Temporary out in the moment,,,R.I.P Laptop

It’s been for few days I wrote some here on blogger and the last time I wrote is when I was writing about the new interface Google + release,  But now I’m making my announcement Dell 610 laptop died on me a couple of days ago when I was coming back from work Friday the first thing that I did is turn power button on,  somehow I hear this clicking noise from my laptop and I found shortly that the hardware is damaged,  I don’t have a reason why it died but I’m only guessing that had some sort of virus in my computer or something like that,  So now I ended up shipping it back to its rightful home, That my reader is my cousins place down in Florida.  For now I’m just going to save up for a brand new laptop and look for something modern and maybe that’s not expansive for my taste, But who know’s what I’m going to get…maybe a Dell, Sony, Asus or something that I can travel with for my good use and for writing blogs too. For the meantime I’m going to be using my brother’s computer to surf, read blogs, watch video and for work too.  I’ll still be doing more blogs post so stay tune for more on the way.