SOPA is dead

Hi everyone!, For most of you that already know about that bill that they been talking about for a while.  This past week the two houses dropped the bills already so that means everybody can breathe easily now!,  I was tense this week because bills that they were about to sign, Since they didn’t due to protest on Washington I know it was going to be chaos.  If it was from Both houses.  So here’s more on the story down in the bottom.

(only things that’s troublesome now are the PIPA, I don’t know the name of the third bill which is a mystery right now.)

Three Dog Nights

While my day was mediocre I had to dog sit my mom’s co-workers dog for the next three which I have to say this isn’t going to be a long time. Monday is my last day, so all I have to do is wait till my mom’s co-worker arrives back from Valdosta, GA it may not seen much but mom’s friend is going to pay both me and my brother James thirty bucks I felt its not much while I had my time with the dog I was doing must of the work in the house while James was out with friends.  I wasn’t just take care of the dog; I was also taking care of my own cat…I didn’t how I was able to manage to put my focusing own both pet but it sure is work, I would hate to have another pet in the house

while I was working with dog, my cat was sleep on top of my mom’s bed. Few hours later when she came back home I showed my mom the picture of the cat sleeping, boy was she mad *laughing*

Now it’s Sunday it’s the second day of the dog sitting don’t know somehow the dog was quiet most the day but very playful, I didn’t get the time to catch up my reading Empire Of Ivory that I’m almost finished, it’s getting good I’m almost done with the book than after that I’m going to reading Misery By Stephen King soon burrowing from a friend.  The rest of the day I was keeping up with the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Durarara,  a show I don’t quiet understand,  it’s been nine episodes and still don’t know what the hell is going on! Tonight well have company my brother friend hanging out for the night sleeping over and having fun, while I was having fun playing Dead Or Alive: Dimensions on the 3DS, the game is very fun, but online is a pain in the ass having everyone of them Japanese kicking my ass, *laughing* Well going to sleep of the night to wake up to see a friend of mime in the morning.