New PC Hardware of 2012

From what I been looking into MaximumPC for a while I been reading into the latest gadgets and PC hardwares.  What’s one of my favorite hardware that I’m looking forward this year what I like to see.

In the bottom you’ll see me talking about life and 3.0 

Another favorite that I’m looking forward to is AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card that appears to be a big exclusive in the front pages in Maximum PC I can’t till it comes out.  I read on how it’s going appears in the PC screen with 4.3 Billion Transistors of performances!  plus I can imagine it’ll show stunning colors on it’s going to be played in PC games and media entertainment.  I can see that it’ll translate well with the PC consumers,  once it comes out this year, running four times then any of the GPU card that’s out in the market.  (By the way it’s available now in Newegg). I’m little late in the game but other than that it’s a monster card with a expense to pay for a card.  I only thing I see is…if you tower is big enough to add a big card like than that’s what you need.   Right now the March issue is out right now in newsstands information is on the MaximumPC website.    So go ahead and read up on AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 Graphics. 

First Look: Ultrabooks

It was a surprise one of those things that haven’t had my eye on ultrabooks till now.  It is very similar to the Apple Mac Book Air that was a surprise, I was heard about the since Feb issue of MaximumPC magazine.  I like the fact that it’s lighter carry around than your regular laptop which I like!  I don’t know why but most laptops are heavy sometimes I have to leave it at home because I’m worried that something might happen to it.  I was looking at the prices but dam it’s still expensive I know most the tech companies are just starting out doing Ultrabooks; Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and Asus was one of the first releases bring out the something new to the market no one thought expect for the air from Apple.  I reason I can see that their making this move because of the tablets are now are now at this point to the top to there success and it’s bit affordable most laptops from what you seen in the market, now PC manufacturers are now stepping up and doing something a little different.

Features: I know one thing for sure is USB 3.0 are now is heading to PC’s but it’s going to head up to the laptop market as soon as you know it.   I do see this happening quick within a three month period or so.  Windows 8 is going to be a killing believe it or not it may happen, Since now I don’t know much about the new software is going to look like I did heard from other sources is that it’ll look almost like Windows Mobile UI,  and have some connections between phone and PC, for that, I find it to become interesting.

Downside if anyone in 2012 uses CD’s, sorry, No CD/DVD drives your going to need a external CD drive to do that.  Call me crazy I still use CD drives in 2012.  The bottom line does anyone needs ultrabook right now? my answer is no unless if you have the money and needs a laptop some degree, of course, But for me I have to say no sense the price in the moment is to slept plus if you need a bigger seen a 13in that’ll be great!  The affordable notebooks I see people out there getting is a netbook since I know it’s not going make a whole in your wallet.

Do I think it’s a tablet killer?

No! again because I didn’t see that being a tabet killer, Tablet is see still aheading from what there doing from apps and hardware feature I don’t see tablets lacking or anything I can see and I don’t see it being a treat to laptops, I think about it the other way around.  I think the laptop is being a treat to tablet since it has gain momentum since it came out around 2009,  I’ll like to see the prices going to down maybe it can give me a reason to get it.  

Tablets VS Laptops

There’s so many choices nowadays, now it hard to choose from device or another, me I would like to grab my hands on both, If I had the money on both a tablet and a laptop.  Your main Tablets are Apple’s Ipad running on an IOS software and Android that allot of manufacturer support android.  The other corner you have Laptops from different shapes and sizes from many manufacturers.  Here’s Question, since the Tablets came out not to long ago what do you think is better Tablets or Laptops?  I don’t think one is better than the other to me it’s all a matter of preferences and what you think better suits you! The first corner we have the tablets I know with tablets its easy and light on your hands and can be carried on a purse or a traveling bag and one of those tablet brings tons of apps for you to download and install for example if you were to get a Apple Tablet and it has to be your first time getting your in luck since it has 300,000+ plus apps in the store, the app store has been around since 2007 (or 2006 if I’m mistaken) But the only problem is that if you stick with IOS tablet, Your  going to limited what apps you can publish for anyone that’s a developer out there’s there’s current rules you have to follow if your not aware, if you’re more likely to break them you can get bam from apple development or remove from the apple store.  I know with Android, it gives you choices on apps you wanted published and its a open market.

The two devices are different from each other,  I know its hard to compare,  when it devices like laptop they’re  different! The laptops are portable plus its a PC that you can carry around with you.  That’s the thing about it I like that you can carry your personal work, Music that your like to listen on the go, Videos that keeps you entertain or just play a PC game on flight.  That’s what I like about laptops in the first place, is you can take with ease.  The laptops has been around a few years that now I see tablets that’s out in the market for two years now, Does that mean it’s going to kill the laptops in anyway…No! It’s not any chances all about about comfort and preference on what feels right for the users, in the end it comes to choices for anyone make even, if makes it a hard time for people to choose. 
My option, The laptop has a good advantage staying in the market,  it’s not going anywhere,  Since people out there can still afford it Laptops and market out for Tablets still expensive and not everybody is not going to jump right away in buying a Tablet, there’s just no way!
Recently I been hearing about the Utlrabooks that’s they’re now on the works it’s going to make it more easier to carry, but when it comes to new products it’s still going to be expensive during its debut, later your going to drop around the Christmas season. In my point of view with my concern with tablets,  it’s still in it’s early stages since It doesn’t do everything what the laptops does, maybe a few years down the road it can improve and can give me different view later what I think right now.  I can see it beginning a good tool for us to use for business and productivity, But I myself wouldn’t mind using it…now Ipad 3 that going to be released soon as of March I know right off that there going to start releasing more update few months later the Ipad 2 comes, with CES started today I would to see other invented products that there coming.  I’m looking forward what’s beyond the future of tech.