My move with wordpress…two years later.

2 years ago.  I did said over on my last blog that I was going to make the transition over Joomla,  Well that never happened but instead of going over to WordPress instead because I wanted to try wordpress and that’s what I did so I can leave blogger for good and try something else.  originality I wanted to build my website fully coded over HTML and CSS from scratch and said that I’m not going to have anytime to build the website so what I decided to do is buy a domain and install wordpress from there.  I’ll try Joomla later in the future if wordpress doesn’t work for me at all.

For now on I’ll be posting my blogs over at–> brand new official website for everyone to add to your RSS feeder.  Most of the new blog entries will be posted on my official twitter accouter: @lucasnj
That’s were you can now mostly follow me and most of my work from there.  Hope all of you enjoy my new blog stay tune for more to come.  -> New first blog entry –>
-Neon Grey

Ebay Minimum Success

Here’s what I have to cheer up for a moment since I have gotten a little bit of recognition on Ebay and I have gotten plenty of people that’s bought books, Men’s Sport Shoes, Japanese Manga and DVD’s that I had in my collection and I’m happy to say that I’m doing steady but not fast to keep me going as a store that’ll financially build up and I have to say thinking about this idea wasn’t a bad idea at all and besides and I loving what I’m doing and I  love it a lot!  That I was able to sell my books and mangas  just fine and I thinking it was something that’ll help me for the long run and of course it did,  If only I could have done it earlier in my teens and of course back in 2008 when I came up with the Name DuoPalShop,  I had it mainly used it for buying but now for trouble times like this I figure I can do this for a living and start selling it and since I’m going to be working a lot online and offline, But Hey! If I get a little bit more successful then the next thing I’ll do is start selling my clothes for extra money, hahaha!!

So far I haven’t gotten anything listed at the moment due to the fact ebay charge for insertion fees Ebay tend to slap you witch I don’t like about it,  But regardless that’s how ebay makes its profits from anyone that’s uploading a item in general,  But I get the funds automatically thru paypal easily enough from there.  I think however it works fine and I know it is better than Craigslist since they don’t have payment options that Ebay gives.  
If your interested into looking into my store you can look it up here.
I posted items on a weekly basis but this week I’m uploading anything at the moment due to the fees that I put up when uploading items, So for the moment I have a couple of household items, Women’s Shoes and several books that I have uploaded, Maybe by Saturday I’ll be doing more by starting by midnight,  I do have Few mangas and Halos uploaded (I’m not so sure if I have it uploaded but I’ll check it out afterwords)  But I know for a fact that I have 94 items listed. so be sure to check it out.
Including my ebay store that’ll keep me busy I have my website work and game development and I won’t be able to update my stuff on it,  But its not going to stop me from continuing selling items of ebay. 🙂