Sick, Tried and up to my Feet!

This past week my head was throbbing and started to hurt as hell!  Now I’m feeling 95% better and I’m glad, I’m starting to work on projects with my friends and co-workers, Also I’m still blogging about week whenever I’m up and got something to say.  The hard part about being a blogger is you always have to have an idea for your blog and got to be interesting,  And if it’s not interesting then no one is going to read it at all.  I do want to start travel again in the states and out of the country so can make life adventurous and extremely fun.  I has much I love to talk about life in the wild side, I’m gotta have to start getting ready to work at Wendy’s around 11am.  after I come back home I’m going to start work on couple of manga reviews and start posting them up youtube soon.  Anyway!  This is the blog of the week,  I hope I can get around doing my Nerdcore LifeStyle daily instead, But I have to be commit to do so but hopefully monday I can have a better idea what I want to post.  As of know I got to get moving before I start burning day light.