Store Management and Recent Life Transitions.

So far I had a big transition going from one thing to another,  Its really been heavy with E-Bay and projects I have with the game and web design,  I have a tight schedule now that I have been depending on E-Bay to make a income and that’s the only I been getting thru now.  I have been job searching for a while on my bike going around town 20 miles in two towns I been since yesterday Afternoon From Stockbridge to Jonesboro in GA where I live here,  its was a great ride no dough but when I came back home,  I was tried as hell that I had just to jump into bed after words,  Now I’m up uploading listing on E-Bay trying to get a couple of things sold on there. 

 Like Jane’s Addiction’s New Live DVD that I won from a contest,  its was awesome to see that I won the contest and its not like win contest every day here.  Its cool that I got it but I’m not going to keep anything that I’m not going to watch,  beside I’m not a Jane’s Addiction Fan to be honest I like some of their songs but I couldn’t say i’m a fan for sure. 
If anyone want it you can buy it Here.   You’ll be glad that you bought it!  
I’ll be listing in more items tomorrow because I’m tried to be listing this late, since I only had for 4 hours of sleep yesterday.  so now think about it.  I have been up for a while.  
Before I start sleeping I’m going to be listing allot of items that’ll be in the fixed listed and only reason is that its free to list it this week and I won’t be doing auctions this week because of the big fee E-bay slaps on everyone and sure as hell like to be paying for one and now this month i have now go pay one! just Terrible,  If only more people was buying from me….But what can you do about it?  Not much really.  Since I’m still going thur the struggles to paying the bills. I tell you that business is doing decently but its not to bad.  I have to keep posting and make sure that I keep this business active as much as I can.  
(Here’s a tip if you do plan on running your business on ebay, watch for the fees and know what people are going to be purchasing,  You’ll know that here’s so many picky people out there that want to be specific about current items.  

2 T-Shirt Available!

Seen I have been activity been listing items to my store,  Just moments ago I just added for 2 Shirts for E-Bay store,  Adventure Time T-Shirt and a Family Guy T-Shirt available for auction now.  Make sure to check up with my store for new updates up to date items I’ll be posting up. 

Also for my international readers I’m now to be doing international shipping now anyone that’s buying out of from states. 

Duo Pal Shop Ebay Business

Wow! I can’t believe that June is already here.  My God I can’t believe that time is flying in a blink of an eye.  I can’t say its bad or anything I wanted it to go a bit slower. 🙂 Overall I been very, very busy on website and school that I haven’t been able to write up anything on my blogs, I’m been very dedicated in finishing the material in the books that I was able to write anything from the month of May, but I’m glad that I’m taking to sometime now write before I can do anything.  
Lately, I’ve been doing ebay to earn a little bit of revenue so I figure since I have a lot of crap going on in my house I might as well sell instead of just giving it away to someone.  So far I been doing well.  Selling my things there,  I know there’s a lot of people that likes to buy a lot of things there.  I notice that it takes time for anyone to really find you on ebay,  If only it was easier to anyone to look you up and buy from you.So far I’m not really complaining its going somewhere since its helping me out to pay my bills.  But doesn’t mean that this business going to be long term since its not.  My main focus is website design and game creating that will get me somewhere and which I’ll happy about it.  So anyone that’s interested enough to purchase my comic books, Novels and old houseware product can go to my profile to check it out.
(One heads up is that I haven’t added detail some of the products that I posted up lol,  I’ll be sure to edit it out sometime today!) 😀

One Month Later, Flowers

Well its been now a month since now I been working over at this bread store call Flowers Bakery so far it’s doing me well, the work place has been trying me great I like the co-workers there. I’m happy that I’m working  for the doe and so I can save it for future expensives that I need importantly for instants I need a new laptop and I’m working up but I want a powerful machine that can last me for a while unlike other laptops in the past I like to have something that’s shockproof, that has Blu-Ray drive, A good hard drive disk with plenty of space to add my document and it has be gaming laptop with a good graphics card with a Ram that runs the speed of light, (Laughs) But that’s one of the main things I’m going to get and a drawing tablet as well. The job has been great I love it so far without complain.  I know its been a month I know that I’m still in my training phase and I do got a lot to learn still and can be tiring since you are on your feet all day for a clerk.  Most of the time you are surround by bread and pastries the place smells like bread when you enter the place smells like…Bread. 🙂

I love the job even dough it the pastries can get me all day,  but at least there’s days that are great for me, but days I’ll feel like shit due to the work I get while up the customers up on the cashier…but most of the time…it’s not so bad,  enjoy it a lot plus its not stressful it very chilled when the store is about to die out when no one around the store.

Today, I went to the Manga Club before going to work, since its been months… actually a couple of  weeks since my last visit to the club, it was cool they had manga discussion that was going on there and surprising! Today I went to see an old friend that haven’t seen a long time since sylvan tutoring classes.  It was awesome to see someone that haven’t seen that long, we talked for awhile in the manga club, talking about life and how things been going on with each other.  I was only there for an hour and I couldn’t hang out for a long time, because work was starting in 15 mins for me and I couldn’t be late, so that’s why I needed to go, but at least we’ll be in touch.  After words I’m riding to work on my bike fast!  and I was beginning to be tried and I was out of focus for whole hour while I was there…dam I made the trip and that’s all that mattered.  
So today I was working my full five hour shift and I rode back home tried and now by ending this blog…I’m going to watch a TV show and call it a night. So I can rest my fingers.  I cant typee….aaaah.  now Im srcew my writing up….Fin….ah my fingers.  

Life Rising In the Peaks Of A New Job….Working and Excited To Move On With Life.

Its good to say that I’m happy where I’m working right now,  I’m glad that I’ll be working and saving up money that I’ll be needing later in the future since I will be going to college for game design and I might purse music in the future.  I go on by say that the job of mine has been treating me, well even from the beginning its been easy for me and the job itself is fairly easy to work.  I’m a clerk at a Thrift Store that’s under 3 miles from my house that I bike ride to three days a week, pretty much I work in the cashier about 80% of the time while I stock bread and pastries 20% of the time.  I can’t revile the name of the store due the company politics I can’t revile anything otherwise they think I’ll typing my problem but in truth I won’t even do that.  Since I know my last job was a ghetto to the very beginning at Wendy’s which I won’t even to talk about or think about it anymore since its all in the past to left alone,  Even working in the Thrift Store I been getting real experience all about working in a bread store and were the bread comes from.  Being the cashier is really easy but now for three weeks in training its a challenge since you do have to count money and give change back to the customers so far it’s been great and after work I’m buying bread and pastries for home since I know the three of us, I, Mom and my Brother likes the pastries that I bring home from work.  (Since I know I been bringing to many pastries home I know I’ll have to cut the sugar soon since that contains a lot of sugar and I know I might not even need it hahaha)

Today, It’s Friday I been laying down and resting for a bit and it’s late and I was up for a live stream for Video Games Live and I was in chat Twitch.Tv Tommy Tallarico responded couple of my answers and one of my answer is when will we be seening VGL live pretty much he said that it’s going coming in Sept or November which one it’ll be up,  I hope that’s right,  it’ll be a long wait but worth it no matter.  

Back from Jacksonville

Well I’m back from Jacksonville Fl  about a week, I have been pretty busy allot of things just came to on my mind and lots of distractions in the way so here’s one of the pictures in the downtown area of Jacksonville.

This cannon was taken place in the downtown area,  Very nice place this is a place I love to go visit JAX again and hopefully later in the future to look more in the city.

(Here’s more pictures)

Here in the bottom below is the oldest store with allot of old stuff

This is how underwear look like back then  (laughed)

Durning the tour This is what I got…FREE ROOT BEAR LIQUOR STICKS!!1

After I went back to my cousin’s place I went to relax I went for a walk this what I saw a rainbow!,  after the rain stop few hours ago The rainbow appeared and it was the most beautiful thing  I ever seen!

(This is when I left Jacksonville) OMG A SEGAWAY! I don’t see that allot!

The End!