyone of my friends,  I know I hear the fact there are people that willing to work and some aren’t going to help,  that’s just sad, I know often hear I’m looking for job and I’m trying and I know that’s true and I know your trying.  I’m wondering how hard are you trying in the grim state we’re living?  I figure same to myself in the moments but I try not to worry about it.  otherwise I can get anywhere with the same thought pattern of struggle and still trapped on debt. I hope that I don’t get a knock on the door one of these days from the men in black and hit of the flashing memory erasing device like you see in the movies.  

I like to see to more support on the blogs and my future projects that I’m working on currently.  I’m not asking much but I do ask to put what you can and tell anyone what I’m doing…it doesn’t take much effort to help anyone.  currently the game is still in the works.  But I’m we are finishing up the video this week and one of people of the team is finishing up the video from what I hear from does guys.  look us up at on our facebook page Konseption Unlimited

Thank you! 

P.S. for all the young ones that’s going through the same path as me, I got out of high school since 2009 and I know how it is going through hardship for most of us and there’s the few that sits in the laps luxury high in the utmost of the throne entertain with the jesters and taking life with ease sure didn’t have a inch of a clue the hell we are living.  The best thing is that live the best and think of the good and let discouragements stop the best of you.  It hurt to hear someone that say to you can’t make it…  don’t ever and never like anything hateful bury you in the dirt, The most you can do is rise back in can make it to the top.