The Blog Journey #12

I’m glad to be able to blog up before I head right into bed.  Have to say the blog is just allot of work and thinking for me write on what I want to type and say, As of anything that’s been happening…So far I been sleeping late ALLOT! I don’t know…sometimes I just feel like killing some time and be up doing whatever I want I have to say I like to do that,  But the downfall is if I keep on doing it often I’ll get sleep deprived and also going to hurt myself if I keep over working by begin in the computer for long times.  So what that means is that I have start getting to bed early.
Now getting into the issue…today facebook is going to announce more ADS! what does that mean to you,  well one,  cannot block ads or use any ad blocker…I heard this from Attack of the Show,  I don’t know if that’s  hundread percent true?  For me I’m not a big fan of facebook that much, I irony I have one, why?  Because I have friend that goes on it, try to convince them to join Google Plus but most of them aren’t interested on it at all.  I don’t care what stuff what they put out,  The only reason, hear complains about User interface changes which I hear allot of people bitch about is that I think they do updates in the first place is so that they can keep service alive and have their member interests and not bored them with a boring white and blue background.  I don’t know if its just that to keep the billions of members active.  But now I notice that they started roll out with the new timeline feature,  I think the UI is nice,  not everyone is wanting to start timeline right away,  because I think is just to confusing to jump into the timeline bandwagon for everyone plus read into that your going to need Adobe Flash ( I have a feeling that it’s going to force everyone to make the switch to timeline. My opinion not everyone is going to like it expect for some.  I myself is big fan of twitter and G+ just because the concept is simple and easy you don’t have to do anything mayor for does two.  
I been looking into the timeline for twitter that’s going to rolling out really soon (If it has now, then I must be missing out with twitter news.  I was looking into the previews on it for a while that I feel like switching to new UI for the desktop.  I have tried third party apps like tweetdeck.  It just feels organize unlike the current UI I been using.  
But this here I’m excited about it! Woah!