Weekend Trip: Miami March 8th-12th.

Thursday, I just arrived here since Thursday and I came here tried and all I wanted to do is sleep.  So I did.  I don’t remember much what I did from the rest of the afternoon but I do know that was with my dad hang and going out place to place.

Friday evening I went to a concert to see the band Styx,  its was a great show, they were outstanding and still today, to bad they don’t have all the original members but it was still great no dough.

Saturday, I went to the beach Saturday afternoon for about two hours had a nice time there also I went for a walk down in the beach get some sun on me.

Sunday,  I was trying to get out of Florida so I can get ready for a job training that morning around 10am. I was in the airport early but I found out what screw me up the most is Daylight Savings,  I hate when switches time around, I don’t like it at all!  The first flight of the morning was a pretty good flight and it had open seats,  but that day I was going through hell that morning, I was getting help from my mom about when will they’ll be good flights the reason I was asking her because she works for Delta,  I needed to know what I can get a good flight,  she told that Miami is terrible and there was no way I was going to make it,  then I remember while talking to her, she went on mentioning that West Palm Beach might be good,  So I decided to take a chance to see if West Palm Beach would be better,  So I called my dad and told him that I’m going to see if West Palm Beach had any better flights,  So I took a chance.  After an hour later riding to Miami to West Palm Beach it was full, the security in that airport was just as terrible as Miami and I waited about 2 hours and luck they kept bumping me and I wasn’t in the clear list,  I’m sitting thinking this whole thing is ridiculous and I’m not waiting any longer!  I forgot to mention that it was busy that weekend due to spring break for all the college kids out having a break.  I got out of the terminal and decided afterwords to see my cousin over and plus his new house has over there.  After the whole madness was over at the terminal,  My dad and I went to head to the theater to John Carter which I like it allot,  but as a Disney Movie its not a movie that attend to be for Kids its over for older teens and adults.  That was my day.

 Monday, I was in the Airport all morning till 3am! and finally I got a 9am flight and here I was finally glad that left because it is the last time I’ll be visiting Florida for a while.  Now I’m back home and I’m going to be starting working tomorrow morning around 10:30am,  I”m going to be need me some rest.  

New York/New Jersey trip

It was great visiting I went to see my aunt the first time since August back when i was experiencing an earthquake for the first time in my life and check on my aunt and how she’s been doing.  My mom decided to see my aunt for a few days so my mom can visit my Grandma’s grave (but we never got a chance to see her sadly)  Saturday I was up getting ready to get dress to drive to Hartfields Jackson Airport.  First I had to wait for a friend to drive up to my house to loan me the money for the laptop which I waited for him little after eight-thirty,  which made us miss the flight to Newark,  So we ended up flying to La Guardia, NY.  
It was a long flight that took as least two hours, I was sitting in coach…I was in a seat next to two older ladies,  The one on the left was returning to New Jersey from a daughters graduation from University Of Georgia and other one next me…well, I had no idea, the way I describe her is look like somewhat of a elementary teacher and my brother was in front of me.  During the flight I remember clearly that I was in plane that had a television to watch any show thing from HBO, Stars and some basic channels, The lady on the left wanted to watch a show that sister recommend to her she about this show from HBO call Boardwalk Empire,  It a show that takes place in the 1930’s taking place in the Prohibition era set in Atlantic City, New Jersey. ( while watching clips and bits of the show, felt very interested in watching it soon as I can).  She was watching that show during the flight to La Guardia,  Right there I was helping her how to swipe her card to the…what thing…the miniTV or whatever that thing is called!. *laughs*  it was really easy I had to push the top part the of TV for her slide the card. Then I again I’m glad to be at service for anyone that doesn’t know tech world and today’s world the way I can tell is that she came from a time far off from mines,  I believe she was in her mid or late 40’s to be exact.  I can tell she isn’t used to computers, internet and all the modernization,  I know she was in a time were simple and nothing to technical.  
I had to say it when smooth the flight,  I made it around two O clock.  I took the cab to From La Guardia, NY to New York City.  It had bought back memories remembering New York City first time when I was like 16 fews years ago.  I was somewhere there,  I have to say being in NYC the third time again…I had a blast being in the city again!  I wasn’t hungry, but my mom and my brother was so they went to grab0 a cupcake over at the shop there.  (which I don’t remember the name of the cupcake place, grrr!!!) 

it wasn’t long that we were there in NYC for about only 25-35 mins, I was only there momentarily, it was the shortest visit to New York, the place is still a jungle from what I remember before, but we were only passing by to take the bus to New jersey just because the taxi price are just to dam expensive (My mom stop to place over by the sidewalk,  I don’t how New Yorkers there are handling the economic situation when transportation is costing an arm.  
I was in the bus aheading to New Jersey, So I decided to take shot of the view.

 Here’s the first picture I took while I was walking in the sidewalk taking shot of the view of the city.

 I got four shots on my camera of NYC, that’s the only pictures I token.

(That was the last picture I took. that was a nice view took it with out looking into my phone l) 
Here we are are…Next stop…New Jeres

Some were blurry but most of them were acceptable for the most part.  
Finally the three of us made to my aunt apartment,  I was there chilling over at her place for pretty the much the whiole evening since the all of us came tried, I didn’t want to do anything so I relaxed and read wired magazine and that’s what I read most of the time.. (Interestingly,  there was a seventeen year old that generated 8.5 for being famous for putting out her own comics out on the web, he name is  Taylor Ruth Baldwin, I gotta have to subscribe to her sometime, when I get a chance.  
Since it was a Saturday, My aunt didn’t feel like cooking at all, she is asked if I wanted pizza. So me and  my brother yes,  it funny that she do that for us because it was the first time that she order pizza for us because mostly she’ll rather cook home instead of ordering pizza……I can see why because she hasn’t been feeling to good lately.  Sunday nothing much happened from what I remember,  I didn’t know what my mom want to so me and my brother and I walked to check what was going outside Sunday night so we walked to store to store but then still I didn’t bought anything out there but look.  Well that was my weekend in New jersey,  I dion’t think anything else then….