Jan 28th, DPD 2013

How to be aware about your data?

Data Privacy Day,

The Day to promote awareness to Teens and Young Adults out there about how your data can go on the web without your consent.  Its one big important awareness since allot of Young Adults out there using the internet about almost everyday.  DPD was created back in 2009 when the House and senate passed the vote to make this day an official hoilday.  Now 4 years later, what do we have…a holiday about Cyber Awareness.  Most days most teens knows how to use the computer for basic everyday things mostly of the Majority commonly uses the internet, commonly use to go to social networks and online gaming.  

What is the best way to protect yourself?

The best is to not bring your data out in the public, for instance most of the time your post are send out publicly without your consent and it’ll be something that you have to help yourself in the long run.  I know that most the time your post are public and if you don’t want the world to find out who are you.  Switch it from Public to Friends to friends or better yet You’re better off with the custom features.  The best advice anyone can give you is don’t share every single piece of your private life to the world.  Most of the time they’ll know what’s going on with you. Most of the time they don’t care.  that’s why I say that privacy is important!

Customize your settings.

Its better to customize your settings instead of automatic that’s how ISP trace you easily.  There are steps into private browsing but you can take a look into that on the internet, Mostly you’ll have to manually configure your settings where it can be private to browse, there’s many, many how to’s  on the internet that it can show how it do that.  (Since this week I’m not going to thru the details on showing you how to do it, Since I’m always pressed for time)  Do the research on how you can do it, I seen a friend do that over at his place and I know you can do it.  But it isn’t bad you get around in learning if you put your mind into it.
That’s it for my tips on what you can do to surf safe from big brother!
Don’t have time to explain everything but you do post anything…use common sense first, learn what you can on net,  the more you learn the better. 

Past and Present, Have we failed to successed? The Dummist Generation

 Somehow I came across this book from a documentary called  Growing up online and here is this professor argument about how we declining as a Digital Age. So just to let you know that I haven’t read Mark Bauerlein’s book, now I have notice that a lot of kids talked about Internet memes and garage that they look up on the net and for me I give less of a shit about what it really means,  I know I haven’t read the facts on today’s society on how the kids today have been degrading and have been getting low grades now what I been listening to recent news I know that some face are true, I don’t think it’s completely true.  His Slogan…Don’t trust anyone that’s under 30?  If a young person under 30 reads it!  They’ll know what they’re reading plus it’ll sound like an offense to younger people.

Here’s one of the first things I can see why some he’ll argue on it is out there on today’s world but somehow I don’t understand. The internet was created for knowledgeable purposes back in the early 90’s when the internet was starting to become a thing of the future for everyone to use and it was to a tool that they say it was going to make a better future!  Today we are living in a Digital Age with content creators creating media on you tube, make a payment online, To make Appointments online, Schedule a date and etc., The internet has it’s purpose for about everything,  But I can’t see how we are the dumbest generation, One thing I can point out is I notice some young people do get distracted at school and work from the technology that we do in our daily life’s..  
In on of PBS documentaries (Digital Nation) that it examples most teens can be bad at multitasking which I do see that true most part.  Since I can’t multitask good myself as well while browsing on the net,  But I feel that when I was reading critics reviews.  They have given praise on how this professor is right what theory’s he’s been pulling out of the rabbits hat.  But somehow I can’t see what’s to blame for teens expect for the stupidity which most youths do nowadays I can say it’s very unlawful and uprightly wrong they have such power to go against any individual.they can,  but somehow scientist thinks its some chemical reaction to the brain that’s causing an uproar with the youth with the internet. For teens best friend and good weapon for social dominance on the web with one click away and a short written sentence on twitter it’s powerful weapon that anyone can use for the masses can use to bring a group of friend to start a party.      

Another Thing I think the Digital Age is making the youth stupid what others think is because of Video Games!  It was the reason that many teens haven’t past their grades from school is because of late night gaming and saying “its addicting and they can’t stop that is why the Kids don’t want to study on their homework”    In the documentary of Digital Nation the people there in South Korea is very big in the Gaming Community plus with all the other Eastern Countries like Japan. 
If you Think that Dummest Generation by Mark Bauerlein is just plainly straight right or his theory is just garage go on make your comment down below and let me know what you think about his theory?  
For me I really can’t support it because just the way puts down the teens in the digital age is just mean! 

Stop SOPA!

This has gone far enough!  I don’t know who bought this up in the first place,  But this needs to stop right away!  I don’t know who the hell would support this bill…it needs to go!  This bill is unconstitutionally and Anti-American, this bill is close to being to pass in another month if we don’t do something about it.  Please tell this to your friends and family about it so they can understand that’s It’s going to hurt the Global Economy, companies like Youtube, Google and many more companies and content creator is going to be hurt by this bill.  You content can’t get paid anymore. It means when you upload a video on any vital site, it can be seen by anyone of course but you can’t get revenued by your favorites sites you’d on very hard on, your videos however can’t have background music by your favorite artists.

The rules are going change on any site, however if you were to go against these rules,  It’ll end you up in prison.  “I know that’s something that some of these lobbyist want for you to end up in jail for music that you own personality and have not used any piracy program to steal!

If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about check the infomation below here:


#StopSOAP! I want your support, if you don’t want the internet to be limited!  We don’t know what’s going to happen next month, PLEASE!!! whatever you do go to this website and sign a petition telling them that’s not right!!!


The Blog Journey #12

I’m glad to be able to blog up before I head right into bed.  Have to say the blog is just allot of work and thinking for me write on what I want to type and say, As of anything that’s been happening…So far I been sleeping late ALLOT! I don’t know…sometimes I just feel like killing some time and be up doing whatever I want I have to say I like to do that,  But the downfall is if I keep on doing it often I’ll get sleep deprived and also going to hurt myself if I keep over working by begin in the computer for long times.  So what that means is that I have start getting to bed early.
Now getting into the issue…today facebook is going to announce more ADS! what does that mean to you,  well one,  cannot block ads or use any ad blocker…I heard this from Attack of the Show,  I don’t know if that’s  hundread percent true?  For me I’m not a big fan of facebook that much, I irony I have one, why?  Because I have friend that goes on it, try to convince them to join Google Plus but most of them aren’t interested on it at all.  I don’t care what stuff what they put out,  The only reason, hear complains about User interface changes which I hear allot of people bitch about is that I think they do updates in the first place is so that they can keep service alive and have their member interests and not bored them with a boring white and blue background.  I don’t know if its just that to keep the billions of members active.  But now I notice that they started roll out with the new timeline feature,  I think the UI is nice,  not everyone is wanting to start timeline right away,  because I think is just to confusing to jump into the timeline bandwagon for everyone plus read into that your going to need Adobe Flash ( I have a feeling that it’s going to force everyone to make the switch to timeline. My opinion not everyone is going to like it expect for some.  I myself is big fan of twitter and G+ just because the concept is simple and easy you don’t have to do anything mayor for does two.  
I been looking into the timeline for twitter that’s going to rolling out really soon (If it has now, then I must be missing out with twitter news.  I was looking into the previews on it for a while that I feel like switching to new UI for the desktop.  I have tried third party apps like tweetdeck.  It just feels organize unlike the current UI I been using.  
But this here I’m excited about it! Woah!